The Mom Satisfaction

by Veronica (NJ)

Kayle gave her son a playful smirk as she stood naked in her bedroom that morning, not having bothered closing the door. In the year since her divorce from his dad, she had become quite uninhibited around the house and Cody often saw his mom naked.

Cody smiled at his mom’s nakedness. She was trim and brunette and attractive. The two of them had always gotten along and after the divorce they had just naturally become much closer. He was nineteen now and still living with her while he attended the local college. They enjoyed each other’s company and because he was now older, they enjoyed that change in their relationship.

“Maybe just a quick one before you go to class and I go to work,” she said permissively.

Cody smiled.

He quickly got undressed, having no difficulty in resenting his mom with an erection. She smiled approvingly at his pronounced youthful arousal and laid on the bed, putting her legs apart.

Cody joined her. He got on his knees between her slender legs and, taking a hold of his penis, he guided to mushrooming head up to the pink vaginal opening that was nestled down in the soft hairy folds. Easily his slid his erection into her vagina.

“Ohhhh,” she breathed, savoring his insertion, “you dick feels so hard.”

“My dick is always hard with you, mom,” Cody said.

He began to fuck his penis in and out of her, doing so easily and gently. As he did, he reached down to let his finger play with her rising clitoris. It bulged even more with his touch.

“Oh, yes …” she breathed.

As a mother she found it both exciting and so fulfilling to be able to be sexual with her own son. This was something that so many mothers enjoyed experiencing, even if it was something that was never talked about. Yet it was far more common of an occurrence that many people knew. The fact that incest laws between consenting adults had been down away with in New Jersey, making it one of the few states where it was not illegal, demonstrated this and allowed them the luxury of not having to be concerned about it.

Cody looked down and watched his hard penis going in and out of his mom’s vagina.

“Oh, Cody …” she said. “It feels so good doing this with you.”

“It feels good doing it with you, mom. It always does.”

“I love it when we fuck,” Kayle said unashamedly.

“I love fucking you mom,” Cody told her as he continued to give her his stiff penis and played with her now fully erect clitoris, feeling its womanly firmness rising up to his touch. His fingers moved repeatedly over its smooth pink sensitive projection exciting his mom more and more.

“Ohhh … Ohhhh …” she gasped. Between her son’s boner moving in her now thoroughly wet vagina and his fingers tickling her clit she was fast reached an orgasm. With her son she always found herself coming quickly and easily.

In the next moment she was climaxing.

“AH!” She gasped and put her head back on the pillow. “AH! AHHHHH! AHHHHHH!”

It was so wonderful and so exciting to be lying there, penetrated by her own son’s reproductive organ and to feel his male sex in hers. To know that it was his penis in her vagina. Kayle struggled with the sexual surges going through her naked body.

Cody loved seeing his mom having an orgasm.

As she was climaxing he had to stop rubbing her clit as it had become too sensitive for him to continue. He continued though to give her every inch of his erect penis, going deep into her slick reproductive sheath again and again.

Feeling his hard dick being caressed by his mom’s soft wet pussy quickly brought him to the point of ejaculation.

“UHHHH! UHHHHH!” Cody grunted as he felt the thick semen pulse from his dick, delivering his wet sperm into his mom’s reproductive organ with a fulfilling satisfaction. “UHHH!!!! UHHHHH!!!”

It was so incredible to come in his mom. To feel his dick throbbing in his mom’s vagina.

Mother and son sex was just so pleasingly personal and intimate and meaningful.

They both loved this and were enthralled by the experience.

Each of them savored their satisfying completion.

Kayle lay there taking pleasure in having her own son ejaculating like that in her. Even without getting pregnant, it was so significant as a mother to have his sperm in her. It fulfilled a new and before unknown level of her maternal instincts that was so rewarding to be able to experience. She now understood why mother and son intercourse was such a wonderful thing to achieve.

“Oh, honey …” she said, and reached out a hand to rub his arm. “It’s so wonderful having you do that in me. It’s very special for a mother to do that wither own son.”

“It’s special for me too,” Cody said, looking at his mom lovingly, “to do that in my own mom.”

He leaned over and they did a kiss on the lips.

Then he withdrew his no longer stiff penis from her vagina and they enjoyed once more having successfully been intimate as mother and son. There was just nothing better than that.

Each felt pleased and unashamedly proud to be that loving with each other.

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