The Satisfaction of Mom and Son

by Dan (MN)

“Ohhh … Oh, this feels so good,” Brenda said.

“Do you like that mom?” Kevin said, grinned as he worked his erection in and out of the soft, wet depths her vagina.

“Oh, yes. It feels so good having your penis in me. Oh, I need this.”

Kevin enjoyed giving his mom this kind of pleasure, and knew how special it was when a boy got to fuck his own mom.

“Ohhhh …” she moaned. Her eyes were shut and there was a look of sexual concentration on her face as she laid there being fucked, feeling his son’s hard organ sliding through her vaginal lips going in and out of her. And it felt so good and exciting that it was her own son doing this to her in a way that mother’s found so satisfying.

“Ooo … yes. I like it when you fuck me.”

Kevin liked how hard it made his dick to have it in his mom.

“Uhhhh … yes …” she moaned feeling his maleness stimulating her, arousing her clitoris more and more. “Uhhhhh … Uhhhh … Uhhhh …”

His parents had been separated for two months when he and his mom had started fucking. This had just seemed like a natural thing for them to do together, and was, as so many mothers and son easily discovered. These days mother and son sex was becoming far more common and something quite desirable to experience.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” she panted as she felt herself coming closer and closer to climaxing. “Oh … Oh …Oh …” And then it happened, and once more she found herself having an orgasm with her son’s penis.”AHHHHHHHH!!!”

Her sexual culmination was quite intense and overwhelming and she could not resist.

Kevin loved fucking is mom to this point, giving her every inch of his boner.

“Ahhhh … Ahhhh … Ahhhhhhh …” Finally she sighed.

Having taken care of her needs he was now ready to take care of his own.

“I’m going to come on you, mom,” he said as he felt the urgency in his hard boner.

“Oh, yes!” she said.

“Uhhhh …” Ken groaned, ejaculating, with the semen sluicing from his erection deep in her vagina, doing so with a satisfying nakedness as he gave her his sperm is repeated surges. “Uhhh … Uhhh … Uhhh … Uhhhhh.”

To be able to let his penis go all the way and to wet in his mom like this was incredible. Then came the moment when it was so gratifying to have once more fucked his sperm filled liquid into his mom’s female reproductive organ.

Just the act of their doing this together made them feel so close.

“Oh, honey …” she breathed as she ran her hands over his bare back and hips in appreciation of his completion inside of her.

“Oh, mom … that felt so good.”

“It did for me, too.”

They kissed, and the importance of their having nakedly taken care of their sexual desires together was so wonderful and so satisfying. This only exemplified why now so many mothers and sons were experiencing sex together, wanting to achieve this type of love and closeness which could never be experienced otherwise. For a son to take his erection all the way in his own mother’s vagina was so special, and for a mother to allow him to do that was unbelievably fulfilling.

“Let’s go and have some breakfast,” she suggested, since it was early and getting to be that time. “And then maybe we can fuck again?”

“Okay, mom,” Kevin said happily, already looking forward to that.

She smiled. It could have never been like this with his father or anyone else for that matter, and knew that such deeply desirable urges could only be experienced with her son.

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