The Mom Son Affair

by Rich (NY)

“Oh, geez, mom …” John said as he fucked his hard dick into her pussy.

“Oh, yes … yes …” Monica said as she stood there in the bedroom with her son fucking her from behind. “Just fuck me.”

“Oh, yeah …” John breathed, as she continued to shove his hard boner into her again and again. She was so wet and slick and it felt so good to be in his mom.

She was leaning forward with her hands on the bed frame, as he stood behind her, with his hands holding and fondling her tits.

His dad was at work and this had become their usual morning routine, having started this just six months before, having a fun and playful mother and son fling. It was not like his mom would ever cheat on his dad and this was different. The fact that they were related, of course, kept it in the family. The thing was that his dad knew that he and his mom were fucking, and he had no problem with that. He figured that it was just a way for his mom to work off her excess sexual energies and for his son to enjoy his mom in a way that was special for a son. And since he was still living at home, it was all very convenient.

“Oh, if your father could only see you …” she said.

“Maybe he will sometime,” John said. So far their naked tryst had just been between the two of them. Monica, though, was not opposed to having her husband see her being fucked like this. In fact, she found the thought of having both her son and his father fuck her at the same time to be an exciting and quite enticing one.

“Your dick is so big and hard,” she said.

“It’s always big and hard with you, mom,” John told her with a pleased pride. “It’s always ready to be in your wet pussy.”

“Oh, God … you’re making me so wet!”

“I’m going to cum in you so good, mom …”

“Oh, oh!” Monica reached a hand down to stimulate and masturbate her clitoris which was fully erect and wanting attention. “Ohhhhhh …” she moaned as she rubbed her thoroughly aroused sexual appendage at the apex of her vagina.

“Oh, yeah … yeah mom …” John breathed, sliding his maleness in and out of her.

Monica was bringing her clitoris to the point of climaxing and she gasped.


“Yeah. Mom. Cum, mom,” John encouraged as his mom vocalized her release.

Monica felt so deliciously like a whore being fucked by her son like this, and with her husband fully aware of her needs being taken care of by their son. It was like unleashing all of her sexual inhibitions and being wildly free as a woman.


Then her explosive release was satisfied and she went limp as she stood there, barely able to do so as her bare feet went flat on the hard wood floor.

“Ohhhhhhh …” she moaned.

John grinned. He pulled his hard dick from her vagina and, slick with her lubrication, he pushed it into her butt hole.

“Oh! Not my ass!” she gasped.

“Yeah, mom … I’m going to cum in your ass.”

“Ohhhh …” Monica moaned even louder as she felt her son’s male dominance thrusting into her accommodating anal sheath.

Her husband would sometimes fuck her like this, and her son liked to do that as well. It was father-like-son and she loved it. To have her tight butt hole sexually assaulted was so thrilling. Definitely this was a new trend that many women were discovering as a means of heightened sexual pleasure. Monica would have used her pee hole if it had been big enough.

John moved his boner back and forth through his mom’s butt hole purposefully fulfilling an incredible intimacy with her.

Quickly he reached the point of ejaculation and felt his boner throbbing out its thick load of semen, delivering his sperm into his mother’s ass.

“Oh, honey … Oh, honey …” she cried out as her son’s male liquid surged deep inside of her, doing so with a naked lack of constraint. It had the excitement of almost being raped and used without mercy in a thrilling way of female submission which pleased her.

“Uh … Uh … Uh … Uh …” John grunted as his penis relieved itself of his sexual urge.

Then the culmination of their joined activity concluded with a satisfying relief.

“Oh, mom …” John sighed.

He pulled his dick from her ass and she turned around to reward his efforts with a kiss.

“It is just so wonderful doing this with you,” she told him. “And having you in my butt.”

“I like doing it with you too, mom,” he said. He smiled. “And it feels so good being in your butt.”

It felt so good to be standing there like she was, and to be nakedly receiving her son’s praise. She held his trim, muscular physique in her arms and he held her. It was so physically and emotionally satisfying to be together like this as mother and son. She loved her husband and he loved her, but to be able to extend her love to her son in this sexual way was so gratifying to her as a woman. Need one say more?

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