The Surprise Between Linda’s Legs: Part 2

by Anonymous

It had been several days since Linda and I kissed in my room. Jules had friends stopping by and hanging out from morning until night. Wanting to talk with Linda, I decided to make sure I was outside when she got home from work.

Linda pulled in and waved as she saw me. She walked down to her mailbox, grabbed the mail then walked toward me. I met her in the middle of the road. The initial conversation was mild as each of us waited for the other to discuss a topic we really wanted to discuss.

Looking Linda over, I finally asked if she was wearing her thing. Linda chuckled and informed me she didn’t wear it all of the time. Since the subject was broached, Linda ran with it. First we discussed how real and life like the penis looked. She asked if I was scared of it or would I be willing to touch it.

As the topic continued, we didn’t even see one of our neighbors trying to get past us as we stood in the middle of the road. Once we were brought back to reality by the honking of the horn, Linda told me to go to my house and she will be over soon.

Sitting in the living room nervous with anticipation, I watched as Linda finally walked out of her front door. Into my house she came. When she saw me in the living room, she asked to go to my bedroom as it would be more private. I sat on the edge of my bed as Linda stood in front of me. She had on jeans, but she changed into a long shirt that stopped well past her crotch.

Linda said we only had fifteen to twenty minutes before my mom arrived home. Linda lifted her shirt just enough to expose her jeans. With a smiler, she looked down and asked me to unzip her pants. Nervous, I slowly unzipped her pants. Linda reached down and pulled up her penis, allowing it to hang just in front of my face.

I looked it over closely as I commented how real it looked. The color, the texture and after touching it, I was shocked how real it looked. With her cock staring me in the face, I reached up, wrapped my hand around it and slowly began jacking her off. Linda moaned a little and told me that felt good and to keep it up. As I jerked it, I began going faster and faster until Linda said that felt good.

Fortunately, I was use to jacking off myself, so I had the stamina to continue, but jerking her off like this seemed a little more difficult. It didn’t matter as Linda informed she was about to cum. Linda’s moans became louder as she told me to jerk her cock harder and harder. With a soft yell, she said she was cumming.

Once Linda regained her composure, she sat on the edge of the bed with me. Her cock still hanging out of her jeans. I kept talking about how real it looked. Linda thanked me and gave me a kiss. That kiss turned into another and another, then we were kissing and our hands were all over one another. My hand went down to her cock where I was jerking her cock.

Linda stood up and pulled off her pants. She ripped off her shirt and laid down on the bed with only her bra. I began kissing her then moved down to her massive breasts. I kissed her breasts that were exposed in her bra and even buried my face in there. Linda had me reposition on the bed where she was straddled over me.

She took off her bra exposing her glorious plump big titties. She reached down and rubbed my cock through my jeans. She positioned my cock then moved down to lay on top of me. She moved her cock to lay on top of mine as she began moving back and forth. I could feel her cock rubbing against mine. The more she did it, the more it felt good. I was enjoying the pleasure it was giving me.

Just as I began enjoying, we heard a door close. It was my mom home from work. Both of us forgot the time. Now I had Linda in my room, nude wearing a strap on. This would never look good. I about threw Linda off of me. She told me to go stall my mom.

Luckily mom had groceries and I helped bring those in. As we carried in groceries, Linda walked in. Mom was startled and asked why I didn’t say anything about Linda being there. Linda apologized and said she came over just to get a break from everyone being in her house. Mom said she understood and told Linda they should have a glass of wine on the patio.

Watching tv in the living room, Linda walked in. She was quick and quiet as she said that she left her cock in my room. I shouted out, what very loud. Linda was telling me to be quiet as my mom was on the patio. I told her she needed to take it, but she said she will get it later. I asked why didn’t she wear it and she informed me my mom would be able to tell. When I pointed out her shirt would cover her, she was adamant that my mom could still tell. I thought she was being too cautious, but she was right.

That night Linda knocked on my window. I opened it and handed her cock to her. She wanted a kiss. We kissed several times to the point where we both wanted one another. Confident that my mom wouldn’t be able to tell, I begged Linda to wear it over that next evening.

The following night after supper, Linda came over with Jules. Jules and I got in the pool and my mom got in with us. Linda kept declining as everyone asked her to join us. Linda said she was going to her house to get a bottle of wine. A little while later, Linda appeared in the back door from our garage. She held up the bottle of wine and asked me to help her as she couldn’t get it open.

I walked over as she stepped into the garage. Shielded from view, she took my hand and placed it on her cock. The cock was laying down against her leg. When I commented that you couldn’t really tell, all she said is then watch this. She told me to go back to the pool and see how long it takes my mom to notice.

I got in the pool and was watching as Linda walked up on the deck. She couldn’t have been there more than five seconds before my mom said she was going to get out of the pool. Jules was asking her to stay. Linda turned and gave me a look like I told you so. How in the fuck could my mom have noticed that AND so quickly?

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