The Sister in Law

by John G (Fresno, Ca. USA)

I have always had a thing for my wife's sister Julie, we are both the same age, went to and graduated from the same high school she is a very good looking woman 5'6" Black hair that came down to almost her ass with a 36-24-36 figure and brown eyes. She was divorced with twin girls and a son at the time of this story.

One day Julie calls our home and asks if I can come over and help her get rid of a dead cat and help her with some other things around her house? I said sure I will be over there in 10 minutes or so hung up the phone told my wife where I was going and drove over to Julie's house. When I pulled up sure enough there was dead cat laying in the gutter and she was waiting for me in her garage with a shoebox oh good your here, I found a box you can put it in and then leave it on the curb for animal control to pick up.

So, I took care of the cat and then followed her into the house looking at ass in her jeans and helped her move some furniture around and hang some pictures etc. etc. After a couple of hours we finished and were sitting on the couch talking and drinking sodas, as we sat there I couldn't help but notice that yellow blouse she was wearing the top three buttons were undone and I was a eyeful of her cleavage whenever she leaned towards me. This had the effect of giving me a sizable bulge in my shorts due to the tremendous hard on I had.

Finally, I stood up asked if she had anything else she needed done she thought for a moment then said can you help me with something upstairs in my bedroom before you go? Sure so we headed up the stairs with me looking at every sway of her ass and my cock almost ripping a hole in my shorts. When we got to her room she stopped pointed to her bed see my bedframe is broken can you fix it? sure see the frame has come apart so all I have to do re insert them and there! all fixed she asked are you sure? Yeah see look I sat on her bed and bounced up and down on it several times see, all safe!

She smiled walked over and stood in front of me and said I think we need to test it more, she leaned down and kissed me hard on the lips when we parted I said we can't do this I'm married to your sister!! She goes I know but I know you have the hots for me and I haven't been fucked in four years and I need it really bad!! She kissed me even harder and that did it for me I kissed her hard on the mouth our lips parted and our tongues intertwined exploring each other's mouth, her hands undid the rest of her blouse buttons while my hands were rubbing and squeezing her tits.

She shrugged her blouse off reached around undid the clasp of her bra and let it drop to the floor she stood there breathing hard and her nipples rock hard just begging to be sucked on. I kissed, sucked, and lightly bit them rotating from one to other and back again She moaned with the pleasure she was receiving and held my head against her breasts. I moved my hands down to her pants unbuttoned them and pushed my hand inside of her sopping wet panties and began to rub her cunt gradually zeroing in on her clit, I rubbed her clit slowly at first then faster as I sucked her nipples. She moaned OH GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP I CUMMING!! I stopped and before she could say anything flung her down on the bed pulled off her panties and her jeans threw them on the floor and buried my face in her pussy.

Her surprised gasp soon turned to moans and gasps of pleasure as I ran my tongue up and down her pussy lips kissing, licking and sucking on her clit after several minutes she lifted her ass off the bed screaming OH MY GOD I'M CUMMMMING her whole body shook and trembled as the waves of her orgasm hit her for several minutes. She laid there breathing heavily NOBODY HAS EVER DONE THAT TO ME BEFORE THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! I kissed my way up her stomach towards her breasts kissing her nipples before making my way to her mouth.

I kissed her hard while I could feel her hands fumbling with my belt and the button and the zipper to my shorts she slid her hands under the waistbands and pushed both my shorts and underwear down to my ankles which I kicked off to the floor she ran her hands over my cock her eyes opened wide and she gasped Oh my you are well hung how big are you? 9 inches baby she replied well take it easy with that, she spread her legs and I positioned my cock at her entrance and slowly pushed into her she moaned OOHHH YESSS even though her pussy was well lubricated it was the tightest pussy I have ever been in and it took 3 or 4 strokes before I was all the way in her then I began to fuck her at a slow pace to allow her to get used to me being in her I would pull out only until the tip was in and then thrust back into her.

She was moaning and crying out COME ON BABY FUCK ME MAKE ME CUM AGAIN! I began to thrust harder and faster as she cried out again THAT'S IT BABY FUCK ME HARDER FUCK ME FUCK ME MAKE ME CUM I was humping her as fast and as hard as I could our bodies were slapping together and the bedsprings were squeaking like crazy She began to have mini orgasms that got bigger and bigger her cunt was gripping and pulsing around my cock driving me crazy finally I could feel the urge to come rising from my balls and I gasped I'M GOING TO CUM DO WANT ME TO PULL OUT?! SHE GASPED NO! GIVE ME THAT CUM BABY GIVE IT TO ME I couldn't hold it any longer and pumped my sperm deep into her spasming cunt, She screamed I'M CUMMING and her whole body shook and spasmed as I pumped my cum into her.

Finally after a final spurt of cum we both lay there breathing hard totally dazed as to what had happened I gasped I hope you are on the pill! she laughed don't worry I am I kept taking them while hoping I would get lucky and man did I ever! I laughed and pulled my softening dick out of her well fucked pussy and we got dressed and walked back down the stairs she gave me a hug, kissed me and said that was the best fuck I ever had. I was stilled pretty worked up when I got home I surprised and fucked my wife in the kitchen after we were done she asked WOW What got into you? All I could do is smile.

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