The Satisfied Mom

by Nicola (WA)

It was summer and the weather was hot. When Jason got home that afternoon he went upstairs to his room to take a quick shower. He came out and dried himself and stepped back into his room. As he did, he heard the landline that was downstairs in the living room ring. Since he was home alone right then, he careless went downstairs naked to answer it.

It was Kenny, one of his friends.

As he was talking his mom unexpectedly came in. She had entered through the kitchen, and was home much earlier than he was expecting her to be. When she came into the living room she was surprised to her son sitting there naked talking on the phone.

Jason was just as surprised and he quickly ended his conversation and hung up.

“I had just gotten out of the shower when the phone rang,” Jason explained with a modest grin on his face.

His mom looked amused.

“That’s all right. I don’t mind if you feel like walking around the house naked. It’s summer and it’s warm,” she said, being quite casual about it and presenting herself as not minding seeing her son undressed. She was divorced from his dad and had been for the last two years, so it was just the two of them. Jason and his mom got along very well and were close. With a careless lack inhibition she added, “It is awfully warm. I might just take off my clothes and join you.”

“You mean … be naked together?” Jason said.

“Well, no one will know,” she said.

She sat down on the sofa and slipped off her shoes and stared to get undressed right there in the living room. Jason watched with surprise and in a moment more she was just as naked as he was.

She smiled at him and Jason grinned feeling a little modest to suddenly be naked like that with his mom. Looking quite pleased Vera said, “It’s nice for a mother to be able to be naked with her own son.”

“Yeah …” Jason agreed, thinking it was neat to be naked with his mom. There was just a natural inviting closeness to it that the mother and son bond allowed.

His mom was blonde and attractive, with a fuller curvy figure. Her bare breasts were nicely full and sloped downward, each having a wide lighter brown nipple capping their rounded ends, and she had fawny patch of pubic hair. She looked quite happy to be so revealing of her bare femininity like that to him.

Jason’s expression was just a little sheepish as he admired his mom’s nakedness.

Suddenly he felt himself responding with an erection. IHe found himself quickly achieving a boner. He blushed as his penis pushed stiffly up. He felt very self-conscious over his unintentional display, yet at the same time found it very thrilling to be nakedly having a boner in front of his own mom, which only encouraged his erection to as stiff as it could be.

“Very handsome,” Vera appraised his son’s bare maleness. “Why don’t you come and sit down?”

Jason did somewhat shyly.

His mom leaned over, slipping her arms around his neck and she pressed her lips to his.

Jason was surprised to feel his mom’s lips so fully against his own. They never kissed like that. Of course, they had never been naked together before, either. He let his lips kiss her back. It was just so unexpected to find is mom being this receptive to the two of them being physically close and loving.

She slipped down a hand to hold and feel his erect penis. Jason held and fondled her bare breasts and they kissed again. For the next full minute, they made out on the sofa. Then his mom laid back against the cushions wither legs apart. Without a word, Jason took a hold of his hard penis to guide it into place, and then sank his erection into his mom’s soft hairy folds and into wet vagina.

“Oh, yes … just fuck me,” she said, quite unembarrassed to use that word so descriptively.

Jason was amazed to find himself with his hard penis in his own mom’s vagina. It was so personal and so intimate and he could tell that she was loving this.

Jason started to fuck is boner in and out of her. As he did, he thought of what Devon or Kenny would say if they knew he was fucking his mom. This excited him and his boner was rigid inside of her.

“Oh, honey … make me cum … make me cum ..” Vera breathed, closing her eyes as her son continued to penetrate her with his lovingly hard maleness.

Over and over, she felt his male sexual anatomy exciting her female sexuality as she unashamedly lay there with her legs well apart to receive him. Lying there being a mom impaled by her son’s stiff penis. It excited her and merged her womanly sexual arousal with her maternal instincts in an unbelievably fulfilling way. This was something which so many mothers found so desirable to experience. Far more than people ever realized.

Throughout history it had long been a tradition for a son to take his absent father’s place in his mother’s bed, and there was unspoken acceptance of this. It allowed a mother not to appear sexually wanton and a boy could take pride in satisfying his mother sexual needs, the same ones which had brought him into the world.

Now, intercourse between a mother and son was seen as something that was fun and exciting and emotionally satisfying and fulfilling to share and experience together. And without risking pregnancy, unless of course that was what a mother and son wanted to also share in and sometimes did.

Surveys even hinted that as much as much as one quarter of all pregnancies for divorced women were the result of intercourse with their own son. Decidedly this what not an unknown occurrence as many women found the urge to do this irresistible. And since nature did make that quite possible it was seen as being anything but abnormal behavior. Basically, women liked to get pregnant, and to get pregnant by their own son was just such a satisfying thing.

Vera did feel that compelling urge to be impregnated by her son, and found that sexually motivational. Although she had been fixed and knew that she could enjoy the reproductive act with him free of consequence. Which, as she considered, was best as it avoided so many complications.

Jason’s boner was fucking her to an orgasm and suddenly she was gasping and holding her naked son with his erect penis deep in her vagina as she climaxed.

“OHHHHH!!!” she gasped and writhed with him fucking her to that point. “OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Jason was surprised and amazed by his mom having such an uncontrolled orgasm.

He was seeing a side to his mom that he never knew existed. That she liked to be fucked and to have an orgasm, and what was more that she found it exciting being fucked by her own son.

She writhed beneath him on the sofa and he kept his boner fully inserted into her.

“AHHHHHHHH … Ahhhhh … Ahhh … Ahhh ..” Vera moaned as her clitoris became satisfied.

Then she was left with the warm after effects and feeling the satisfaction that it was her son’s penis in her.

Jason quickly ejaculated, unable to hold back after his mom’s sexual performance.

“Ohhhh …” he grunted as the semen shot from his erection and into his mom’s vagina. His penis throbbed again and again to give is mom his wet sperm. It felt so unbelievably gratifying to be nakedly ejaculating in his mom like that. To actually be ejaculating in his mom’s vagina. “Ohhhh … Ohhhhhh …”

“Oh, honey … yes … yes …” Vera said, wanting to feel her son being biological in her like that. To be giving her his seed. She pushed her hips up to ensure that is penis was in her as far as it could possibly go, so that he would ejaculate up against her cervix and the opening to her womb, even though she could not be fertilized. It was still that moment of satisfying biological completion knowing that he was putting his sperm into her.

She laid there pridefully feeling her son being purposefully male in her.

Then they both laid there for a long moment until his penis came out of her vagina in a slippery fashion with an ensuing wetness leaking out that was pleasing to feel as she felt his semen dribbling freely over her butt hole.

His mom smiled happily.

“Thank you. That was so wonderful.”

“It was wonderful doing that with you, mom,” Jason said, still surprised that he had done that with her.

“I suppose now we are not only mother and son, but lovers,” she teased in an impish way. She laughed. “That should give us something to look forward to.”

Jason could only smile over his mom’s completely uninhibited attitude.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he told her.

Already he was exciting by thought of getting to fuck his mom again. Now that he had experience doing that, he was filled with a longing desire to have his penis in his mom, just as she was to have his penis in her. It was the perfect thing for a mother and son to do together.

To the reader –
Yes, I enjoy having sexual relations with my own grown son. I find it so ultimately satisfying and loving. No, no one knows that we enjoy doing this together. It is just something between the two of us. Although neither of us are in the least embarrassed to have physical relationship nor do we have any regrets after four years of our thoroughly enjoying this.

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