The New House

by Anonymous

Jim and his mother were looking at what was now officially their new house. He was still living at home while he attended a local college. He had and his mother had always had a very good relationship, so it was a good arrangement, and now she had just bought a new home that they were preparing to move into.

All of the rooms were quite spacious compared to the old house, and were all still empty of course, and his mom was definitely thinking of getting some new furniture.

“Isn’t this wonderful!” she said in a pleased fashion.

“Yeah,” Jim agreed, thinking how nice it really was.

“And no neighbors to worry about,” she mentioned. She grinned. “I feel like we should just run around naked in our new place!”

Jim grinned. “You mean … just take everything off?”

“Yes! And enjoy all of this!”

Jim didn’t quite know what to say.

“Do you want to?” she asked, wrinkling her nose at him.

“Uh …” Jim hesitated.

“Oh, come on,” she coaxed. Just once … just for fun.”

“I … I guess we could,” Jim said, surprised by his mom’s enthusiasm to do that.

It was summer so they were both wearing a shirt and shorts and flip-flops. It took them only a moment to shed their minimal attire, and suddenly they both were, naked together. His mother was a bit heavy set, but shapely and she had large full breasts which drooped just slightly with their weight, and two broad deep pink nipples curving over their rounded ends. Jim had glimpsed his mother naked on a few occasions, but to just be standing there naked with her was a new experience for both of them.

Jim blushed as he felt his penis responding in a way that he was unable to prevent. Very quickly it pushed up right in a prominent display.

“Oh, my!” his mother exclaimed, seeing his erection.

“Sorry about that,” he apologized, feeling quite self-conscious to be having a boner in front of his own mother like that.

“I feel flattered,” she told him and gave him an admiring smile. “I didn’t know if I could inspire you in that way.”

Jim grinned modestly. “Well … yeah.”

She stepped over and they shared a naked embrace, their smooth bare skin touching and coming together in a pleasing way, with Jim feeling her mammary fullness press against him as his penis pushed upward between them in a conspicuous fashion, as they did a small kiss on the lips.

“This is certainly a nice way to break in our new house,” she said happily.

Jim was surprised by how uninhibited his mother was being, and it was fun and exciting.

They did another small kiss on the lips.

“Maybe we should make love right here,” she said unreservedly. She grinned. “We are in the bedroom.”

Jim realized that was where they were, standing in one of the bedrooms.

She added in a soft whisper, “Nobody would know.”

She took a hold of his hands and she dropped down onto the soft carpeted floor and he did the same. In a moment more he was on top of her with his stiff penis pushed fully into his mom’s accommodatingly wet vagina.

“Oh … that feels so good!” she told him.

It felt good to Jim, too. It was incredible to have his erect penis actually in his mom’s vagina.

They looked at one another.

“It great doing this with you, mom,” Jim said as he began to slide his organ in and out of hers.

They spent the next five minutes leisurely fucking and savoring how wonderful it felt to share that physical intimacy as mother and son. Jim’s penis moved in and out, making small wet noises that combined with their breathing.

“Oh, honey … keep fucking me,” she said.

Jim had never heard his mother talk like this before, but he had never shared a sexual moment with her before, either.

“Oh … it feels great to fuck you,” he said back. And it did.

She moaned and started climaxing, tensing beneath him, her hands pushing down on his buttocks to ensure that his boner was as far into her as it could be. This excited Jim and suddenly he was ejaculating, his semen throbbing from his penis to fill her vagina.

When it was all finally over they laid there on the soft carpet recovering.

“I haven’t been fucked like that in years,” she sighed contentedly.

Jim smiled. “It felt so good to fuck you, mom.”

She looked at him a little unsure. “Did you like it?”


“Maybe we should just do this more often,” she suggested. “I mean, if you like fucking your mother.”

“I sure do,” Jim said truthfully. “I really do.”

They kissed.

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