The Mom Offer

by Vickie (WA)

It had started as kind of a joke. Mike had gone to see his mom that afternoon. It was summer and the weather was very hot. She had teased him and said how it would be cooler if they took off their clothes and were just naked. Mike had laughed and gone along with it.

So they had taken off their clothes. They had never been naked together before and they were both understandably modest, although it was fun.

They sat there in the living room of her house with their coffee and his mom got out an ashtray and cigarettes.

“I didn’t know that you had gone back to smoking?” Mike mentioned.

“Oh … I did with the divorce and all,” Darla answered.

His mom and dad had gotten divorced about six months before. Mike knew that their marriage had been a rocky one and that they had not gotten along for some time, so when his mom wanted a divorce, this had come as no surprise. In fact, Mike was glad for his mom. He had never gotten along with his father.

“I’ll have one, too,” Mike said, being companionable.

“I didn’t know that you smoked?”

“Oh … I’ll have one occasionally.”

They both lit up and sat there, starting to feel more comfortable about being undressed like they were.

Mike found it interesting to see his mom being a woman like that. She had short brown hair and a great smile. She was fairly trim, just a bit rounded, and her breasts were not overly large, but nice, with rosy pinks nipples, and she had a patch of darker pubic hair.

She smiled at him, admiring his nakedness in return.

They had smoked about half of their cigarette when Mike felt himself starting to get an erection. He had been trying to keep that from happening, but it just did. His mom noticed and grinned.

“Oh …” she said innocently, “are you going to make love to me?”

Mike smiled, glad that his mom was shocked or offended by his arousal. Obviously she was feeling in an uninhibited mood. “Sure,” he said.

He leaned over and kissed her neck and she offered no objection, tilting her head. Then he kissed her on the lips. As he did, he let his hand hold and feel bare left breasts.

“Mmmm,” she murmured.

Mike then took turns kissing and sucking on both nipples.

She murmured again. “Ohhh.”

She reached out to feel and squeeze his now fully erect penis as he did this.


She allowed herself to be gently pushed back onto the sofa. Mike climbed on top of her as she spread her legs apart. Taking a hold of his stiff maleness, he helped guide it into her vaginal opening, and the pushed slowly all the way in.

Darla closed her eyes and put her head back.

“Oh, Mike …” she said.

“Oh, mom.”

Mike slowly began to fuck his penis in and out of her wet vagina.

“Oh, honey … honey … that feels so good to be fucked.”

“It feels good fucking you, mom,” Mike said.

The thought that she was actually being sexually engaging like this with her own son excited Darla. Although she would have never thought of having sex with her son, she did not find herself opposed to it, either. The bond between them made that seem like a natural and easy thing to do.

“Oh, honey …” she breathed. “You feel so good in me.”

“You’re making my erection so hard.”

“Oh, yes. It feels hard. I love it. Just fuck me.”

Ike continued to give her his stiff penis and her arousal increased and suddenly she gasped and was climaxing. The suddenness of this surprised her. “Uh! Uhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhh!” she gasped over and over.

Mike found it so exciting to be giving his own mom and orgasm.

“Oh, yeah, mom …”

He thrust his stiff penis into her again and again.

Then he was ejaculating. His erection pulsing out his semen into his mom.

It took a long moment before either could move. They opened their eyes and looked at each other, realizing that they had just had intercourse. That they had just fucked.

“Oh,” she sighed. “Mike that was so wonderful doing it with my son.”

“It was wonderful doing it with my mom,” he told her.

They kissed.

The moment had been so surprising and easy, and the thought of them doing that together as mother and son was so satisfying. It was like it completed the bond between them.

Darla looked a little self-conscious. “It’s been a while since I’ve fucked. Not since … well, your father, and that was a while ago.”

Mike could imagine. “You should have let me know. We could have gotten together a lot sooner.”

“Oh, you!” Darla said and grinned. “Well, I’m single now … and available. If, that is, you’re interested in your mother.”

“Always,” Mike said. “I might just have to start spending weekends.”

“That would be nice,” Darla said. Then with a nonchalant air she added, “Unless you want to just move in.”

“Now that would be perfect,” Mike said.

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