The Surprise Between Linda’s Legs: Part 1

by Anonymous

Shooting baskets on the driveway, I heard a car tires screech and a small collision. A half block away I see the car. When I went after the ball just a few seconds before, I saw Jules riding her bike home. An immediate panic and fear swept across me. Before I had time to think, I was running toward the accident.

There I found an elderly neighbor still in the car and Jules laying in the grass. Her bicycle was stuck under the front of the car. A neighbor ran out to help. She told me to get Linda, Jules’ mom.

My heart was racing and I wasn’t thinking clearly. When I opened the front door, I looked for Linda. Down the hall her bedroom door was shut. Without knocking, I flung open the door. What I saw boggled my mind. There sat Linda on the edge of her bed, nude except for a bra.

As my eyes moved down, I saw what appeared to be a real cock hanging between her legs, which were spread apart. As shocked as I was, Linda was even more so. What felt like minutes, but was probably only a few seconds, I stared at Linda’s cock. Linda jumped to her feet where I noticed she was wearing a strap on cock.

It startled me to say that Jules was in an accident. Not knowing what type or how bad, she asked if she was alive. That question shook me back to my senses as I said she is probably fine as I explained she was laying in the grass.

Linda grabbed a shirt and black yoga pants. I watched as she adjusted her cock in her pants. We ran out the front door. Maybe fifty feet later Linda asked me to slow down. That seemed odd she wanted to slow down, I later found out why. We made it to Jules who was now sitting up and fine. I carried Jules home and returned to get her bike.

The next few hours I worked to straighten her bicycle. My mom came home and went to see Jules when I told her what happened. Several of the neighbors went to see Jules that evening. Jules was fifteen. She was one of the nicest people you ever met. Jules was a little odd for her age. I always marked it up to being really socially awkward. But she was loved by everyone. It really upset me that she could have been hurt. My mom knew it bothered me and tried to talk, but I just brushed her off.

Later that night I was laying on my bed reading a book when I heard Linda talking with my mom in our living room. Soon, Linda walked into my room. I looked up and Linda’s chin quivered as she told me thank you. All of the emotions I was holding back released as I jumped up and Linda and I embraced as we both sobbed. My mom stepped in and said she will shut my door.

The two of us held each other for several minutes while we gained our composure. We sat on the edge of the bed as Linda held my hand. She informed me Jules was totally fine and loving the attention. We laughed and talked about how lucky she was.

Linda looked deep into my eyes, with her chin quivering again, she thanked me for spending hours fixing Jules’ bike. We leaned in to one another and hugged. As we pulled apart, our faces were inches apart when Linda mouthed the words, “thank you.” It was just the moment and the emotions, but we kissed three or four gentle kisses on the lips.

I was eighteen, but had been infatuated with Linda for several years and she knew it. The kiss felt like she had the same feeling as me. We sat there gazing into each other’s eyes for a few minutes as Linda gave me a smile. She leaned in once again and our lips touched softly as we kissed. The kisses became more intense as I felt Linda open her mouth slightly and felt her tongue touch my lips.

She was inviting more intimacy as I slid my tongue meeting her. We kissed passionately as we slid closer and fell back on the bed. Soon Linda was rolling on top of me as we kissed. As slowly as it started, Linda jerked up and quickly stopped. She stood up next to me as I sat up on the edge of my bed. Linda apologized for what she just did. All I could do was smile, she looked down at me and smiled back as she held out her hand to hold mine.

As we sat there looking not one another’s eyes, Linda said she needed to apologize. Puzzled, she held her head down as she muttered, “sorry for what you saw earlier.” With a look on my face that displayed I had no idea what she was talking about, Linda pointed down to her pussy. I smiled and shook my head in understanding. Linda said a friend bought it for her a number of years prior and she was goofing around when she put it on.

When her bedroom door is closed, she said Jules or anyone else knows not to just enter her bedroom, so when I burst in, she was mortified. I laughed and said it was no big deal at all. With a serious face, Linda looked down and begged me to promise that I would never ever mention to anyone what she was wearing. I promised. Linda asked me to promise at least four more times. I knew she was serious.

We were still holding hands as I sat on the bed. I looked up to Linda asking if she was still wearing her thing. She quickly shook her head no. With my free hand, I snapped my fingers indicating I was hoping she did. Surprised, Linda asked if it freaked me out seeing her wear that thing. With a big smile I said no.

Linda pulled my hand up so I stood next to her. She leaned in and we began kissing. She moved past my lips, kissing my cheek back to my ear where she whispered a question. She asked, “would you like to see me wear it again?” She pulled back looking at me and waiting for a response. I shook my head and said softly, “yes.”

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