The Naked Sister

by Charlie (NC)

It was fun being naked together like that as brother and sister. He was twenty-four and she was twenty-two, so they were both adults and it was purely consensual.

And living where they did, in Rhode Island, there was no worry about breaking the law.

James and Jamie had long had thing for each other growing up, like many brothers and sisters. This was hardly unusual. In fact, it was quite common. Of course they had never done anything together and their parents would have never approved.

Then, six months ago, the two of them had decided to simply enjoy themselves. Neither was seeing any one else right then, and the idea of their being more intimate had been extremely appealing.

Janie found it thrilling to be naked with her brother, and the huge erections that James had with her easily demonstrated his feelings. So when he went over to her place, the first thing that they did was to get out of their clothes and enjoy having a martini together and to make love.

That afternoon Jamie was once more delighting in having her brother’s large stiff penis in her wet vagina, as her excited clitoris bulged out in a most conspicuous and visible display. For men arousal was always more than evident and for women not so much. Yet, her smooth pink pleasure organ at the top of her vaginal folds was clearly evident even if she did not shave and preferred to be hairy down there. Her brother certainly like her womanly naturalness.

“Oh, James!” she said as she closed her eyes and rode up and down on his stiff sexual length. “God! I can’t believe that I’m fucking my brother!”

“I can’t believe that I'm being fucked by my sister,” he said. She often liked to be on top and he loved that. He loved seeing his sister being sexual excited.

“Oh, God! Your boner feels so good in me!”

Again and again James felt his sister’s slickly lubricated vagina sliding up and down on his penis.

While she was doing this, she was freely masturbating her clit.

“Oh, God! Oh, God, I’m going to cum!” she gasped.

She sucked in a breath and slammed herself down on her brothers’ hard male anatomy so it penetrated her fully.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Jamie gasped and choked.

“I’m going to cum in you!” James said.

In the next moment his erection was fountaining out his sperm laden semen in his sister’s vagina.

“Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhhh!”

“Oh, shit! Oh, shit!” Jamie said, never being sparing in her sexual language as he she felt her brother fulfilling himself inside of her and she endured the easing spasm of climaxing. Then a wave of exhaustion overcame her and her thin naked body slumped.

She groaned as she eased herself off of him a moment later.

They had done it with him sitting on the sofa, so he looked up at his naked sister and loved it.

“Oh, James …” she said and she reached for their martini glass, handing him his and taking a drink from hers. “Oh, it is just always so good with you.”

“It’s good with you, too,” James said. He looked at her admiringly. “I love your tits.”

His sister had small round and well separated breasts with each boasting a broad brown nipple. Jamie smiled over compliment. She grinned. “And I love your dick. It so nice and big and thick.”

He smiled back at her.

Growing up they would have never said such things to each other, but now they were free to.

Jamie rolled her and took another sip of her drink. “Oh, God! If mom and dad could only hear us now!”

James laughed. “Yeah,” he said, knowing only too well that they would be shocked.

While incest laws had been eased and even eliminated between consenting adults, there was still the matter of social acceptability.

“Well,” Jamie said in an unashamed fashion, “you could always move in here with me. It’d save you the trips.”

James laughed. “Oh, mom and dad would really love that.”

“They would just have to get used to it,” Jamie said simply. “At least they should be happy that we love each other.”

“They would probably never talk to us again.”

“That would be entirely up to them,” Jamie said sounding just a bit haughty. “But I think it would nice to live with my brother and to be sleeping with him.”

“It would be nice with my sister,” he admitted unreservedly.

“Then why don’t we? Why don’t you move in here? It’s bigger than your apartment. And frankly I don’t care what the neighbors think. They don’t know that you’re my brother anyway. We’d just be lovers … or they can think that we’re married.”

“You make it sound so nice.”

“It would be,” Jamie said. She looked at her brother. “So then move in here and fuck me silly all the time. I’d love it.”

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