The Surprise Mom

by Candice (OR)

“Oh! You caught me!” Geri said with surprise as she stood naked in front of her son in her bedroom that morning.

Jon looked just as surprised. “Oh! I’m sorry! I … I didn’t realize!”

Geri laughed. “That’s okay,” she assured without embarrassment. “It’s your mom naked.”

“Uh … yeah,” Jon said.

Geri grinned, amused. “Are you going to make love to your mom?” she teased playfully.

Jon could hardly believe what his mom was saying. “You mean … have sex?”

“Well, boys have been known to do that with their moms,” Geri remarked in a perfectly straightforward fashion. “I mean, since I’m naked and if you felt like doing that …”

Jon grinned sheepishly. “You mean, just take off my clothes and …”

“That is the best way to do it,” she recommended and smiled.

Jon hesitated.

“It’s fine with me. I wouldn’t mind,”

Geri confessed.

Jon was surprised by his mom’s attitude. He had never dreamed that she would want to do something like that with him. “I … I guess we could,” e said.

Geri watched as her son got undressed, with Jon doing so modestly.

When he was as naked as she was they both stood there and Jon found himself having no problem in achieving an erection, as his penis pushed rigidly up in a handsome display.

They stepped close and slid into each other’s arms to share a naked hug.

“Mmm … let’s take care of that,” Geri said, feeling her son’s erection pushing up against her.

She took his hand and they went and laid down on the bed. Jon found himself on top of her, his penis pushing easily into her vagina. Jon could scarcely believe that he was actually doing this with his own mom.

“Oh, that’s nice,” she told him as she felt his male organ push fully into her.

“Oh, mom …” Jon breathed as he began to nakedly slide his penis in and out.

“Oh, yes! Just do it in me real quick!” she told him.

As excited as he felt Jon did ejaculate very quickly, his penis shooting semen deep inside of his mom’s vagina without constraint.

“Oh! Oh! OH!” He gasped with the repeated pulses of his erection.

“Ooooo … that’s nice!” Geri said as she felt her son being so purposefully made deep inside of her. “Oooo … yes!”

In a moment Jon finished ejaculating and he looked down at his mom, doing so with some surprise and uncertainty over the fact that he had just given his own mom his sperm.

“Mmm … now let’s wait a little bit, and then you can make me cum,” Geri said proudly.

Like so many sons who got to have sex with their own mom, Jon was amazed and he felt so privileged. And like so many mothers who got to have sex with their own son, Geri was pleased. For a mother it was so special being able to enjoy that physical bond with her son.

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