The Reverend's Daughters

by dedalus

Reverend B., an ordained Baptist minister, and his wife could not take their two daughters, Debbie, age 19, and Sarah, age 18, on their annual visit to the State Fair. Rev. B. suffered from a cancerous and ultimately terminal brain tumor which impaired his eyesight, and his wife was tired.

So Rev. B.'s associate, James, age 26, who lived with the B.'s as part of their family, took the girls to the fair.

James drove Debbie and Sarah to the fair in the church van about 5:00 p.m. and parked across the street from the fair grounds in a makeshift parking lot because all the official lots were full.

For some five hours they enjoyed the fair, riding the rides and playing the games. Debbie was a short girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had already developed soft, round breasts and a round ass.

Sarah was a little taller than her sister. She had brown hair and eyes, tiny breasts and small ass. By 10:30 p.m. James, Debbie and Sarah were ready to start home.

As James opened the door of the van, two black men came around the front of the van with a shotgun. The first man ordered James and the girls to crouch down and give him all their money or they would be "blown away". After they had complied, the second man forced them into the van at gunpoint.

James begged the men to just take the van and leave them there, but the one man said:

"It just don't work that way."

Angry and swearing, demanding more money from his hostages, the first man drove the van on an erratic, high-speed course until he stopped by a dumpster near some apartments. He told the other man to kill James if he moved and then climbed into the back seat with Debbie.

"Take off your clothes, girl"

Debbie began to undress, as she was looking a way to run off from the van.

She removed slowly her shoes, blouse and pants.

"Hurry up, girl!" the man said pointing the shotgun to her head.

Then Debbie removed her shirt and her bra.

"Nice round breasts. Come on, take off your panties and lean back on the seat"

Debbie complied with the man's order, did not say a word and kept her head down.

The man moved on top of her.

"Spread her legs apart."

Then he penetrated her with his hard dick, breaking her cherry and causing her much pain.

When she pretended to faint, he slapped her repeatedly and told her to put her clothes back on.

Then he demanded more money or Sarah would "get it" too, and drove off again.

Stopping a second time, the first man told Sarah to get in the back of the van and to undress.

Sarah removed only her blouse and pants.

When the man got on top of her and ripped her bra and panties, Sarah began to scream.

"Shut up", the man said, trying to put his dick inside her virgin cunt.


Her cherry broke and the man began to push into her, as blood ran down her thighs.

"No, no!!"

Sarah was crying, while the second man again held the shotgun on James.

When the first man had finished to fuck Sarah, he asked the second man if he "wanted some", but he refused.

Then the men announced that they were leaving. Threatening death to their victims if they did not stay in the van for at least ten minutes, the men left.

The peril past, James, Debbie and Sarah began to hug one another and pray. Suddenly, the men returned, looking for a baseball cap one of them had been wearing. After finding it, the first man again asked Grady:

"Do you want some?"

This time the second man said yes.

So he fucked Sarah first, then Debbie, in the back of the van while his friend held the shotgun on James.

Again warning their victims to remain in the van, the men left them praying for the last time.

James drove the girls to Parkland Hospital where they were treated and released. At 5:00 a.m. they returned home, where Mrs. B. had been waiting up all night.

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