The Not So Gay Factor

by Dale (NV)

Jared had met Dan a few months before. Jared was twenty and Dan was fifty-eight and divorced. Dan was a nice enough guy, sort of typical, overweight and easy going.

Jared lived close by and the two of them had sort of started to become friends.

Jared had been surprised when Dan had sort of put the moves on him.

He said that he wasn’t gay, but that he enjoyed male companionship just because it was easier and less complicated. Jared found himself sort of intrigued and curious.

Enough that he had gotten naked with Dan and they had enjoyed some mutual masturbation.

Jared had never done anything like that with another guy before, but it had been fun and different.

So he enjoyed doing that with Dan several times. Then Dan told him how he liked to have another guy give it to him in the butt. Jared ad been hesitant, but he had butt fucked Dan.

It had not been an unenjoyable experience, sticking his hard dick into Dan’s butt and fucking him.

So after that he would go over to Dan’s place and they would lounge around his place naked, which Jared liked doing, and he would fuck Dan.

He never had a problem in getting an erection with him. He would stick his hard dick into Dan’s fat ass and fuck him.

Sometimes Dan would give him a blow job. He liked sucking dick. Jared had tried it and managed to give Dan a few blow jobs.

He never liked how the cum tasted, but found it very exciting to have Dan’s short thick erection ejaculating in his mouth.

Then Dan had wanted to fuck him, and Jared had gone along with the request, curious about what that might be like.

He was surprised by how unbelievably stimulating it as to feel Dan’s short thick penis shoved into his butt hole.

Dan would start fucking him and grunt like a pig while he was doing that, telling him like he always did how good that felt.

Jared found the interaction making his boner absolutely rigid, and he would start ejaculating while he was being fucked. It was so incredible to have that happen.

This had gone on for about four months, and, as Jared discovered, it was kind of fun fucking with other guys. He didn’t think of himself as being gay, but he sure liked it.

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