The Mother Affair

by Mirissa (NJ)

Jamie was having a naked moment that morning with her son. Which was, of course, something she thoroughly enjoyed.

“It’s so special for a mother to be able to do something like this with her own son,” she said with a pleased smile.

“It’s special to be doing this with my mom,” Josh said, being quite genuine in his appreciation of this as she was.

Mother and son intimacy, of course, was very much an unmentionable subject, and had long been. Although, in recent times, it was something which had become much more common place and something of a trend.

Even to the point of being wide-spread enough that in two states, New Jersey and Rhode island, incest laws between consenting adults had been done away with. And living in the first, there was no fear of being arrested for their activities. After all, she was forty-six and divorced, and Josh was twenty-four and single.

Of course they were discreet about that aspect of their relationship, just as anyone was about their personal life. Yet, they were happily free to enjoy themselves.

They did an affectionate kiss on the lips. Then they pressed their lips together much more generously. Their intimacy had started just six months ago, and it was just in the last few weeks had they allowed themselves to be romantically and passionately expressive.

Josh felt his mother’s tongue slip into his mouth to wetly engage his, and he pushed his tongue back into her mouth. As they did this, Josh felt his penis becoming hard with an erection, while Jamie felt both her clitoris and vagina responding accordingly.

They kissed for a long moment and Josh fondled her pliant breasts, before kissing and sucking on both jutting nipples to further arouse her. When he pulled back, she leaned over and took is erection into her mouth.

Josh sat and watched as she moved her mouth up and down stiff curved length. He was always surprised by his mom doing this, although his mom had no problem in sucking on a dick and she very much liked doing that.

It really took an older and more experienced woman to appreciate oral sex. Younger females were always squeamish when it came to sucking on a guy’s erection, and never liked it when a guy ejaculated in their mouth. His mom never had a problem with that.

Before Josh could succumb to the warm, wet stimulation, he eased his mom back and then slipped from the sofa to his knees, and pressed his face between her thighs. He licked his tongue over the smooth protrusion of her clitoris, and he did so repeatedly, his mom tensed.

“Oh, honey …” she breathed, one hand cupping and fondling her right breast, while the fingers of the other went through his hair.

Josh loved to excite his mom.

He applied his tongue and his lips and even sucked on her clit, making her draw back and gasp even more. Then he ran his tongue over her vaginal opening, tasting her female flavor. While did this, he tickled her tight butt hole with his finger and then pressed gently inward a little.

His mom found anal stimulation to be unbelievably exciting, and on more than one occasion he had actually fucked her butt and had done so completely and thoroughly much to her lustful satisfaction. Although as she had told him he was the first to do this with her, as it was something which even his father had never done.

In turn, on several occasions, she had treated him to the shy luxury of inserting a dildo in his butt so he could experience the joy of anal stimulation without fear or question of it somehow being gay, because it was a woman’s application.

Josh went back to lavishing his mom’s clit with repeated broad, wet strokes of his tongue until she could no longer stand it and was climaxing.

“Oh, God! Oh God! You’re making me cum!” she cried out as she endured a wracking orgasm that was violently intense. Much more so than just from being fucked. It was like an electrical discharge was crackling through her naked body, torturous and yet at the same time ultimately thrilling and satisfying. “Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!” She panted in short quick breaths.

Josh’s finger was still partially inserted into her butt hole and he felt her sphincter muscles tighten as a surge of lubrication spilled from her quivering vagina. It was really something not only to get to see his own mom undergoing such intense sexual pleasure, but to be the one to provide her with it. His boner was rigid, with the broad mushrooming tip a deep red.

Finally she collapsed back onto the sofa cushions with near exhaustion, her breasts heaving up and down as she began to recover from the shameless enjoyment of having her son’s mouth between her legs.

Josh touched a finger tip to his mom’s clitoris, making her jump with its agitated sensitivity. “Oh!” she gasped. This told him just how severe and enjoyable her orgasm had been, and also that he should wait before doing anything more.

When her breathing slowed and was coming at a more regular pace, he brought himself up on his knees and proceeded to push his enormously hard penis into his mom’s vagina. Her thorough wetness allowed his male organ to plunge in, making her grunt with the sudden intrusion into her soft female sheath.

“Uh!” she grunted as she found l being forcefully fucked and liking it in a way that a woman could.

The vaginal abuse, though, lasted for only a minute.

In the next, Josh was ejaculating.

His throbbing penis was delivering his semen deep inside of her.

“Ohhh …” Josh groaned. “Yeah! Yeah!”

“Ohhhh …” Jamie moaned back as she savored the satisfaction of having her son’s sperm in her. As a woman she loved having a man climax in her, but even more so with her own son as it was so personal and intimate for a mother to experience. It was the biological completion, even without fertilizing her egg, it was so wonderful to feel and know that his wet sperm was in her.

Josh was breathing hard.

“Oh … that was so good,” he said.

“I loved it,” Jamie told him with a pleased smile.

He pulled his penis out and immediately Jamie felt the slippery wetness of his male liquid flood over her provoked butt hole which was, after being fingered, quite sensitive.

“Oh!” she side somewhat wide-eyed and reached for a tissue to mop up the excess.

They both grinned, with her wrinkling her nose over the proof of his ejaculation in her, and then smiled at one another fondly.

Their being sexual together as mother and son was of course exciting in that it was such a teasingly and appealingly forbidden thing. Even if nature did make it quite naturally possible. But it was more than just that, it was the pleasure and reward of their being so intimate in what they already shared.

Jamie knew that they were going to fuck again that morning, just as Josh already did, too. It was excessive and fun and they both loved it. For them his penis being in her vagina was a celebration of who they were and one they were glad to participate in.

As a divorced mother who is having a love affair with my grown son, and so thankful to be living where I do, I think that people overlook love and natural desire when it comes to mother and son relationships, and only too often and unfortunately try to impress their own moral standards and beliefs upon other and unfairly.

I know that here, not having to be overly secret about what my son and I do and enjoy, although I am certainly very discreet about it, has cost me several friendships as I have been the subject of disapproval. Yet, happily, I will say because of this I have also gained a number of friends, other mothers who enjoy being intimate - and yes, having sex – with their sons. For us there is no shame in love, sincere love as opposed to mere lust, and it is a celebration that we mothers can only experience.

I hope that this story will promote some open mindedness as well as just be a fun and good story to entertain and enjoy.

I have shared it with my friends, and it has inspire a few of them to try their hand at creating their own stories, and I can tell you in advance some of them are real "rippers" while others are just a little bit more loving and subdued.

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