The Nephew Passion

by Conner (FL)

Dale felt his uncle’s large hard dick fucking into his butt. He smiled as he sat there with his legs up and around his uncle’s hips to permissively allow the repeated penetrations.

Uncle Roger smiled back.

“It feels so good to be fucking you.” he said as he thrust his boner into his young nephew’s slender naked body.

“Oh, yeah … “ Dale breathed.

He loved being fucked by his uncle. That was his secret passion. No one knew of course that he had his uncle were doing this together. Certainly none of his friends knew. They would have thought that he was gay or a queer. Dale supposed that maybe he had that side to him. He wasn’t sure. He had started having sex with his uncle just two months before, when his uncle had introduced him to the joys of such male closeness.

His Uncle Roger was in his mid-fifties and had been divorced for some time. Dale had been surprised to discover his uncle liking such male companionship. Not that his uncle thought of himself as being gay, not as such. He simply found such male interactions pleasurable and fun as so many guys did. And now Dale had learned that they could be, as well.

Dale had gone over to his uncle’s house that morning and they had wasted no time in getting naked. It felt good being that way together, and more so to be having a boner with one another.

His uncle had sucked on his dick, doing so wetly and lovingly, and then Dale had sucked on his, still feeling both surprised and delighted to have his uncle’s penis in his mouth. His cock was handsomely large, pushing up from a hefty set of hairy balls, with veins bugling along its thick and well curved length, and the mushrooming head a lavender tinted shade of deep crimson. His own hard dick was thinner and shorter, smooth in its length with a bullet-shaped tip that was a blushing pink. Then slicking his erection with some lubrication, his uncle had proceeded to fuck him.

His uncle was boning him with a controlled excitement that was that was very much meant to prolong their mutual pleasure, with Uncle Roger savoring the tight grip of his nephew’s butt hole caressing his hard organ as he pushed it deep into the soft interior of Dale’s anal sheath each and every time.

Dale drew in a breath over being so wonderfully violated like this by his Uncle’s male anatomy, and thinking how lucky boys were that they could have sex both ways in giving and receiving, and that he very much had a male vagina to be so accommodating with. He was nineteen and he knew that guys did stuff like this together, and how they did it, but it was not until his uncle had actually shown him that he learned just how good this could be.

Dale savored just how unbelievably stimulating this was having his butt fucked and he craved his uncle’s hard cock and the rewarding male intimacy of the moment. He had begun wondering if any of his friends would ever be interested in sharing such a passionate male-closeness, and he had even started thinking that there was one or two that he wouldn’t mind being fucked by. Of course those were just teasing thoughts and really natural ones that many boys secretly entertained, especially after getting to experience the joys of male sex.

The interaction taking place in his butt was making his own boner rigid to the point that his penis was so stiff that it ached. He loved seeing his uncle looking down and seeing his dick being that way. The smooth bullet-shaped head was enormously pronounced, stretching the hole wide open and ready to expend his boy liquid. And then it was suddenly happening.

Dale gasped when it did, and the semen spewed from his hard dick in a way that he was excitedly helpless to control.

“OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!” he choked with each intense throb of his dick as his creamy semen pulsed wildly out and his lean naked body trembled with his climaxing. Dale was not surprised. This usually happened when he was having butt fucked and he looked forward to such an unrestrained ejaculation.

“Oh, yeah … Oh, yeah …” his Uncle Roger encouraged, loving seeing his young nephew coming like this.

He felt his manhood tense and the swollen head of his dick explode deep inside of Dale.

“UHHHHH!” he grunted between clinched teeth as his boner delivered his load of wet sperm freely once more into his nephew, doing so with a male passion.

Dale was enthralled to feel his uncle doing this in him, to actually have him taking his boner all the way reproductively inside of him like this. It was like the ultimate thrill to have his uncle fucking his sperm into him and sharing this with him as another guy.

“OHHHHHHH … OHHHHHH … “ Dale moaned as he felt his uncle’s stiffness penetrating his tight butt hole climaxing nakedly in him.

Hewn they both sighed as their heightened excitement was concluded in such a satisfying and mutual way.

Dale saw his uncle grin at him over being so intimately male in him and he grinned back, glad that he could be so accommodating of his uncle’s sexual urges and desire to fuck another male.

“Ohhh …” Uncle Roger said, “It always feels so good doing that in you.”

“I love it when you do,” Dale assured, so completely captivated by their sharing such masculine love.

His uncle, still with his penis in him, leaned over to kiss him on the mouth and Dale kissed him back. Then he pulled his no longer stiff organ from him, not minding seeing that it was slightly streaked with brown shit, demonstrating that it had been so fully in Dale’s anal depths. He would wash that off in the shower. Dale laughed as he felt his uncle’s semen suddenly dribbling from his butt as he was unable to contain the liquid excess.

It felt just as good afterwards as it did when they began.

Dale felt pleased over his secret male passions just as his uncle did, even if his uncle was less secret in being revealing of his own male desires. It was all so wonderful.

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