The New Reparation Act

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Every white woman in American was aware of the Negro Reparation Act of 2013, requiring each white women . . that is over the age of 17 . . to submit herself for registration . . under this Act . . that would allow her to be scheduled for the required 100 breedings by any Negro man . . well boys too! The Government was also monitoring these breeding to ensure the 80% requirement of Interracial Births was being met . . to ensure the program’s success as defined by The League of The African Brotherhood!

Of course not everyone in America was anxious or happy about this new Act . . of course not the white husbands . . but the Government was reporting . . on all News Channels that they were happy with the overwhelming number of white woman coming forward . . freely volunteering to be bred . . some actually were registering under multiple names . . to get bred what . . 200 or 300 times . . shit what were the white woman after?

“Bob,” Susan told me, “Don’t be mad honey . . I mean it is the law that I submit for my 100 Black Breeding’s . . and that I have to . . I mean I don’t want to sweetheart . . but I have to also stop my prescription for Birth Control Pills . . I have to try to do my part honey. The Reparation Act demands that every white woman must embrace their breeding’s with a mission . . one that follows that stated Government Mission . . one that shifts the racial demographics of America . . one white womb at a time . . shit Bob . . I need to ensure each Black Man now has a better life . . one that allows for their proper impregnation of all white women . . because it is the new natural order . . it’s the new law . . every white woman has this duty . . especially me . . remember my family owned slaves before the Civil War sweetheart!”

“I understand sweetie,” I replied, “but why do they have to breed you here . . in our house . . our home . . and why do I have service them too! They can’t get me pregnant . . I can only suck their big black cocks . . preparing them for you my love!” I would think they could get their own cocks hard to enjoy . . I mean to embrace the Act!”

“Bob,” Susan replied, “Just think of it this away . . you will be here . . with me to ensure I am safe . . and you will get to know each African Brother before . . hell even while they are breeding me! Think of it this way Bob . . when they impregnate me . . it will be sort of . . well think of it like it was really your cock . . pumping that African Sperm into my cervix . . except honey . . well you are very aware Bob . . that you tiny penis . . could never reach my cervix . . so try to think of their giant black cocks . . doing you a favor . . you know . . sort of helping their disadvantaged white bother!”

SO it began . . with about 4 to 5 Black Men coming to our home each day . . I would invite them in . . they would enter and quickly strip down . . get nude so they could breed Susan. Most of them would require me to suck their large black cocks and some even got tired waiting their “breeding turn” and would bend me over the arm of the couch . . and just start fucking me there . . right there in our living room! Once that started too often Susan had the rest of the day off because these black monsters became most interested in fucking a cute little white gurl . . and talking shit to her . . well me during the entire fucking . . or as they called it . . my breeding!

Even Susan was amazed at the number of Black Men coming to breed her . . and several of them asked to see her Ovulation Chart . . the chart that shows when she is most fertile . . like they want to make sure she would conceive from their breeding of her! One man arrived saying he was coordinating with several Black Men from his church and was telling Susan she would have to begin using a Femometer . . a new software program Fertility Tracker . . so he could ensure the exact day she would be Ovulating . . producing her egg or eggs!

This was really something . . shit so many of the men just wanted to fuck Susan . . a white lady . . and didn’t act like they cared if she was pretty . . which Susan is . . or if she was fit . . and yes Susan is fit . . but with the sizable ass cheeks . . you know . . the large ass the Black Men all want on their bitches!

Finally after the second month I thought to ask Susan how close she was to her 100th breeding . . and too my amazement . . she told me she had never started counting the men . . hell she thought I would be keeping track of her breeders! So I called the Government Office of Negro Reparation to ask them where my Susan was on her required breeding count . . against agreed to commitment. I was again shocked to find out that that number is confidential . . you know secret . . and it was only made available to the President of The African Brotherhood upon his request! The man that I was speaking with . . he tried to assure me that all would be ok . . that The African Brotherhood would make sure that the white women of America were well cared for . . you know well taken care of . . and that I shouldn’t be concerned!

Not giving up I called the toll free number to the Office of The African Brotherhood . . and again to my surprise . . that gentlemen shared the following:

“His African Brothers were to call in and to provide their Reparation Number along with the Tracking Number and the white whore they have bred . . sorry . . I meant to say . . the white woman they had fuck . . oh shit . . come on . . the whores they have bred! But since the begin of this program . . well lets just say . . that well my African Brothers . . they haven’t been doing their part very well . . I mean they are fucking the white whores sure enough . . but . . well hell only about 100 of the over 1 million African Brothers have even bothered to call in the report anything! So . . my little white boi . . Since you have provide your wife’s Tracking Number . . well I have nothing I can share . . none of her breeders have every reported back! SOOOOO . . that means that until our system gets up and running . . well for the Official Record . . your wife . . so far hasn’t been bred by any African Brothers . . none . . so she had better get busy and submit to any and every Black Man that comes to your door!

“Well shit,” . . “I told this man . . I know there has been well over 100 Black Men that have already come to our house . . I mean I know how many times I have cleaned my wife’s cum drenched pussy . . hell maybe I could report back into you after each African Brothers visits us!” I asked him.

“Well let me ask you just two questions little white gurl . . how many of my African Brothers have you sucked off . . making them cum with your mouth? How many of my African Brothers have fucked you little gurl pussy . . yes your pussy sweetie?” He so drilled me!

“Well . . I . . uh yes . . I do suck some of the Black Men cocks . . well of course some of them fuck me . . you know . . they fuck my . .” I tired but he didn’t let me finish!

“So your little gurl pussy is side tracking my African Brothers . . you sissy gurl . . hell they are to fuck your white wife . . why are you getting in her way . . no wonder you’re getting so many of my African Brothers . . they love to punish the white boi gurl just as much . . you know on the down low . . hell even more than breeding the white whores . . you slut! So keep you pants on and stay out of the way bitch!” He yelled at me.

“But sir,” I replied, “your African Brothers are demanding that I suck their cock . . you know to get them hard . . so they can breed Susan. What am I do tell them . . no I won’t suck those beautiful black cocks . . I mean can I tell them no . . really?”

“Bob,” He yelled again, “I understand the dilemma you’re in sweetie . . having a sweet white sissy boi mouth and your sweet little gurl pussy . . hell gurl . . if I lived closer . . I would come fuck you myself. You just have to deal with the fact that for you to enjoy those African Brothers’ big black cock . . those monster cock sweet boi . . well you and your whore wife are going to have to STOP WORRYING about the number of African Brothers coming through and just enjoy . . yes spread your legs and enjoy those excellent breedings . . oh yes for you and your wife little boi . . you understand . . now shut the fuck up . . and don’t call back bitch!

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