The Mom-Son Decision

by Jessie R (AZ)

“Mmm …” Peter intoned as he slid his erection easily and gently in and out of his mom’s vagina, enjoying the privilege of being able to do that with her.

Bev laid there, enjoying how wonderful it felt to be copulating with her son. For a mother it was special to be able to allow that to be a part of the mother and son bond.

They had been having sex together for over a year. His parents had gotten a divorce the summer that he had graduated. He had continued to live with her while he attended a local college, and during that time they had grown closer and were comfortable in their mother-son relationship.

To the point where it had been easy to feel the desire to be more intimate in expressing their feelings, and one day they had made love.

They had both thought that it would probably just be a onetime thing, just to experience what it was like. It had been so wonderful, though, they had continued without difficulty and with no feelings of guilt or remorse or as if this was something that they should not do.

As many mothers and sons discovered, and as was becoming increasingly more and more common, mother and son sex was lie the ultimate intimacy and something that was incredible to share.

His mother had taken up art and was painting, enjoying that, and having good success with it. Then she decided to move to Arizona to have a new start. Peter had decided to move with her and continue to go to school there.

So they had moved into a small and some rickety old place out on the edge of the desert, just outside of town. It was nice having their own place which had nothing to do with the past, and it was quite romantic.

With lots of privacy, and the warm Arizona weather, they had both started to casually become nudists around the house, and that was fun to enjoy together. His mom painted and was selling her work, and he continued with his college. They both thoroughly loved new life and lifestyle. It just felt good and it felt so right.

That afternoon they were once more enjoying the pleasure of making love, now feeling quite free to do so.

“Ohhh …” Bev moaned under her breath as she again found her womanly needs being taken care of in such a satisfying way. “I know that I shouldn’t be enjoying this so much with my own son.”

“I’m enjoying it too, mom,” Peter assured, as he felt her warm, soft, wet vagina enveloping his male organ.

“But if anybody ever found out …” she said mindfully.

“No one is going to find out,” Peter said confidently. He did several more smooth insertions into her. “You could always just tell them that I’m your husband.”

“My husband?”

“Well, no one really knows us. They don’t know that we’re mother and son. We’ll just tell that that were married.”

“Oh,” Bev said. She smiled.”That would make it so much easier.”

“Well, then …” Peter said.

“But do you want to be married to your mother … even if it’s just pretend?”

“We are living together,” Peter reminded.

“Yes,” she agreed, seeing what he meant, just not quite having thought of it in those terms. “But how would you feel … I mean, really feel having me as your wife?”

“I think that it would be wonderful. How would you feel about having me as your husband?”

“Well … I think that I would like that.”

“Then I think …” Peter breathed, “that we’re about to consummate our marriage.”

He started ejaculating, his hard penis throbbing deep in her vagina, delivering his sperm in a satisfying overabundance.

“Oh! Oh!” Bev said and held him tight she felt him being purposefully male in her.”Oh! That’s so nice! That feels so good!”

“Oh … yeah, mom …” Peter breathed.

“Oh … you had better start calling me Bev.”

“I love you, Bev …” Peter said.

“And I love you peter,” she said.

They kissed and their new marriage was nicely consummated.

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