The Office

by Anonymous

I've been working in a small office now for a little over a year i m 25 fit 34dd tits, my boss and i get along great, one morning he asked me into his office and i took my note pad and went in.

He needed me to do some things that day which were pretty routine, he got up and came around the desk that morning and smiled after and we chatted for a few minutes about different things he s 30 years old and handsome.

He asked if i was seeing anybody and i smiled and said no at the moment, he got up and walked around to the door and made sure it was closed and as he came back he leaned over behind me and he kissed my neck as he started to massage my tits.

I whispered we shouldn't as he kept going i was getting hot and it felt nice, he whispered to me to suck his cock for him as he slide it out of his pants, I opened my mouth as he slid his 9" dick in my mouth and i started sucking there on the chair.

After he was hard he pulled out and i stood up and i pulled my dress up and he slid my panties down and i kicked them off and i leaned over the desk i was hot and wet already as i felt him slid his dick into me slowly.

He was deep inside and he started fucking me as he did i moaned and looked back as he smiled, i wanted him and after a bit i felt him swell and push deep and felt his flood of hot sperm deep inside of me, i came hard on him.

After he pulled out i turned to him and we kissed, as he held me he asked if i wanted to do this every day and i said yes and that i d be more ready for him.

The next morning when he called me in i wasn't wearing panties and after i took my notes i smiled at him and went around the desk and i lifted my dress up, he smiled as he seen me without panties and i laid across the desk as he got up and i spread for him and he slid into me and started fucking as i smiled and moaned.

He soon was cumming in me and he kissed me and asked if i would mind if a client and him had sex with me later and i said i d do it with a smile. Later that day after there meeting he called me in and closed the door.

He smiled as he had me undress completely for them, I left my thigh highs on as i got on my knees soon i was sucking here dicks hard, after they were hard his client had me bend over the desk and i felt him push into my ass it hurt at first and he kept going till he was in and he started fucking me.

It was hot and i loved it and then he pushed in and started unloading a huge load of sperm deep inside of my ass it was hot and felt great after he finished, he pulled out and my boss came up and pushed his dick into my pussy and started fucking me.

He was cumming inside of me filling my pussy up, after he pulled out sat down as he smiled and told me how good i was, from then on i have enjoyed sex with him.

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