The Teacher Mom

by Gwen (OR)

Jill enjoyed the fact that a year after the divorce that she and her son had started having sex.

There was just something so thrilling about that, because in many ways this as something that would have never thought of herself as capable of doing.

She had always been quite proper and when she had been married to his father sex had just been something that she did on occasion and mildly enjoyed.

But with her son it was like she had discovered a secret sexual side to her which she never even known existed. Her womanly urges had greatly increased and she did things like walk around the house naked now and enjoyed being sexual with her son and in a quiet brazen fashion that was so much fun to enjoy. Greg, her son, enjoyed this, too. He was twenty now and going to college, but for financial reasons still living with her.

As a teacher of course she had to be very careful to always maintain a proper appearance, and she could imagine what people would think if they knew that she was carrying on so shameless like this with her own son. That she was a woman who loved sex.

That morning she was sitting on top of him, his stiff erection fully inserted into her vagina, ands he was masturbating herself right there in front of him as she rode up and down on him.

“Ohhhhhhhh …Ohhhhhhhhhh …” she moaned as her fingers danced over her erect clitoris. Greg was fdling her bare breasts s she did this, playing with her jutting nipples. She loved it.

She would have never been able to do things like this with his father. But with her son he loved seeing her being sexual. He loved seeing her being brashly naked around the house, and she found it exciting on occasion to masturbate herself in front of him, and to watch him masturbate.

There was just something so personal and exciting in being able to do that together that. Also on occasion she would give him a blow job. She had never really liked doing that with his father, but with her son she delighted in sucking on his hard penis and having him ejaculate in her mouth.

That morning she was thoroughly enjoying fucking his penis and masturbating herself in front of him, letting him see her rubbing her swollen clit with no embarrassment what so ever. She actually wanted him to see her doing this.

“Oh, shit … oh, shit …” she said, unafraid to let him hear her using such language. She would have never dared with his father. Greg, though, liked it. “Oh, shit I’m so horny …” she gasped.

“Oh, mom … you’re always such a horny bitch,” he said to her and grinned.

“Uh …” she grunted, shoving her vagina down on his hard length. “It feels so good to fuck my son.”

“I want you to fuck me, mom., And I want to fuck you.”

“Oh, shit …” he squeezed her eyes shut as she began climaxing. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

“Oh, mom … you’re going to make e come in you!” Greg said.

He stared ejaculating in her as she was having her orgasm.

They both moaned and panted for breath together.

“Oh, God,” she sighed as her shoulders slumped. “I’m such a whore with you.”

“You’re not a whore, mom, You’re a very sexy women and I love fucking you.”

“Oh, honey, I loved fucking you, too.” She looked down and gave him an appreciative look and he gave her the same in return.

She climbed off of him in a thoroughly exhausted fashion.

Greg glanced at the clock by the bed. “I guess you should be getting ready for work.”

“Yes,” she agreed. She thought how she would go into the classroom and be this perfectly normal and proper teacher, and how no one would have any idea that she and her son fucked.

Of course that was the way it was between a mother and son. Nobody ever knew, and nobody ever knew just how many mothers and son enjoyed this together.

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