The Parking Garage

by Jessica (Texas)

I'm a 23 year old woman got a job at a law firm making no money but it was a job. I made copies got coffee help get court records things like that. Our firm got hired on a big case we would be working long hours. We worked for weeks on this case and his defense.

It was the Friday afternoon when we got told that our client defense plans changed so we all were told had to work late with a new plea before Monday hearing. Boy bid this stink i had plans to see my boyfriend after work go to dinner put on a cute outfit that hugged my curves but still looked professional. I called him told him the news I’m working late.

Well we worked until early Saturday morning about 1:30am we were all leaving the office when I noticed i forgot my leftovers from dinner so I went and got them from the office fridge. I took the elevator to the bottom floor had to walk across the street to a parking garage o had to park on the top floor Friday morning I’m kicking myself for not moving my car closer to the bottom floor.

All my coworkers had all ready left so I hurried to the parking garage elevator pressed the button waited for ever it seemed but finally doors opened i walked in went up to the top floor. It's spooky looking around the garage do I walked quickly to my car I was so happy to get to my car. I took out my keys but my remote car door opener didn't work.

I said dam batteries should have replaced them. I tried my key but it wasn't working something was blocking it looked like some kid put gum in my lock so I walked to the other side if my car I’m messing with my key that I didn't notice anyone walking up behind me.

I realized someone was walking up behind me too late i heard him growl don't turn around bitch as he puts what he tells me is a gun in my back scream bitch I kill ya. I start to tremble in fear panic tears start to roll down my face. I tell me take my purse has some money. He says what you think can buy your way out this? Bitch. Then I knew I was I serious trouble.

He grabbed me pulling me over towards a hallway then in a old security station at the parking garage. It’s so far in that I knew even if I did scream yell no one would hear me. As we walked into the office he threw me to the ground. Stay on floor bitch. I'm pleading don’t kill me. He then slapped the side of my head with the back of the gun. Shut up bitch.

I’m dazed my head is throbbing I can't really hear good with ringing in my ears. I'm sobbing. Then he says if I live or die it’s up to me white bitch understand he shouts in anger grabbing me by my hair as he puts the gun barrel across my mouth I got plans bitch understand the me you understand. I shake my head up and down, as my vision come clear I see him in the shadows of light he’s a big man football player looking huge hands bald head craziness in his eyes.

Ok bitch now let's see what ya gonna do now bitch as he unbuttoned his pants. I knew I was in trouble. Ok bitch you gonna suck my cock hear this will decide if I kill ya as he starts laughing. He drags me up against the wall tells me on my knees I don't do it fast enough so he strikes me upside my head now cunt as he shouts at me.

That hit hurt so much as I look up, he had pulled out his cock I was in disbelief how huge he is. The cock was a darker color skin then the rest of him his cock was a big as my wrist ten inches or more. He stood there proudly saying yeah baby as he held it out now yelling what the fuck cunt lets got don't have all day as he says come on.

I take his huge tool in my hand it barely can grab it’s so fat i am in shock I’m doing this I put his meat in my mouth. He says yes whore suck dat cock do good may live dat pussy be. I feel like such a slut now, if I do a good job sucking him he leaves. I close my eyes as I suck him off I feel him growing larger and longer. Yeah bitch do it good whore.

Then he grabbed my head and pushed it up against the wall I had nowhere to move. Now he's in control as he fucks my mouth pushing his balls to my chin the huge ball hit me as I can't breathe. I hear him saying yes yes feel his cock swell then he shoots his cum down my throat as he goes limp he pulled out.

I feel shame because of he turned me into his whore I never did this before made me swallow his load of cum. Yeah dat was good saved from me killing ya maybe bitch, now he pulls me over to the desk in the room he says undress whore. I'm feeling shame I do what he tells me. Yesh dat a whore. I'm naked as he looks me up and down, my nipples are hard from the cold he noticed them big round ones.

He plays with my breasts as he puts two fingers up my cunt his thumb against my clit. Yeah dat right make dat little pussy mine. I start to plead I did what you wanted please no pussy please. He says what with no pussy whore did good sucking dis. I watch him suck my breasts my nice 36c breasts. He then turns me around bends me over the desk my nice ass in the air.

Yeah pussy or ass bitch I thought my ordeal was over I turned my head he showed his cock getting hard like a balloon being inflated it looked so much thicker now. He says pussy or ass. I tell him ass. I hear him say yeah. Yes no pussy please as I beg him to fuck my ass i say can't get pregnant that way big mistake. He says yeah afraid me knocking ya up whore. Yeah young whore as I feel his monster size cock head split my pussy lips as he rams it deep in me.

He is fucking me widely from behind. I tried to bit my lip not to moan or scream with pleasure but his cock gag me in a trance of different feelings I’m so full. He say yes yes oh as every thrust goes deeper. I feel like such a shut now because I do anything for this cock to stay inside me as I buck towards him as he thrusts his tool is swelling as I start to cum.

I let out a loud scream as the waves of pleasure start at my clit one cum more powerful than the last. Then he screams and I feel his evil seed of baby making juice shoot deep inside as my pussy contracted around his huge cock helpless as his sperm floods my womb. His cock shot like a fire hose as my pulsating pussy milks his monstrous cock.

He pulls out and then rams up my ass as it tears pain but pleasure confused his tool of the devil as I moan. Feeling dirty never let any touch her ass but her rapist made her feel things she never had before. Then he pulls out of her ass. He turns her on her back legs over his broad shoulders.

He rubs his cock head on her clit as she is now painting like a dog. His big hands cover her breasts. Oh No it’s true I’m a slut. Now exhausted from the savage fucking. She can't believe he's still so hard. He says whore take my cock and slid it in my pussy bitch dis my pussy now here.

I reach down grab his cock and slip it in me. He goes crazy fucking me his huge balls slap my ass he’s all the way in me. My cums are massive and shake uncontrollable glob of thick white cum cover his cock and balls. One last shot of baby making juice in her unprotected pussy no birth control just the black cock control.

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