The Steam of Her Mothers Piss

by Bill Bliss (California, USA)

The event I am going to share is true and occurred less than a week ago. I think however it would benefit the reader to know some details about me first so I ask indulgence while I do so briefly.

I am a forty nine year old male, with many true descriptors which some would frown upon and others who are like me may take as complimentary. Let me begin with my name for the ladies , some of whom may know me already? You may have heard the name Bill Bliss? The man famous for his kiss?

I am forty nine years old and have a very high sex drive which has been the case all my life. It seems that each day I grow older I also grow more kinky in my desires for pleasure. I don't think I should be considered extreme but some may rightly label me as odd I suppose.

For example the famous Bill Bliss Kiss began as a result of my overwhelming need to perform oral sex on the women I have sex with.The scent and taste of a woman's sex is pleasant to some and not so much to others it seems. I however could not imagine life without it's distinct heavenly essence.

After properly worshiping the pink fleshy folds and paying homage to the clit in all it's swollen splendor, I am rewarded further by the fragrant nectar gushing forth from the depths of its center as the orgasm like none other before causes spasms ans sharp contractions of the inner muscles.

Granted it's the magic tongue I am fortunate to have been gifted with that stirs the storm within even the most proper spinster and girls gone wild alike. The tongue that causes them to cry out to the deity they will later ask for forgiveness. But in the end its the kiss they will remember, the Bill Bliss Kiss. Ladies you will understand when you experience it.

I digress, The event occurred after a woman hired me to remodel her home . A flood had caused massive damage but insurance provided funds to rebuild. I was told the bathrooms were priority since the mother aged 50 and two daughters aged 32 and 20 had been sharing one bathroom for over a year.

Of course all three were soon able to experience the Bill Bliss Kiss however that is not where the story emerges oddly enough it was when the woman asked if I would be willing to take the toilets I had removed from the two bathrooms and transport them to her parents home twenty miles away and install them.

Despite being used and enduring a flood the toilets happened to be in better condition than those in her parents home mainly because they had larger bowls thus larger seating area. So I agreed to do the additional work for a reasonable fee and that evening on my way home took the toilets to her parents home.

The couple were both in their seventies however the man seemed to look much older while the woman looked fantastic for her age. I will even say she looked attractive regardless of age and there was something about her that seemed erotic but subdued. I had installed the toilets and hauled the older ones out to my truck and loaded then into the bed.

I then reentered the home in search of the woman because she was supposed to have a check for me. The man was sitting on the couch when I entered the living room and snoring loudly. I went up the stairs to the master bedroom where the door was ajar. I called out to the woman and got no response.

I entered the bedroom cautiously and was walking toward the master bathroom because I had forgotten to place the small protecting caps over the bolts which hold the toilet in place.

Suddenly the woman came from somewhere in the bathroom area and asked if I was done? I held out the caps and said that I needed to put them on still.

She smiled a strange smile and nodded then left the bedroom. I quickly went into the bathroom because it was getting late and I wanted to get home. I knelt down to place the caps and didn't pay attention as I placed my head close to the open bowl. There was yellow pee in the bowl and a piece of tissue floating in the mixture. Then a foggy blast of steam came rushing upward and assailed my nostrils.

Without thinking I inhaled the pungent piss aroma and felt my cock lurch in my jeans as it began to contract and spurt cum into my underwear. I was shocked and rendered speechless as my cock squirted massive gobs of jizz beyond my control creating a huge wet spot.

I popped both caps in place and turned to stand up and exit the room when the woman stepped up to me . My head was level with her pussy which was bare in front of my face. She had dropped her pants and panties to the floor and stepped out of one leg. She then took my head in both hand and pulled my mouth to her pussy lips .

As the woman ground her wet flappy cunt all over my face I heard snippits of her saying she wanted the Bill Bliss Kiss.

I'm proud to say I was able to spurt two more loads into my underwear before she exploded on my face soaking me completely. I stood, picked her up into my arms and carried her to her bed then lay her down on it gently. Soon after She experienced the Bill Bliss Kiss.

Ladies if you live in California U.S.A or willing to travel Bill Bliss Has A Kiss for you. There are only a few requirements that must be met so listen closely; You must be 18 or older, female, of sound mind, and Email to set the time and place.

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