The Mother And Son Solution

by Olive (NH)

Dave knew that his wife was definitely in the mood that night, as she lay naked next to him on the bed.

“I’m sorry, honey … I’m really just too tired,” he said.

“Ooo ..” she cooed in disappointment, although she knew that her husband did work hard. That, and the fact they were both getting older. Although her sexual appetite had not diminished, his certainly had in recent years.

Dave grinned. “Maybe you should try our son.”

Cara was surprised.”Do it with my own son?”

“Well, mothers and sons have been known to do things like that,” Dave said in a careless matter of fact way.

“Well, I know. But …” Cara admitted, slightly taken back by both the thought and the suggestion. Then simply being practical about the idea she said, “But how do I know that he would even want to do it with me? His own mom?”

Dave chuckled. “Oh, most boys would like to do it with their moms.”

“Oh,” Cara said, not entirely sure just how true this was. “But how would you feel about that? If I was having sex with Cory?”

“Well …” Dave responded innocently. “It wouldn’t bother me if the two of you were having a good time.” He chuckled again. “Keep it all in the family so to speak.”

“But he would think that I was such a whore,” Cara said, concerned.

“No. He would just think that you were a hot mom who found it exciting to do it with her son.” He added, “He is nineteen. It would hardly be child molestation.”

“Well, I know …” Cara said. She didn’t mind being thought of as a hot mom, and teasingly, when she thought about it, having sex with her own son it was not without some degree of excitement. Certainly there was that allure of forbidden temptation. She gave her husband a playful smirk.

“Well, don’t be surprised if when you come home from your next business trip, if you find me being fucked by our son.”

Dave smiled. “I think that would be a nice arrangement.”

Cara felt unsure about doing what she was about to do, as she summoned her courage and bravely walked head-to-toe naked from the bathroom and into the kitchen. She was pouring herself a mug of coffee when her son came in and saw her.

“Oh …” Cory said, surprised to see his mother standing there naked.

Cara grinned. “I just got out of the shower and wanted some coffee.”

“Uh … yeah,” Cory replied, not knowing what else to say.

“It’s just your mother without clothes on,” she chided mildly and in an amused fashion.

“Um … yeah. It’s just that … I’m not use to seeing you without clothes on.”

“Well, your father’s not home. We could both be naked. It might be fun,” she said nonchalantly.

Cory blushed just a little. “You mean … be naked together?”

She smirked at him. “We have been properly introduced. I think that we know each other well enough to be personal.”

Cory grinned a bit sheepishly.

“Like I said … your father’s not here. Nobody will know.”

“I … I guess,” Cory said.

He saw his mother looking at him somewhat expectantly. He was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts and was barefoot, so it only took him a moment to slip his clothes off, and suddenly he found himself naked with his mom. There was the expected moment of modesty, but that quickly passed as she rewarded his effort with a pleased smile. He smiled back.

His mom was forty-two and slender and trim. She had gone gray early and her hair, cut in a kind of page boy style, was silver, which was quite distinctive and made her that much more attractive. He was surprised to see that the wiry tuft of pubic hair that sprouted from the padded mons was graying. He hadn’t known, of course, never having seen her naked before. She had small breasts with surprisingly long nipples. Something else which he had not known about his mom.

As he stood there looking at his naked mom. Cory suddenly felt himself getting an erection. There was nothing he could do to keep that from happening and no there was no way to hide it.

“Oh, my!” Cara said as she watched her son’s penis stiffen and push boldly upright.

Cory blushed. “Sorry about that,” he apologized.

“I think that looks very handsome,” she complimented. “I feel flattered.”

Cory grinned somewhat sheepishly again, but was glad that his mom was not shocked or offended. Actually it felt exciting having an erection like that in front of his mom, and that only made his penis stiffer and his erection even more pronounced.

Cara put her coffee mug down on the counter and stepped over.

She drew in a breath and stepped over the line. “Maybe you should take care of that with me,” she said.

“You mean …” Cory stammered.

“No use letting it go to waste, and I would certainly enjoy it,” she said.

She took her son’s hand and he followed as she led him upstairs to be bedroom.

There she laid on the bed with an eager grin on her face.

Cory joined her and found himself on top of his mom, between her legs. Quickly and smoothly his reproductive organ pushed into his mom’s. It felt incredible and he could hardly believe that he was doing this with his own mom.

“Ooo … that feels nice,” she said, feeling her son’s masculine stiffness filling her vagina.

She looked up at him almost imploringly and touched his smooth face, and moved her hips up against his. Cory began to rhythmically slide his penis in and out.

“Oh … just keep fucking me,” she breathed, squeezing her eyes shut.

Cory had never heard his mom talk like this before.

“Keep fucking me … keep fucking me …”

“It feels good to fuck you, mom.” He breathed back.

He kept his hard dick going in and out of his mom, giving her every inch of his erect penis. All he could think was how good this felt to have his pension hi mom’s vagina.

Very quickly Cara felt herself having an orgasm. She gasped and arched her back as she climaxed.

“Oh! Ohhhhh!!!”

Seeing his mom’s sexual excitement excited him.

Just as she was finishing he started ejaculating, his semen pulsing from his erection, giving his mom his sperm deep in her vagina.

“Uh … Uh … Uh …” Cory grunted.

Cara held him close as her vagina held his throbbing organ. “Yes … yes …” she said.

A long moment passed as they both recovered.

“Mmm … that was wonderful,” Cara said.

“Yeah …” Cory agreed.

They looked at one another with an unashamed satisfaction.

Cory’s softening penis slipped wetly from his mom’s vagina and they both laughed.

Then they just laid there naked together on the bed.

“I don’t know what dad would say …” Cory remarked kindly.

“Oh …” Cara responded just a bit smugly, “I think he would understand.”

Cory did not look exactly convinced. In his mind he was sure that his dad would hit the roof if he ever found out that he had fucked his mom. Although his mom seemed quite nonchalant about it.

“How was your business trip?” Cara asked her husband when he came in through the door.

“Oh. Tiring, but very successful,” he answered. He gave his wife something of a wry grin. “And how were things here?”

“Oh …” Cara said in a breezy fashion. “Very successful … and a bit tiring.”

They both laughed.

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