The Mom Moment

by Cindy (SC)

“Geez, mom!” Danny said, surprised to see his mom standing there naked.

His mom was slender and cute, with short red hair. She had an amused and teasing grin on her face.

“Well,” she said quite innocently, “it’s kind of fun for a mother to let her son see her naked.” She then mindfully added, “I mean … just so long as nobody knows.”

Danny grinned back, enjoying his mom’s uninhibited attitude.

She looked nice with nothing on. Trim, and with somewhat larger breasts than he was expecting, although he had never really thought much about that. Each was punctuated by a reddish-pink nipple. She also had a surprising amount of darker pubic hair that grew in a kind of wild tangle.

“Is it giving you a boner?’ she teased.

“Geez, mom!” Danny said again, not believing that his mom had asked him that.

“You have your clothes on … I can’t tell,” she said being entirely practical about the matter. “I wouldn’t mind if you were naked, and letting me see.”

“You mean … like just take my clothes off …” Danny said.

“It could be fun,” she laughed. “Just for a moment.”

Danny hesitated. He supposed that it could be fun. He went ahead and took his clothes off as his mother watched, feeling a bit self-conscious and shy. Then, suddenly, he was naked, too.

“Ooo … that’s nice!” she said.

Danny blushed just a little.

“Give me a kiss,” she said playfully.

Danny stepped forward and she took a step forward, and they kissed on the lips. It wasn’t passionate, but their lips touched fully.

Danny felt very shy and unsure, but he could see that his mom was obviously feeling in a very uninhibited and playful mood. It was exciting to see that, and not unexpectedly he felt his penis starting to become erect.

“Ooo! That’s nice,” his mother complimented, observing her son’s developing maleness.

Danny blushed some more but found it quite exciting to be nakedly having a boner with his own mom.

“Maybe we should take care of that,” she suggested.

In a moment more she was lying on the bed with her son on top of her, with his stiff penis slipped intimately into her vagina.

“Ohhh …” she moaned lightly, looking up at him, and Danny looking down into his mom’s large blue eyes.

It was such an incredible moment being physically together like this as mother and son. It was so significant and special.

“This is nice … so nice,” she breathed as she felt him begin to move his hard organ in and out of her. She squeezed her eyes shut and just laid there allowing her sexual urge to be simulated and satisfied, and so wonderfully by her son.

Danny continued to rhythmically slide his penis in and out of her vagina slowly and steadily. Just the idea that he was doing this with his mom, that he was actually in her vagina, felt so good.

The moment was deliberately unhurried, so they could both make it last and savor it to its fullest, and it just seemed to go on and on without consequence beyond the physical intimacy which they were so easily and wonderfully sharing.

‘Mm … Mmmm …” she murmured. Then, suddenly, with more urgency. “Ohhhhh….”

Danny realized that his mom was climaxing.

It was incredible to see and feel her enduring her sexual release, as she lay here naked beneath him.

‘Ooo … Ooo …” she moaned as she concluded.

With a renewed purposefulness, Danny slid his stiff penis back and forth through her vaginal opening and to her female depths, and then was suddenly adding his wetness to hers as he began ejaculating.

“Um … Ummm …” He moaned under his breath as he found himself giving his mom his sperm.

His penis throbbed again and again in a joyful release.

For a long time they both just laid there recovering, and then finally looked at one another and smiled. They were both just a little overwhelmed by just how significant and special this was.

“That was so nice,” she said.

“Yeah,” Danny agreed.

They gazed into each other’s eyes in a communication of love and intimacy. One that was quite different and so unique to be able to experience. Already they had no doubt that they would be sharing such moments again, lovingly, and even eagerly and passionately.

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