The Pictures: Part 1

by Anonymous

It was June 1983, a hot summer day. I was fifteen. Mom was due home in fifteen minutes. My hands sweating and shaking, I loaded her brand new 35 mm camera with film then attached the telephoto lens, grabbed my athletic bag, threw in the camera then nonchalantly walked out the back door to the dry creek and walked up the creek to the fork then took the left.

Now deep in the woods, I grabbed my camouflage clothes and changed into them. I applied some black face paint then zipped up the bag and walked through the rest of the trees to the open field. I laid on my stomach as I slowly crawled almost 75 yards to a grouping of three trees.

On the backside of the largest tree were small boards nailed in the tree to be used to climb the tree. I quickly climbed until the steps stopped. Tree branch to tree branch is how I made it the rest of the way. Twenty five feet in the air, I slowly worked my way out on a tree branch where there was a rope tied higher that I slid down over me to protect me in case I fell. Now it was a waiting game.

A minute felt like an hour. Finally after over fifteen minutes, there she was. She slipped out of her house in a bikini and onto her deck lining the pool. She looked to the left then the right. There was no need to look straight ahead as it was nothing more than an empty field with a few trees. No one was around or so she thought. The sun was glistening off her body as I could tell she had already applied he tanning lotion.

Once more she looked left then right. Over to the area where a raft was laying against the wall, she plucked it up and carried it over to the pool. Once more she looked around. The fence was only three feet above the pool and she was sitting down by this time. There really was no need to look around, but she was the nervous type.

As I waited so many times before, she reached back and untied her bikini top then sat it on the deck. Her 34C breasts looked perfect. A doctor couldn’t have created breasts as nice as hers. She worked her bikini bottoms off and there it was, the most beautifully manicured pussy I had ever seen.

My hands trembling, I gently pulled out the camera, took off the lens covers, focused the camera and snapped my first picture. She laid on her stomach at first. As she floated around I zoomed in on her ass. Her legs spread slightly, I zoomed in to snap a few pics of her hairy pussy lips.

Fifteen minutes later she turned over. She slid her hands down her body like she was spreading out the lotion. Her nipples were hard as diamonds. Click… a picture was taken then another.

Now I had to wait until she was positioned just right. There was my shot, her vagina was pointing toward me with her legs spread. I was able to get the greatest close up shots of her amazing pussy. Twenty four pictures had been taken and now I had to wait for her to go back in the house so she wouldn’t see me.

As I waited in the tree, I realized that I had not considered how to develop the pictures. It was 1983, you couldn’t just print them off on your computer. You had to take them somewhere. But, there were stories that places wouldn’t develop the pictures if they were nude. Some stories even claimed if you tried to develop a nude photo they would call the cops and arrest you when you picked up the pictures.

I was very naive, which explains a lot of what happened to me at this time and going forward. I took the film and put it in a shoebox at the top of my closet. It was filled with other trinkets. It was a waiting game until I could figure out how to develop the film.

Over the next several years I heard of places that had developed nude photos, but when I took the film there, each time I chickened out. Each time I returned the film to the shoebox.

High school was finally over. I went away to college. After my first year, a friend and I loaded our vehicles as we drove to our apartment where we would live through the remainder of college. He was driving his truck and his mom was in the passenger side. It was dark and we were all tired. Mom and I were following him with my car loaded.

We could see their heads when we saw his mom’s head disappear. He later told us his mom was very tired and laid down across the seat. We unloaded our vehicles and worked until after midnight as everyone found a place to crash. The next day we finished up. Mom asked me if there was anything else at the house I needed, but I was good.

Over the next few weeks mom decided to clean up my room. I went in like a tornado grabbing stuff and leaving a mess behind. Mom even straightened up the closet. She went through boxes to consolidate items. She found a roll of film. She sat it aside. As mom cleaned up the area, she took the roll of film and sat it in a tray where she planned to get it developed for me. The tray filled with other items and once again the film sat there for several more years.

Now out of college, my girlfriend and I moved a few hours away and bought a nice house. Mom came over to help us get situated. She commented, I have to do the same at my house. When mom returned she did just that. She began cleaning, throwing away items and finding a place for others.

At the bottom of her tray was a roll of film. She had forgotten all about it and had to rack her brain to remember where the film came from. Oh yea, it came from my room. Mom put the film in her car as she had to do some shopping.

She dropped it off at a store then went shopping. The lady said it would be an hour, but mom took four before she returned. The woman handed her the developed pictures and gave her an odd look. Mom believed it was because she took four hours to return. It was odd she would get mad. Mom got in her car and began driving home down the interstate.

It was an area where you may drive a few miles before you saw another car. The pictures were beside her, so she grabbed them and opened it up. She pulled out the first picture and was shocked as she saw a woman nude laying on a raft, but you could only see her ass.

The next was another close up then one close up that seemed to show hairy pussy lips. What the hell mom thought as she grabbed pictures quicker and quicker. Now the woman was on her back. You could see her boobs and close ups of her vagina. Then there was a pic that wasn’t a close up.

She dropped the photos and ran partially off the road. Mom brought the car to a stop. Her heart racing as she grabbed the remainder of the photos. She looked through them and realized they were all photos of a naked woman laying out on a raft. Her heart sank as she also realized that naked woman was her!

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