The New Neighbors: Part 2

by Keith Wilson (Myrtle Beach, SC)

We only saw our new neighbors in passing the next few days. Well in a way. You see The Daughter Sara's bedroom was directly across from ours and like our's had a huge window from floor to ceiling. And she would leave her lights on and undress right in front of the window. And walk around nude. So Kathy and I couldn't resist and began doing the same.

Then one night she sat on the edge of her bed and started to play with her tit and then her pussy and soon had a dildo out fucking herself and I started jerking off. I called for Kathy and she came in and started sucking my cock for me. Soon I'd shot a hot load all over her face and tits. She stood up and let Sara watch her lick some of my cum off of her tits then pointed to Sara and back at her tits like she wanted Sara and Sara stuck her tongue out and acted like she was lifting an imaginary tit and licking it.

Then she pointed to me and got on her knees and pretended to be sucking my cock. My cock was getting rock hard again. Damn, I was so hot for this girl. And when came home a few days later in a little cheerleader outfit that did get me hot. She hadn't been in town any time and was her first year in this high school and made cheerleader plus I'd heard a couple of young boys talking about how all the guys were hot for her and all the popular girls wanted to be friends with her. So she was doing great. Hell by her next year there she'd own the school.

But I really wanted to bend her over and fuck her in that cheerleader outfit. I wanted to fuck her mom to but I to fuck the hot little daughter big time. But It seemed other things might happen first. That same night we were downstairs and we're going to take some pictures. I'm in a pair of silk boxers with big lips on them over the crotch. Kathy's wearing a black garter belt and sheer stockings, 4" black spike heels and a totally see-through housecoat. And she's wearing red nail polish and lipstick and dark eyeshadow.

And there's a knock at the back door and hardly anyone knocks on my back door. So Kathy goes into the bathroom and I throw on a robe and go to the door. It's Jeff he'd come over to thank us again for our help and to invite us over to his house for a cookout that weekend. I thank him and tell him I'm sure it will be fine and about that time Kathy flushes the toilet and walks in with her housecoat wide open. Exposing those firm young tits and fiery red pussy to this 45 yo man who'd already been drooling over her. And she was so cool she made no attempt what so ever to close it. Which didn't matter under the bright kitchen lights you could see right through the ultra-thin material.

His eyes explored her body as he asked about the cookout and she said it sounded like fun. He wasn't being shy about checking her out. She turned and opened the fridge bending way over pulling out a beer and at the same time letting him get a really good look at her sexy ass. Then as she was about halfway up ask if anyone else wanted one I said sure grab a couple more. So she got two more and as she went to hand Jeff one he got ready to take it he said no he couldn't and said it kind of abruptly so Kathy handed me mine and went to put his back. Making sure to bend way over sideways this time so he'd see those big tits hanging down.

I think he sensed us noticing his reaction to her offering the beer and didn't want us getting the wrong impression. And said what it was is he was under a lot of stress with the move and his new job and trying to sell his old house. And his a Dr here had put him on anti-depressants and told him not to touch alcohol. Kathy said that was OK and said she knew a way to relieve stress but she was sure Sherry had tried that and laughed. And Jeff said well actually she's stressed too and I guess I was too because I couldn't get up to the plate if you know what I mean? Then said not to be too personal.

Kathy laughed and said well it looks like you're ready to hit a home run right now and I look down and his sweat pants are sticking out like a tent. She takes him by the hand and leads him into the great room and pulls his pants down before taking her housecoat off. She has him sit on the couch and first she puts her tits in his face for a while. Then wraps them around his cock and lets him fuck her tits. Then she starts sucking his cock and he's moaning like crazy. He looks at me and goes damn dude she's the best fucking cocksucker I've ever had in my life. And I'm getting turned on as hell.

I move in behind Kathy and ease my big dick in her tight little cunt and start fucking her. At first slow and then faster and faster and when I start to really pound my cock in my hot little wife's pussy. Jeff starts listening to her moaning and is getting turned on and starts talking about how bad he wanted to fuck her that first day he saw her all wet and how he'd fantasized about her several times when he was fucking his wife. When Kathy had an orgasm he couldn't hold back and shot a load down her throat. I was still fucking the hell out of her and she just kept on sucking him off.

