The New Neighbors: Part 3

by Keith Wilson (Myrtle Beach, SC)

It didn't take long for Jeff to want to check and see if I'd had a chance to talk to Kathy. And he also brought up the pictures I had seen of his wife with other guys and girls and said he guessed I'd already figured out they were into the swinger lifestyle and that Sherry was bi.

Then said he guessed there wasn't a lot of that in a little town like ours? I told him no most people there were pretty conservative. That if you were into stuff like that there were a couple of larger cities within an hours drive that had some places. His eyes kind of lit up and he asked how I knew?

I told him we'd looked around them but didn't give any details. And before he could ask anything else I told him I'd be careful who I told about being into swinging around there though or about his wife being bi. And he understood and said they'd figured that. And I just casually slipped in that there were hardly any people that knew Kathy was bi. His eyes lit up and he shocked me when he said well you know my daughter Sara's bi and Kathy could probably be a good teacher for her.

I was thinking oh Kathy and I both would love to teach that little girl all kinds of things. But in a way, I really wondered if that wasn't what he was thinking too. He kind of hinted about maybe us getting together sometime and swapping partners and the wives could hook-up. But It might be a while because he'd been transferred there as a step toward a major promotion in his company. And apparently, he was having to revamp the entire local office. As well as having to meet with associates from other offices in the region. So he was under a lot of stress and away from home a lot.

I didn't see or hear from him for several days. But we saw Sara and saw a lot of her. Her bedroom was right across from ours and her window was glass from floor to ceiling and she was undressing right in front of the window with all the lights on. And she stayed nude for quite a while. Damn, I wanted to eat right through the glass and lick that firm young body from head to toe. One night we left the lights on and Kathy had on a garter & stockings and was on her knees sucking my cock. We knew she was watching but didn't let on that we knew. But the whole time I was imagining it was her hot little lips wrapped around my big cock.

But we tried not to do this too often though I'd loved to have done it every night. Because anyone else in there house looking out the window could see us too. But it didn't stop her little show's and they got increasingly bolder. And Kathy and I both were so hot for her. We were both fantasizing all the things we wanted to do with her. We weren't even considering doing anything with her parents we just wanted there hot little girl.

We were about to get a surprise though when one night we hear a knock on the back door. We were downstairs taking some pictures and I was wearing silk boxers with big lips on the crotch. And Kathy was wearing a black garter and silk stockings with a totally see-thru housecoat. She had on dark red lipstick & nail polish and dark eye shadow and a pair of 4" heels making her over 6' tall. She looked hot as hell.

I put on a robe and answered the door and it was Jeff. He came in and said he'd come over to invite us to a cookout that weekend. He said he decided they were going to try and take a day to relax. It was about that time Kathy flushed the toilet and came into the kitchen. Her robe didn't have a belt or any buttons and was wide open exposing her nice big tits and huge puffy aureolas her hot fiery red pussy & long sexy legs. I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. She told him she didn't know we had company.

But she was calm as could be and made no effort to cover-up. She turned opened the fridge and bent way over making sure he got a good look at her sexy ass and got a beer then ask if we wanted one and I said sure so she got 2 more. But he quickly said no I can't drink alcohol. So she put it back making sure to lean way over standing sideways so he could see her big tits hanging down.

I think he could tell we were kind of surprised by his sudden reaction to the offer of a beer so he explained he'd been under a lot of stress and a Dr had put him on some medicine. But had told him not to drink alcohol with it. Kathy said well I know ways to relieve stress that usually get started after alcohol and laughed. He said he wished it was an option that Sherry had been to stressed and he hated to say he probably couldn't get up to the plate if she was but he was sure things would calm down soon.

She laughed and pointed to his sweat pants and told him it looked like he was ready to hit a home run. He said yea he'd noticed that but didn't want to say anything. She took him by the hand and led him to the great room. She took off her housecoat and pulled down his sweatpants. At first, she let him suck her tits for a while. Then put his cock between them while she squeezed them together. Finally, she went down and started sucking his cock for him. He started moaning and after a few minutes said she was the best fucking cock sucker he'd ever seen. And it freaked us both out when he said she was going to have to teach Sara how to suck cock like that before she started dating.

I was so turned on by then I moved in behind Kathy and started to fuck her while she sucked Jeff off and he asked if Kathy had been fucked by more than 2 guys at once? So I told him a few times and that she liked having a guy in her pussy and ass at the same time while she sucked off 1 or 2 other guys. And that the most guys she'd had at once were about 12. He seemed to get turned on by that and said Sherry was into gangbangs.

We ended up both shooting off all over my wife's face and tits and watching her eat the cum. He hung around a while asking more about our experience swinging and was surprised we'd gone adult motels and adult bookstores with gloryholes and really surprised we'd gone to an adult theater when we were 17 and Kathy took off her dress and gave several strangers blowjobs while I fucked her.

We went to the cookout but he had coworkers drop by so it wasn't the break he expected. And they had kids Sara's age so she got stuck with them. But she did get to tell Kathy she couldn't wait until we could get together some time without so many people around. And told Kathy how hot she thought she was. Kathy asked about me? And Sara said I looked like a giant piece of hard candy. Then said she bet I stayed hard and she'd love to lick every inch of me. This little girl was not shy by any means.

So we just couldn't wait for her to get a taste of us. But that's another story.

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