The Question

by Anonymous

The two of them were laying there naked in the shade of the trees and bushes. It was a warm summer’s day and they had hiked up into the woodsy area close to where they lived. Then, just for fun, they had decided to take their clothes off and be naked. It was fun doing that together as friends and as boys, enjoying an uninhibited masculine moment together.

It was no real surprise when each of them began to achieve an erection. Their penises just stiffened and pushed up over their stomachs, and being naked like they were, doing so in a revealing fashion. Each grinned a little self-consciously over his obvious sexual urge, although at the same time it felt good enjoying being male like that together.

“If anyone saw us … they would think that we were totally gay,” Gavin remarked mindfully.

Toby was not so concerned. “There’s nothing gay about two friends having a boner together.’ He grinned. “It just means that we like each other, is all … as friends.”

Gavin grinned back, liking his friend’s casual and open-minded attitude.

“Apparently we like each other a lot!” Gavin laughed, eyeing the extent of Toby’s stiff penis as well as his own. Their erections were quite outstanding, to be sure. There was no doubt about that.

Toby almost blushed over that observation, but there was no denying the impressive boners they were both having. Their penises were enormously stiff.

“When two boys do it together …” Toby remarked, sounding very casual and philosophical about what he was saying, looking off at the trees in an absent fashion, ‘is it fucking only if one boy sticks his dick into the butt of another boy? Or if one boy sits on top of another, is he fucking his dick?"

Gavin gave a small shrug. He had never thought about this before. He gave the question a moment of consideration. “I don’t know.” He thought about this a moment more. “Why?’

Toby responded with a small, careless shrug of his bare shoulders. “I was just wondering.”

“Oh.” Gavin grinned. “Were you thinking of sitting on top of me and fucking my dick?” he teased.

Toby did blush this time. “I wonder what that would feel like … to fuck another boy’s dick?”

“Probably good. Otherwise boys wouldn’t do stuff like that together if it didn’t feel good.”

They both grinned at one another.

“I don’t mind if you fuck my dick,’ Gavin said. “I mean … if you want to see what it feels like.”

“I … I guess that I could,” Toby said.

They looked at one another, and then Toby Climbed up and sat astride Gavin.

“I think that my dick needs to be slick …” Gavin said. He spit into his hand and slicked that onto his erection, and did this several times to ensure that it was evenly coated. Toby reached around and held his friend’s stiff penis upright. Then, very slowly, he eased his butt hole down on it. The saliva was enough to allow Gavin’s penis to push up into him.

“Ooo …” Toby intoned, pausing for a moment to let his rectum relax. When it did, he pushed down some more and succeeded in getting his friend’s erection all the way up inside of him. It was an interesting sensation. It almost felt like he had to go to the bathroom, having his anal sheath filled like that. At the same time, though, it was unbelievably exciting to think that he had his friend’s stiff penis actually in him. That was very sexually exciting.

Toby moaned a little again as he experimentally rose slowly back up and then slowly sank back down. It was incredibly stimulating feeling his butt hole stretching around Gavin’s male-shape, and to feel its stiff length go repeatedly up into his anal sheath, and it made his own erection fantastically rigid.

“Oh, man …” Toby groaned as he continued to fuck his friend’s dick with his butt.

“Ohhh … Ohhh …” Gavin moaned too, savoring how wonderful it felt to have Toby doing this to him.

Tony suddenly became wide-eyed and gasped as he found himself ejaculating uncontrollably. It just happened. Repeated stream of white liquid shot from his dick and went all over Gavin’s chest and nipples. His butt hole involuntarily clinched and re-clinched around Gavin’s boner

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!’ Toby panted as he continued to climax and his erection pulsed wildly.

This excited Gavin to the point of ejaculation. He felt his boner throb deep inside of his friend, shooting out his sperm-containing liquid.

“Uhhh … Uhhh … Uhhh …” Gavin raised his hips as much as he could to get his penis as deep inside of Toby as it would go.

He could only lay there experiencing what this was like to be doing it with another boy until his erection finished its multiple discharges and left him catching his breath. Toby was now catching his breath as well, as the white liquid continued to ooze thickly out and dribble down from his expended erection.

“Man!’ Gavin exclaimed. He looked up at his friend and Toby looked back down at him. They both gave a somewhat elf-conscious grin.

“I guess that a boy can fuck another boy’s penis,” Toby said.

“Yeah. It feels so good, too,’ Gavin happily agreed, “having you fuck my dick.”

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