The Mom Solution: Part 2

by Vera (CT)

Before either could lose what little nerve that they had, Carla led him off into the bedroom.

There she dispensed with her robe, which was all that she had on, and stood naked before him, looking to see if he approved. The smiled on his face told her that he did.

“Well?” she questioned. “Am I going to be the only who’s naked?”

Kenny grinned and started to get undressed. By the time he had his clothes off he was having a considerable erection. He was both self-conscious and excited to be having a boner in front of his own mom. Carla laid on the bed and gave him an expectant look.

Kenny joined her.

They held one another and did a few small affectionate kisses on the lips. As they did that, Kenny felt his mom’s hand slid down to hold and feel his erection. He felt her bare breasts and kissed and mouthed her the jutting dark pink cones of her nipples.

“Mmm … that’s nice,” she praised, with one hand still holding his penis and the other stroking his back.

Kenny then allowed his hand to slip down, and his fingers to move through her tangle of dark pubic hair, as she was not in the habit of shaving, preferring to keep her nether regions fury and natural, to find her clitoris and vaginal opening. Her clitoris was erect and firm, and he found her vagina wet and lubricated.

“Mmmm …. “ she murmured again. “I like that.”

Kenny was pleased. He felt her hand squeezing and testing the stiffness of his penis.

“Why don’t you put that in me?” she said.

As she put her legs apart, Kenny climbed on top of her. He reached a hand down to help guide his organ into place. As the swollen head of his penis nudged between the soft folds, he gently pushed and found his erection sliding into his mother. He could hardly believe that he was really doing this with his mom.

She moaned softly and moaned again as he began to slide in and out.

“Oh, Kenny …” she breathed, squeezing her eyes shut, as she felt her pent up sexual needs becoming free.

“Oh, mom …” Kenny breathed back.

Gently and easily he let his penis copulate with her vagina, and his steady rhythm of doing that began to increase his mom’s sexual arousal.

“Oh, honey … that feels so good. Your penis is so stiff …” she said. “It feels so good having you in my vagina.”

“Oh, mom …” Kenny panted. “It feels good being in you.”

“It’s so wonderful to be fucked by my son.”

“It’s wonderful fucking you, mom,” Kenny said, using the F-word since his mother had so unabashedly done so. “I can’t believe that I’m fucking you.”

“Your dick feels so good. It’s going to make me cum.”

Kenny diligently fucked his hard penis into his mom to accommodate her needs.

“Oh … Oh … Oh, yes …”

In the next moment she was having an orgasm.

“OHHHHHHH!!!” she cried out and writhed on the bed beneath him as she laid there impelled by her son’s masculine organ. “OHHHHHHHH!!!”

Kenny could hardly believe that he was watching is mom climaxing. It was something that most boys, except for the lucky ones, ever got to see. Most boys only got to see their moms being just their mom, they never got to see or experience their mom being sexually imbued. It was exciting to see his mom so passionately enduring her sexual release.

His mom’s response quickly encouraged his own. In the next moment his penis was ejaculating fully deep inside of her.

“Uhhhh … Uhhhh … Uhhhh …” Kenny groaned with his wet discharge as his penis throbbed repeatedly deep inside of her.

Then they were both taking deep breaths, recovering.

“Oh, honey … I needed that so much,” she told him. “That felt so good.”

“It did, mom,” Kenny could only agree.

They looked at one another and smiled somewhat modestly over their uninhibited sexual sharing.

“I … I hope that it’s okay that I came in you,” Kenny said, suddenly concerned about what the consequences of his doing that might be.

Carla smiled. “Yes. Don’t worry,” she assured, “I won’t be giving you a little brother or sister.”

Kenny grinned a bit sheepishly. “I wasn’t sure.”

“Mmm,” she murmured contentedly, and slipped her arms around behind his neck as he still laid there in her. “It’s okay … I’ve been fixed.” She teasingly added, “But even if I wasn’t … I still like to have my son’s sperm in me.”

Kenny smiled over his mom’s lack of sexual inhibition and her expressing her womanly desires.

“Maybe we would do it again … just to be sure that you can’t get me pregnant,” she teased.

“I don’t know how dad would feel about that if I did,” said Kenny rolling his eyes over the thought.

“Ohhh …” his mom drawled. “I don’t think that he would mind if you got me pregnant. At least it would be keeping it all in the family.”

Kenny laughed. “Okay, mom. I’ll give you some more of my sperm, and we’ll see what you can do with it,” he teased back.

“Oh, please do,” she said, and she eagerly looked forward to his doing that.

When Ken came home tired from work Carla greeted at the door with a martini.

“What’s the special occasion?” he asked, not expecting that.

“Oh … just that your son is a good lover,” she said a bit smugly.

Ken looked surprised. “Did you and Kenny …”

“Yes,” she confirmed demurely. “In fact, we fucked several times. And it was wonderful.”

“Oh,” Ken said, taking note that it had been more than just once. “I hope that I won’t be losing you to my son.”

“Not a chance,” Carla assured. Being quite naughty about the matter she added, “In fact, I might be looking forward to maybe the two of you …”

“Oh-ho!” Ken said and he laughed. That was his wife.

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