The Telephone Give Away

by Bryn (West Cheshire, UK)

I overheard these 'phone 'convos' over a week... and realised I was the sleazy sordid truth about mum friend.

Mums voice..."O Hi Julie, how's things............He was WHAT!? my God! what did you do?"................

Mums voice..."I'll bet you were, dear. D'you think he knew?"..............

"Julie, you mustn't, you just cant.....dont give into it...NO! just because you saw him......Please darlin' if you get caught.............I understand that but the risk......Christ! what if he gets you.....well just be fucking careful sweetie, Very careful and keep me posted. The phone went dead

At college Jamie, moms friend Julies son, and I were mates as as was normal we spent a lot time sniffing around likely girls who might be interested in some extra curricular activities outside classes. I got lucky with Franny Edwards, a cock happy girl who offered up all three holes in her delicious delightful body for vigorous almost violent episodes of outrageous shagging that left up both shattered, physically and emotionally.

I became concerned about my mate after a month of two, enough for mum to ask me if things were ok at college. I blurted out my worries about my mate mum surprised me by saying she was not surprised considering his lifestyle at home. I asked her to explain but she just said to ask Jamie myself.

I waited a few days before getting him alone and asking him why he was so miserable

"Its Mum, mate, she's too much for me, she's got me so fucking knackered, I'm at her beck and call all the hours of the evenings and was exciting to start with but now..............."

"Jamie mate, I'm not with you, what the fuck is going on"

"Lewie mate, I...Me and mum........we sleep together.......Lewie I,m shagging my mum, its all the time, she wants it constantly, fuck, fuck, fuck, she's insatiable and I'm just about shagged out, she just wants my fucking dick, I.....I dont know what to do, mate, it was fantastic at first, I always made her cum...often, cum after cum after cum......the bed under her was soaked from her squirting, and it wasn't piss either. But after these few weeks the thing just seems...dirty and filthy. I dont know what to do next, I love mum and dont want to hurt her but we need to stop this or at least sort of ration ourselves.

I left it at that point, telling Jamie he had to be very firm with his mum and tell hher he was going to report her if she insisted carrying of the same way, less often would be ok but he was the one to be in charge.

I related the whole incestuous mess to my mum, she was far from impressed..........

" Oh and Jamie had to be the dominant one in this 'messy filth' according to you because I wonder what YOU would do in his place"?

" But I'm not, mum.........

" No you're not, but suppose you were and you and I were..................

" Mum, for fucksake, you and me doing.....THAT!! oh my God!!"

" I bet you've been wondering though, son, us two having if off. Jamie must have big Willy
to be so much in demand......."

" MUM! for Gods sake, you're embarrassing me"

" Well you're his friend you must have compared, boys do I understand"

" Oh for fucks sake mum, OK if it make you feel happy then Yes we did and his is same as mine, 8 inches, Satisfied now mum."

My mum paled visibly then blushed furiously and trembled, I ran to her and held her for fear she might keel over, but she whispered she was ok and so I sat her in her favourite chair. She seemed to recover and spoke no more about what we talked about......that was about till 0400hrs next morning.

I found myself awake and slick with perspiration plus the addition of another slippery wet body against me, a very soft body, a very soft female body, whose smell I knew so well

" Mum, why are you in my bed"?

" I wanted to know how it felt to be with you in your bed."

" And how does it feel, Mum"?

" mmmmmmmm! Nice. I've been here since " 2 o Clock, and I've felt you all over without you knowing or stirring, my dear, ooooh!, you're getting a stiffy now, mmmmmm! Are you going to do Naughties with your Mummy darling, Ooooooo!"

I was iron hard and stark naked, mom wore her flimsy black nylon sleep bra and matching shorts, but her voluptuous body was hot, damp and pressed against me, her inquisitive fingers encompassing my thick pulsing cock.

" Would you like to do something wicked, dirty and sinful with me, darling." Mum said, massaging my raging boner in her hot soft hand, "Something that will make me moan squeal and get all wet and squidgy down there.....oh! nice, I like that, put three in me.......aaaahhh Fuck yes...wiggle them wiggle them, Nnnnnnnnnnnn!! Jeeeeeeeeesus yes!, its making me cum, you dirty fucker, you nasty dirty mummy shagging boy, wh...wha...what are you doi...........aaaaahhh GOD!! yes, there, there, lick, lick, suck hard, suck hard...."

Next thing my mouth was slurping the viscid fluid that flowed generously from her orally
assaulted hairy cunt, which I swallowed ravenously. I flopped beside mum who was breathing hard and trembling.

" You OK mum"? no answer, " Mum answer me, are you ok"?

Mums answer as to lean over me, bend and taking my cock in her soft hand, proceed to hungrily gobble my dick, tongue my pee hole and get me weeping thick tears of pre-cum. When I looked down, mum was wiping her lips with the clear fluid before rolling onto her back, bending spreading her glorious man crushing thighs and gasping..

" Now my lover, do mummy now, cram you big fat dick deep inside mummy and FUCK ME RIGID!!!"

I was gagging to get up her, but I spent short time sweeping my eyes over my naked mothers body, taking in her thick brown nipples tits, scanning don to her rounded white belly with the deep indentation of her belly button, then finally gasping at the sight of her luxuriant black haired cunt which mum was holding wide open, exposing her inner glistening wet pink flesh, which would be devouring my turgid throbbing truncheon, it throbbed wildly when mum rolled back to expose her dark hued arsehole which was puckered expectantly.......I hoped.

In position between my mothers soft white spread thighs, I gawped at her cunt, hairy and seeping her love juice.

" What you're looking at, my darling, is the most powerful thing on Earth, that hot fleshy grotto between a womans legs can change governments, cause wars, leave men weak and maleable.....other women too. Put your body inside me my love, get back to where you came from......Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrr! ohhh fUCK YES!!, so big so fucking big Aaaaiiiiiiiieeee!!!

I fucked my thrashing bucking mom like a mad thing, hammering into her body as if trying to stuff my whole self inside her, she was biting my shoulders, her fingernails clawing at my back and my arse cheeks and trying to wrap her legs around my waist. It was so brutally intense, violent and animal like until my brain exploded and faintly hear mum screaming and myself roaring and cursing as my orgasm seared its way through me and my deeply implanted cock was spurting and pulsating as spunk spewed from me and seeded my mother.

Afterwards, we didn't say much, I suppose we both felt a bit guilty about the fact that we had committed incest but a reassuring kiss from mum seemed to serve our smouldering elation and an unspoken need to repeat our dirty deed which we did with the same animal wildness, even indulging in anal sex which shocked mum at first but after a number of times both she and I came to enjoy, we had a great new relationship.

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