The Needful Mom

by Ben (OR)

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!” Cindy panted as she rode up and down on her son, with his stiff cock thrusting deep into her wet pussy.

She was one of those women who loved being penetrated by a stiff penis, who needed to be. It was an all consuming passion, and with her own son even more so.

He was nineteen now and quite willing and happy to be doing this with his own mom. It was special when a boy could.

Of course Cindy knew that if his father ever caught them that the consequences would be unthinkable. Dan knew this, as well. And yet it was so compelling for the two of them to be having sex.

That morning, like so many mornings after his father left for work, they had gotten joyfully naked, with each prepare to enjoy fucking together.

“Your dick feels so hard and good! It feels so good having it fuck my cunt!” she panted, unafraid to use such language with her son.

“I love having my dick in your cunt, mom!” Dan said back.

Cindy tossed her back as she continued to passionately fuck her son’s erection with an uncontrolled sexual abandon. Her clit was about ready to explode, and when it did there was no holding back.

“OH, FUCK!” She gasped. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Her naked body was wracked with climaxing spasms, making her full bare tits swing from side to side.

It was so exciting seeing his mom cumming and Dan found himself ejaculating his load of semen into her.

“Uh! Uhhh!” he grunted as his penis fulfilled its male purpose inside of his mom. “Uhhhhh!!!”

Then, with their sexual ecstasy once more satisfied, Cindy dismounted her son, grinning pridefully at him. She just found it thrilling to be so naked indulgent with her son, as many moms did.

She wrinkled her nose as she felt his semen leaking from her hairy slit, and found this to be a wonderful confirming sensation.

Next to her need to feel a hard penis in her, was her need to have it ejaculate in her, and to fill her with sperm. Lustfully she needed to have her vagina wet with sperm. And her son supplied a lot.

She ran her fingers between her legs, wiping up his viscous creamy liquid.

“Oh, honey,” she said gratefully, “this feels so good!”

She touched her wet fingers to her tongue to taste his male flavor, and then she wiped it over her nipples and laughed.

“I guess I had better go take a shower,” she said as she climbed happily from the bed.

Before she could leave, he reached out and grabbed her wrist.

“Let me fuck you one more time,” he said.

“Oh, God! You’re going to drown me in sperm!” she laughed, and she loved the thought.

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