The Mom Solution: Part 1

by Vera (CT)

It was ten-thirty and Carla and her husband were lying in bed, getting ready to turn out the lights.

“I suppose that you’re tired?” she questioned.

“Pretty much beat,” Ken admitted. “Long day at work.” He looked at his wife. She was very attractive. She was brunette and had classic good looks and a statuesque figure with large, full breast. Even after twenty years of marriage she was still a knock out and he loved her just as much now as he always had.

Ken sighed. “I know … lagging a bit in the husband department, huh?”

“Just occasionally,” she replied, but in an understanding way.

It was obvious that his wife was very much in the mood. She had always had a very healthy sexual appetite. Unfortunately, like so many older men who worked hard and put in long hours, his own was sometimes lacking.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you. Maybe this weekend,” he promised.

“That would be fine,” she said.

Ken knew of course that she was disappointed. He laughed. “Maybe you should try our son. He’s nineteen and full of energy.”

Carla laughed too and wrinkled her nose. “That would be daring,” she said over the thought.

Ken smiled. “Well, mothers and sons have been known to do things like that.”

“But what would the father say?” she asked modestly.

“The dad would think that it’s just fine … and understandable. I mean, it’s not like having an affair.”

“Well, no,” she agreed, thinking about this, but sounding doubtful.”I suppose not. But still … a mother doing that wither own son.”

“He might like it,” Ken said. “He has a sexy mom.”

She smiled over the compliment.

Ken added, “Just so long as he doesn’t get you pregnant.”

Carla smirked. “At forty-three? I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

“Then,” ken said carelessly, “if it’s just for fun, I don’t see a problem with it.”

“You’d be shocked if I said that Kenny and I were doing it.”

“I’d be very happy for the both of you. It would take the pressure off of me, and then maybe our sex life would improve. Who knows,” Ken said. They kissed and turned out the lights.

The next morning Cara was in the kitchen getting herself some coffee. She had just come from taking a shower and was barefoot and clad only in a thin silky robe. Her son came into the kitchen to get himself a cup of coffee, too.

“Good morning, mom,” Kenny said.

“Good morning,” she said back. She looked at him standing there, also barefoot and in jeans and a t-shirt, and she smiled in an amused fashion.

“What?” Kenny questioned, seeing the amused look on his mom’s face.

“Oh, nothing,” she replied.

“Something seems funny? What? Is it my hair or something? I just got up.”

“No, no. Nothing like that,” she assured.

“Then what?”

“Oh … it’s just something that your dad said last night.”

“What did he say? Dad’s always saying funny things.”

“Oh …” Carla started. “It’s just sort of personal.”

Kenny shrugged. “Personal funny or personal serious?”

Carla gave a small shrug, too. “Sort of both, really.”

“Is it a secret?”

Carla responded with something of a modest look. “It probably should be.”

“Then I won’t pry,” said Kenny having a swallow of coffee.

Carla cradled the mug in her hands. “It’s not prying,” she assured. “Not really.”

“Oh.” Kenny waited to hear more.

“It’s just that … well, your father and I were talking about our sex life.”

Kenny grinned. “You still have one?” he teased.

“Barely these days,” Carla said. “And that’s what we were talking about. He works so hard and he just hasn’t been in the mood lately.”

“And you’re feeling left out?”

“Something like that … yes,” Carla confessed.

“I’m sure dad will get back on form,” Kenny assured, being practical about the matter.

“I’m sure he will, too,” his mom agreed. “But in the meantime …”

“Yeah. Not much help, huh?” Kenny remarked.

Carla gave her son something of a knowing smirk. “And that’s the funny part, I suppose.”

Kenny appeared just a tiny but bemused. “There’s a funny part to this?”

“Yes. In a way,” Carla said, now looking self-conscious. “Your father suggested that I try you.”

Kenny appeared even more bemused for a moment. Then, as what his mother was saying registered, he looked surprised. “You mean …”

Carla almost blushed. “Yes. That’s what your father suggested.”

“You mean, dad thinks that you and I should …”

“Your father was just saying that. He said how it would be convenient.”

“Well, I suppose it would,” Kenny had to agreed. “But wouldn’t dad mind?”

“He said that he would be perfectly understanding and would have no problem with it,” Carla assured.

“Wow!” Kenny said, taking it all in.

Mindfully Carla mentioned, “But I don’t know how you would feel about an arrangement like that. I mean, with your own mother …”

Kenny appeared just a bit dumbfounded. “Well, I … it’d be okay with me. I mean, if you wanted to … and dad thinks it’s okay.”

Carla smiled modestly. “You wouldn’t feel funny about doing that with your own mom?”

“No,” Kenny admitted thoughtfully. “It’d be … well, very special.”

“It’d be very special for me, too,” she told him. “I know that mothers and sons do things like that together, but it is very special.”

Kenny looked embarrassed to be actually discussing this with his mom. It was not the type of thing that they would normal ever talk about.

She smiled, finding her son’s shyness amusing. “Your father’s at work. I suppose that we could try it out,” she said in a slightly teasing way.

Kenny blushed just a little. “I … I suppose we could.”

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