The New Neighbors: Part 1

by Keith Wilson (Myrtle Beach, SC)

We live in a small city so have to keep our swinger lifestyle to ourselves. We, gotten married at 17 and were now in our late 20,s. We always went out of town to hook-up with couples we met through swinger magazines. ( was the 70's before computers ) We also would go to out of town adult bookstores with glory-holes and adult theaters where I'd share my hot wife 5-10, 34C-22-34 with long red hair and very beautiful.

And we'd go around to stores and other places where she could expose herself to strangers. But make it look accidental. But around home we pretty much stuck to only having sex with a few of my friends. Or occasionally if a repairman or someone like that from out of town came to the house she might try and expose herself to them. Or even seduce them, giving them the best blowjob or fuck of their life.

Our house though in the city was in a secluded spot with woods on one side and behind it and a house that had been empty for about 18 mos on the other side. So our backyard was pretty secluded and my wife liked to dress more comfortable when she was out there. Plus there were a few young boys in the neighborhood who'd ride there bikes up to the driveway next door so they could see her or go down in the woods and spy on her. Thinking she didn't know they were there.

This day she was wearing a pair of really short loos fitting shorts where her ass was hanging out of and no panties. If she stooped down you could see her fiery red bush and she was wearing a really skimpy tube top that at the slightest movement made her tits pop out. So if she saw the boys watching her she'd bend over and start pulling up weeds and let her tits pop out letting them see them hanging down. Then she'd stand up put the weeds in the bag and take her gloves off then pull her top up. Then she'd stoop down to get her gloves with her legs open and let them see her pussy. We'd usually go in an fuck like crazy as we fantasized her fucking and sucking all those young boys at one. Or one of them sucking my cock while I watched the others taking care of my hot little bride.

But we got a surprise when a moving truck backed in the driveway next door. And Since the new owners hadn't arrived yet she figured she'd have some fun since these guys were from out of town. And got in a spot in the back where they could see her but you couldn't see her from the street. She'd soon let her tits " accidentally" fall out. Only now she'd leave them out for a while. She'd bent over to show off her ass and stooped and exposed her pussy. And by now they knew it was intentional.

So for a finale she took off her top and shorts and picked up a big water jug with a handle and spout held it high and poured the water out letting it cascade over her body. As she was in this seductive pose. And looking straight at them.I'm sure they wanted to just come to jump her bones and if out of town we'd have invited them. But I'm kind of an unusually large guy and them being on the clock they thought better of it.

All of a sudden we see the guys going back to work and she pulls her shorts back up and this young girl walks up on the driveway just in time to see her right before she covers her pussy. And the girl pauses and looks back down the driveway then back at Kathy just in time to watch her put her top on. She gives her a huge smile and says hi neighbor looks down the driveway again looks back and says my names Sara, We'll have to talk. And by the way you have a smokin hot body. Kathy replies, I'm Kathy thanks and you're pretty hot too.

The girl looks back again an gives a brief wave leaving my wife and I to assume her parents were coming. Kathy was going to try and go in before they saw her because the water had soaked through her hot little outfit. But there they were and the husband as soon as he saw us headed over to introduce himself his wife barely looked over and just waved and said hi. He reached out his hand looking in my eyes and said hi I'm Jeff.

But when he turned to Kathy his demeanor changed. He reached his hand out and then almost dropped it as his eyes moved over her wet body, able to see right through her white top and shorts and easily see her huge puffy aureolas and her bushy red pussy. And those firm tits. He caught himself and shook her hand and said it was a pleasure to meet her. And said it looked like she got caught in some water asking if she fell in the pool?

But with her hair dry, I jumped in and said no It was my fault. We were messing around she was getting ready to fill the water bucket and tried to spray me with the hose and I got it away from her and sprayed her back. He didn't say anything but the look on his face told me he was glad I did. He said they had moved from Chicago and had pretty much bought the house sight unseen. hoping for a little privacy and some friendly neighbors and it looked like they'd hit the jackpot as his eyes went back up and down over my wife's body.

He said the only problem with the move was the movers were 2 days late getting there with their stuff so they only had until Monday to have things ready. Because he started work and Sara started school.

I told him we'd be glad to help in any way we could. He said he hated to ask his neighbors he'd just met for help right off the bat. But it would be a lifesaver. And told us they really couldn't do anything until the guy finished unloading. So maybe we could get started in the morning. They were staying in the motel another night and would start out fresh. Since they were going to hang around until the movers were finished I suggested They come over in an hour and we'd order a pizza and just hang out? Jeff agreed as long as he paid since we had offered free labor.

We showered and changed and Kathy changed into a more respectable pair of shorts and a top that showed off just a little cleavage. With a bra that pressed her tits together and up making them look even bigger. Kathy had gone into the bedroom for something and ran into the daughter Sara in the hall who was going to the bathroom. And Sara stopped her and told her she thought she had an amazing body. She only wish she could have seen her a little closer.

And before Kathy said anything Sara said maybe one night when my parents are gone we could swim nude in your pool. Kathy knew she should have said no or something. But this young girls body looked so inviting. She couldn't just imagine her nude in the pool her firm young breast that were a very nice size for her slim build. And her long blonde hair and blue eyes made her look like a barbie doll. Kathy said as it came out of her mouth she couldn't believe she'd ask it. When she ask Sara if she was Bi? But Sara just smiled and said you don't think I'd be hitting on you if I wasn't do you?

Then got a big grin and ask If Kathy was asking for me? Because she'd love to do me. But only if it was ok with Kathy. We had a good dinner and got to know a little more about our neighbors. And around 9:00 they headed to their hotel. And Kathy and I fucked our brains out thinking about their hottssie totsie little daughter. Who I still get a boner every time I think of.

We helped them get things set up the next day. And after everthing was pretty much done the girls went to the store and Jeff had me help him get this real heavy wooden box with a lock on it from the garage and take it to the bedroom. He sat it beside a wooden filing cabinet that locked I'd seen him put porn mags & tapes in and a few sex toys. So I was 95% sure he had nude pics of Sherry in the box.

Sure enough, he opened the box and there were photo albums. And he said you have to keep this between us. As he opens the album and is showing me photos of his wife in sexy lingerie. And as it goes on totally nude. Then her sucking his cock and him fucking her. Then her with about 4-5 guys. And a few with other women. And she didn't look bad. she looked to be about 34-35 maybe 34B-26-36 125 lb 5-6.

After looking at the pics he said he'd got a little peek at Kathy the 1st day they were there and she looked good but I'd seen a lot more of Sherry. An ask if maybe he could see more of Kathy? Even if only pictures? I told him I'd have to talk to her but I'd see what I could do.

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