The Mom Moment

by Nancy (WA)

“Ooo … that feels so nice in my cunt,” Janis murmured, her eyes closed and her head turned one side on the pillow.

James was sliding his erection easily and efficiently in and out his mom’s vagina as she lay there naked on the bed. He smiled. This was the only time that his mom ever used language like that. Where she felt free enough.

They had started having sex several months after his parents had divorced. He had been surprised by how open his mom was to doing this with him. He had never thought of her as being sexual or liking that, and he had never imagined that she would want to be sexual with him.

Of course as James realized, mother and son sexual relations were not all that uncommon, that this occurred far more people thought and certainly ever talked about. The natural bond between a mother and son made this quite an inviting thing and ultimately satisfying to experience.

“Ohhhh … you know how to take care of my needs so well. It’s wonderful to feel your penis in me,” she breathed. “It’s so nice and hard and you’re making me so wet.”

“I can tell,” James said, smiling as he her heard the interactions of his erection moving in and out of her vagina making wet sounds.

“My cunt is so wet …” she said. “Ooooo … I love to feel you fucking me.”

“It feels so good to be fucking you, mom,” he said back. “I love having my dick in you.”

“Oh, yes! And I want your dick in me. I want you to fuck me. To just keep fucking me. Oh, yes … Oh, yes … that feels so good!”

James savored the pleasure of increasing his mom’s sexual arousal and being able to use his stiff penis with her to accomplish this.

Their sexual involvement was leisurely and unrushed as they both liked it to be.

James had gotten use to experiencing his mom’s physical needs and requirements, and knew that she liked to be fucked slowly and thoroughly. He liked that too, prolonging their naked moments of mother and son intimacy to make it even more significant. He liked having the time to think about how good it felt to have his erect penis in her vagina, and the sensation of her female organ softly and wetly caressing his maleness.

The wet sounds continued.

“Oh, yes … I like hearing you fuck me. It sounds so good … you hard dick fucking my mom hole.”

“I love fucking your mom hole,” James said. “It feels so good.”

“Does it?”

“Yes. I just love fucking you.”

The excitement of carrying on their intimate dialogue was suddenly making her climax.

“Uhhhhh!!!’ She gasped and laid there panting as she was seized by a very intense orgasm, pushing her head against the pillow as her hands grasped his hips, lying nakedly beneath him with her legs thrust apart to accommodate his maleness in her. “Ahhhh … Ahhhhh …”

“Keep coming, mom!” James said as he started to ejaculate inside of her, his throbbing stiff penis delivering his sperm in surges of semen.

Like a wave washing over both of them, the torment of the moment of their release began to ease.

James loved how incredibly satisfying it was to feel his now expended penis deep in his mom’s vagina. Knowing that his sperm was in her. Just as she savored how wonderful it was for him to have gone all the way in her. It was a privilege that had to be experienced and which so temptingly many mothers and sons did.

James climbed off and laid on the bed next to her.

Janice opened her eyes and smiled at him. “Ohhh …” sighed in an exhausted but pleased fashion. “I just love it so much when we fuck.”

James smiled in return. “Me too, mom.”

They kissed gently on the lips and the pleasure of their naked mother and son union was theirs to enjoy.

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