He continued to talk about the fantasies he'd had and said he'd thought about fucking her. And asked if she liked taking it in the ass? When she said sure especially if I have a big dick in my pussy at the same time. She said he started getting hard again then and he started talking about gangbangs and things like that. Then he asked if she was bi and she said she was and as she started really going down on him again. He started talking about how much he liked seeing two women together. Then about maybe someday seeing Kathy and Sherry together. Then he shocked us both when he said his daughter Sara was Bi and Kathy wasn't a whole lot older. That he wasn't sure what her age range was. But what a girl like Kathy would be a great teacher in her younger years.

I will have to say both of us were blown away by that comment. But he had no idea his little girl was already making a play for both of us and was about to jump in with both feet. Soon he'd shot another load as had I and Kathy had a second orgasm. He didn't stay long since it was getting late. But we stayed up for quite a while. We went to the cookout that weekend but nothing much happened because some of his co-workers had shown up unexpected so he had to invite them. And they had kids so Sara was stuck with them. But she did get to talk to Kathy once and said she'd enjoyed seeing us in our room and us watching her. And told her she wished she could have been in the room with us. About then someone walked up so they went separate ways.

She may have been young but she was motivated. A few nights later Kathy and I went out to the pool we didn't turn the lights on as we were nude except for the towels we had around us going out. And it was a full moon but no one could see us from the street. We saw the neighbor's car leave earlier but at this point even if they did see us we didn't expect it to be a big deal. Though once in the pool it would be hard to see us anyway.

Kathy was laid back and I was sucking on one of her tits and all of a sudden we hear a female voice ask if they can join us? Naturally, it scared the crap out of us. But we look up and there's Sara stepping in the pool buck naked. Rubbing her pussy and telling us how much she,s been thinking about this. She comes over to us and gets between us. We wasted no time in taking her firm 32B tits in our mouths and sucking on them and as Kathy played with her pussy I played with her nice round ass. She had one hand wrapped around my cock and the other between my wife's legs.

The pool was fun but I knew we were going to need a big bed or at least a carpeted floor. The three of us ran to the house totally nude and went straight to the bedroom. I ate Sara's pussy as she sucked Kathy's tits, They got in a 69 and I just felt them off. Then Finally I felt Sara's hot little mouth wrapped around my thick cock. And she was sucking me like a pro. It was obvious she had more than just a little experience sucking cock and it had me wondering where. But she was damn good at it and Kathy said the same about her skill at eating pussy.

It turned out her parents were going to be gone all night and we're staying at a local hotel were friends from Chicago were staying. My guess someone they swapped with. But we tried every possible thing we could with 2 girls and 1 guy but when it came to fucking her and I went to put on a condom it surprised me when she said not to worry that her dad had taken her to get birth control pills a few years earlier. Before he ever and she stopped. And Kathy said before he fucked you? And Sara said yea but don't let him know I told you. We promised we wouldn't.

But She was was one the best fucks ever. Her pussy was so damn tight and it turned out when she got off it was the 1st orgasm she'd ever had. With a guy or a girl, but we had a fantastic night with her. An would have many more 3-somes, and 1 on 1 with me and Kathy. And her parents knew about it and were cool with it. We had a few more 3- somes with Jeff on the fly but for some reason his wife never wanted to swap and he told her about the first 3-some and he said they'd done that before both her and him. But something was strange.

I'm really wondering if maybe he oversold Kathy to her and with his daughter being with us too. But Sara said her mom agreed Kathy and I could be good for her. and I got the real impression her dad had been trying to have Sherry have sex with her daughter to teach her and she didn't want to. And he was having sex with her and she wasn't happy with that. But he agreed to stop if we were hooking up with her since we were experienced but closer to her age. And we were cool with that and so was she.

Hell, I could get into that kind of teaching for a career. Does anyone have any hot teen girl who needs real-life sex education before they start dating a bunch of hooligans? Give us a call.

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