The Stranger

by Carol (Florida)

It’s a beautiful night here in Florida so I guess I’ll sleep with the windows open. Hubby is away on business so I’m home alone. I take a shower have a glass of wine and fall asleep.

I always sleep naked because I love to feel the satin sheets on my naked body. I fall asleep and I’m awakened by a noise. I open my eyes and there’s a tall slim black man standing by my bed.

I try to scream but he covers my mouth with his hand. He’s looking at my naked body and I’m getting nervous. He uncovers my mouth and I tell him take whatever you want and he tells me he’s going to.

He starts to undress and I ask him what do you think you’re doing. He says I’m going to get to know you better. He takes his pants off and his cock is huge.

I tell him you’re not putting that in me as he’s jerking himself. He says oh yes I am. I try to get up and now he’s on top of me. OMG he’s rubbing his cock all over my pussy.

I tell him look you can still leave and I won’t call the police. He laughs and says when I’m done with you, the cops will be the furthest thing from your mind.

Oh god he slams his big black cock all the way inside me. He lifts my legs up and is really fucking me good now. Mmmmmmm his black cock feels so good inside me.

I ask him who are you stranger and he answers no names just enjoy my cock. I’ve had my share of black cock before, but this was so different.

I moan to him fuck me stranger and he does what I ask. I can’t believe this is happening, but I don’t want him to stop. I look at him and tell him, I’m going to cum all over your black cock stranger.

He’s fucking me harder now and I cum. I feel his cock start to throb and as I cum again he shoots his big load inside me. I again ask him who are you stranger and he rolls me over and fucks my well lived pussy doggy, my favorite.

I feel his black ball slapping my ass, and I cum again. Yes stranger fuck me, fuck me stranger. He asks me where’s your husband and I tell him he’s away for two weeks.

Oh he’s away, so no rushing anything. I ask him what do you mean and he answers I can stay and fuck you for days. Oh no I tell him I gave you what you wanted now you’ve got to leave.

He rolls me over again so he’s on top of me and says are you sure you want me to leave, as his cock is deep inside me. I wrap my legs around him and tell him, fuck me stranger do what you want to me.

Wow he laughs and says I have two weeks to fuck you. OMG two weeks of being fucked by this stranger and his black cock.

He was right, no calling the police, I’m going to enjoy his big black cock for two weeks. Who are you stranger?

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