The Pictures: Part 2

by Anonymous

Once mom composed herself, she drove home wondering how and why would I have nude pictures of her. She couldn’t figure it out. Where were the pictures taken from? Mom couldn’t believe it was me. It was a comforting feeling when she believed that someone else took the pics.

Maybe, just maybe, she believed that I discovered someone took the photos and I took them away to protect her integrity. That is the theory she had to believe. At home mom stood on the deck and figured out the angle of the pictures.

She walked across the creek bed and to the grouping of trees. She looked up then walked around. There were boards nailed to the tree. Some had rotted away leaving behind rusty nails. That is where the pictures came from. Mom still laid out nude, but now she was going to look at the tree.

Now what to do with the pictures. At first mom wanted to burn all the pics, but decided for the time being to hide them. From time to time my girlfriend and I would return to the small town where we grew up.

We typically stayed with mom. Several times mom thought about asking me about the pics, but she never built up the courage. Over the next year mom looked through the pics. Who took these. Could it actually be her son? The thought began to consume her.

Mom grabbed the photos and drove the two hours to our house. I was working in the yard planting some shrubs. Mom walked back to where I was. We had a detached garage and I was on the back side planting shrubs. My girlfriend or fiancé was in the house. Her voice cracking, mom pulled out an envelope of photos.

She handed them to me. I was puzzled. When I opened the first pic… my heart began racing as my mouth dropped open and my eyes told the story. “Oh my god, it was you!” Mom exclaimed. I put the pic back in and could only hang my head. Mom was mad and she let me know it.

I stood there looking down at my boots and listened as she chewed my ass. After what felt like an eternity, mom simply asked, “why?” I couldn’t get a word out as she put her fingers under my chin and lifted up my head as she repeated that simple word, “why?”

“Mom, I’m so sorry. I was fifteen and you were beautiful. I just couldn’t help myself. You were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and I just went too far.” Mom stood there quiet as I wasn’t about to say anymore.

Finally, mom broke the silence, “I WAS beautiful?” She said with a grin. I smiled, caught my breath and clarified, “was… were… and still easily the most beautiful woman ever.” She laughed a little as we looked at one another.

“But, I am your mom.” She said. “True, you are my mom, but when I took those photos and all the times I watched you, I never thought of you as my mom. I thought of you as my dream girl. Someone that I would have given anything just to spend five minutes with as equals. Not mother and son, but two people who maybe had a chance together.” There were a few minutes of silence as I wanted to plead my case, but remained quiet.

“I don’t understand, but it is still wrong, we are mother and son. There is no way around that. It isn’t right and it isn’t normal. That stuff doesn’t happen.” She said. Instantly I recalled two conversations I had with mom.

“Do you remember the time when we took my stuff to my apartment in college?” Mom nodded her head. “Do you remember when Lisa moved over close to Sean?” I asked. Sean was my roommate and Lisa was his mom.

“Do you remember when her head seemed to go down in his lap? You believed at that moment that she was giving him head. I didn’t believe it, but you were positive.” Mom agreed then backpedaled and claimed it was probably true she laid down.

I reminded mom of her arguments how you wouldn’t lay down in his lap. She was the one looking down as she realized I was correct.

“How about the time that we found Mike and Jill exiting her bedroom? He slipped into the bathroom with his pants still unzipped and her hair was a mess as they exited her bedroom. How about that? You were positive they were having sex or something. I believed their BS story and you said it was a total bullshit story.”

By the way, Mike and Jill were our neighbors. They were also son and mother. I pointed out a few others mom was convinced a mother and son were potentially having sex. She listened and could only nod in agreement.

“I don’t know about any of them, but I will say I do not have any mommy issues. I love my mom as a mom and that is it. BUT… I also love the most beautiful woman I have ever seen named Ann. When I see her my stomach gets queasy, my hands get sweaty. I shouldn’t say this, but I am in total love with Ann. Ann and I are great friends, close and just the perfect match.” I said. “Hmm… I get it, but Ann, aka mom, is ultimately your mother.” She retorted.

We stood out there talking and at times arguing as I repeatedly confessed my love to her. Each time she shot me down. Although she drove two hours and had been there for less than an hour, mom said she had to leave. I walked with her to her car then jokingly asked, “any chance I can have the pictures?” Mom smiled as she said, “I will keep them at the house for you.” I stood beside the car and told her I loved her. She just smiled then I softly said, “Ann… I love you.”

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