The Teacher Being Taught

by Peter (Greece)

Ms Eva Robinson sat quiet on the park bench, the warm April sunshine and just a slight breeze made it such a pleasant day. It was Wednesday afternoon when most of the local grammar school students, where she taught were doing sports or the later years, sixth and upper sixth form would be revising or studying for exams later that month.

Eva was 42 years old now but had kept her body in reasonable condition through jogging and Pilates. She wasn't plump, more toned, and was proud of her long career in teaching. She didn't like men! In fact, hated them! It went back to a very early age when her uncle Richard, on her mothers side had baby sat.

She'd thought she was old enough then to take care of herself but uncle Richard, then later an unnamed friend of his had turned up after her mum and dad left for an evening at the theatre. They both had been drinking heavily and the two cokes they gave her must have been spiked with vodka or something.

Dressed as she had been, ready for bed, she'd been forcefully sat on uncle Richard's knee and her legs pulled up and apart, her knees by her ears, and her uncle’s friend had torn her panties off. She could still remember to this day the excruciating pain as he entered her small virgin hole, and taking her virginity, grunting and panting, his beer stained breath in her face!

Then to be bent over the back of the couch, her legs not long enough to reach the floor, as uncle Richard took her too. She was sobbing when they carried her upstairs and into the bath, washing her down and even taking off the shower head to hose inside her sore and aching vagina.

She knew now that was to erase any evidence of what had happened. They probably needn't have bothered because she told no-one. Not her parents. Not the police. No-one! But to this day she remained embittered and sought love and sexual pleasure in the tender arms of her own sex.

She'd had one or two semi serious affairs later at school and at university, and numerous affairs, one night stands, with so many like minded girls and women that she considered herself now happy and settled. But she still loved to...well...just look. And although she found several women around her age very attractive, she loved looking, letching, after young ladies at her school. Not that she ever tried to 'chat' any up. Just liked looking!

She'd been sat for maybe fifteen or twenty minutes when a young girl, from her school who she vaguely recognised, maybe eighteen or even nineteen came ambling slowly down the gravel path to where Eva was sitting but sat herself down on the grassy bank across the path from her. She had books with her and proceeded to read quietly. But she'd sat with her knees bent and raised, her feet fairly wide apart and Eva could look directly up under her short skirt, between her thighs to her regulation, white cotton panties.

Eva's breath caught in her throat and she, surreptitiously glanced from time to time, feeling her own cunt getting damp and squeezing her thighs together, putting pressure on her hardening clitoris. God, she's beautiful she thought, and sat silently enjoying the unexpected view.

The young girl had flipped her skirt up at the back before seating her panty covered bottom on the grass and, Eva thought, in her concentration on her books, gradually allowed her knees to part making the view even more spectacular. From just surreptitious glance to open staring, Eva couldn't help herself.

She could just about make out the shape of the young girl’s cunt as her panties were pulled tight to her crotch. Eva's hand rose to wipe a small dribble of saliva, dripping from her lips and down her chin. She looked quickly up at the gorgeous girls face briefly and realized she was watching her and smiling. Eva suddenly felt deeply ashamed and forced her gaze back down to the text book she had been reading.


Eva still looked at her book, blushing nearly scarlet in her embarrassment.

''Psssttt'' again! ''Look! Watch!''

Eva tore her eyes up again to that angel face that still smiled at her. The young girls finger pointed down between her, by now, wide spread legs! A strange look came over her face!

''Watch me! Miss Robinson! Watch me!''

Then a pale yellow stain started to appear on those pristine white panties, growing larger, piss forcing its way through the cotton and trickling down, soaking the whole crotch and wetting the grass the girl was sitting on. Eva's thighs squeezed tightly together as she rapidly went into a sudden orgasm. She moaned and gasped as it shook her body while the young girl watched her come. And just smiled!

In an instant, the girl was on her feet, left her books and gracefully sauntered off to a nearby public toilet block, to emerge only minutes later to return and stand in front of Eva.

''Did you enjoy that, Miss Robinson? Enjoy my little show? It sounded like it! You seem to come very easily. What were you thinking? Watching me pee? Eh? Pissing for you! I love it! Would you piss for me?''

''I...I...I thought it was so so sexy'' stuttered Eva, ''I...I don't know what to say...''

''Here'' said the young girl, holding out her hand, ''little souvenir for you!'' and deposited her soiled wet panties in Eva's outstretched hand.

''Maybe you can masturbate, you know, finger your cunt later when you get home.'' the girl said, licking her lips. ''Maybe just sniff them or suck my pee from them! Stuff them in your slutty mouth while you finger fuck yourself! I'd like to think you'd taste my pee!''

Eva was stunned, such filth from such a sweet mouth. Her thighs rubbed together again, almost involuntary action, as piss from the soaking panties dripped down her forearm.

''Oohh! Go on, you dirty old woman!'' The girl now holding and raising Eva's hand gripping those wet panties, pushing them to her mouth! ''So on, taste me now! Come again just for me, suck my piss!''

The pungent smell and the salty taste as the used pair of panties were eased into her open mouth triggered Eva's second orgasm, bigger than the first, her body convulsed and shaking, her hips thrusting involuntarily and her screams only muffled by the yellow stained cotton now filling her mouth!

''Oh wow!'' exclaimed the young girl, ''You love this, don't you?''

Eva just wearily nodded her head, her wracking breath through her nose and her trembling body told the full story.

''Now look, 'miss' Robinson.'' She seemed to use a diminutive 'miss' ''look at this!'' and slowly raised the hem of her short skirt. Her vagina was beautiful, shaved smooth, pouting lips, an over large clitoris protruding from its hood, swollen and erect and clear juices literally flooding out to ooze down the inside of her partially spread legs.

''I have a study period tomorrow afternoon at two thirty. I also have a class mate, name of Cecilia, you may know her, she's pretty and we're both into the same thing. Now, you be here on time tomorrow and we'll both be here. You'd like that, I think! And tomorrow we'll take you into that dirty, smelly toilet block over there and you'll get to drink straight from the tap, if you get my drift! Back in school you'll be teacher but here in the park, you'll be our naughty, piss drinking, cunt licking student and we'll be the teachers. Understand?''

Eva looked up at this angel, this apparition of innocent beauty, and gratefully acquiesced, nodding her head, the faint salty taste from the pair of regulation school knickers still in her mouth giving her a slight teasing taste of what was to come.

''Bye now! Keep the panties! Don't forget, two thirty tomorrow!'' And with that, she was gone.

Eva sat for quite some time, mouth still full of cotton and her copious cum juice now soaking through her knickers and staining her summer dress. She'd find she had to wrap her cardigan around her waist to hide the huge wet patch as she stumbled, very happily home.

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