The Perfect Size

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

The Perfect Size

“How did it go,” I’d heard his car pull into the drive, at the sink I stood when Ted came in through the kitchen door.

“About like all my dates,” Ted never had a steady girl but he did go out quite often, I had assumed, he wasn’t ready for a steady.

“And how is that,” demanding I waited with hands on hips, dressed of robe and panties, my lounging attire.

“Mom, it’s personal,” Ted wasn’t about to get away with this, this evening events were special of anyone’s life and I meant not, to be put off.

“Who would be better to talk to of such matters, than your Mom,” Ted did have a dejected look, about him.

“Mom, it’s embarrassing,” Ted wouldn’t look me in the eyes as I was clearly, glaring at him.

“Ted, you are obviously upset and you are not going to send your Mom off to bed to worry, all night long.

“Mom, it’s personal, just let it slid,” what Mom would allow that to happen.

“Ted! I’m your mother and you know, that is not going to happen. Would like to join me in a cup of coffee,” pouring a cup of coffee I sat at the table, Ted nodding no.

“Why did she freak out,” in my mind I couldn’t imagine of my beautiful son, what could have done to make her, act so.

“Mom, it’s personal,” I really wasn’t playing dumb, the problem just wasn’t clear of my mind.

“What could be so personal, you can’t tell your Mom,” my tone demanded to know.

“The size, Mom,” the size, it finally hit me.

“I want to see,” a mother worries.

“Mom, I just can’t haul it out and show you!”

“Why not!”

“You’re my mother!”

“I’m your mother, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.”

“Not since I’ve grown, you haven’t!”

“Perhaps it’s time I did, take another look. Stand up, Mommy will do the hauling out,” I didn’t mean to be put off, Ted could see and stood as I requested doing the hauling out.

“It doesn’t look scary to me,” up into Ted’s eyes, he is a foot taller than I and in every good shape, any girl should love getting her hands on, my thoughts.

“It’s not hard, Mom,” Ted red faced I thought for a moment before untying my robe and letting fall to the flood, dressed of only my panties.

“You do have a nice piece of meat hanging but I see nothing to freak out over.”

“Mom, your tits are beautiful,” watched my son’s eyes travel the length of my body, lingering a bit on my dark haired pussy, covered only by the shear white panties, sure I saw a twinge of his cock.

“I know that, I’m the one who carries them around, all the time. I feel all the men eyes on me, even the Pastor looks me up and down, with hungry eyes,” knew the desired effect on Ted I wanted was taking place, with his cock thickening.

“Mom, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” hefting my tits of both hands for Ted’s viewing, I watched my son’s cock grow.

“You certainly take after your father,” I was wide eyed now, you would think Ted could turn a deeper red but he managed.

“I swear, you inherited an exact replica of your father’s cock,” kicking out of my slippers, I slipped down my panties, pulling all the way off, Ted’s eyes following my every move.

“You see this pussy,” made sure Ted focused his attention where I wanted, he certainly had my attention.

“This is the kind of pussy you need to be looking for, not those little tight ass girls, who can’t make a pussy bump in their jeans. All the talk about a woman with a tight pussies is nothing but a lot of horse shit. No woman wants to feel like she is being split apart. You need a pussy like your Mama’s, big, hot, wet and soft, do squeeze your cock as hard as you can, jacking off,” a no shake of Ted’s head was all I got, my hand on his cock, dropping to the floor of my knees.

“Tell me which feels the best,” first I bite Ted on the head of his cock, not so hard to break the skin.

“Mom!” Ted called out and pulled back but I had good grip on his cock and followed him a step back, kissed the head of his cock before opening my mouth to suck his cock gently and heard Ted's tone change, to call again.

“Mom,” knew my son was so excited he was about to cum. Any woman who can’t tell when a man is about to cum, who doesn’t feel the change of a cock’s twinge, is either very inexperienced or just too stupid to know, what is happening. All of Ted’s cum I swallowed, loving his cock doing so, looking up to watch his eyes. Ted had to lean his back of the kitchen counter.

“Now which do you think you want, a tight pussy or try some of your Mama’s pussy,” holding Ted’s eyes with mine, I waited.

“Mom, I just came.”

“Not to worry, Mommy will take care of that,” kissed Ted full on the lips, offering my tongue, Ted kissed back.

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