The Mom Loving Experience

by HK (OR)

Vera smiled as she laid there naked on the bed, propped up against the pillow and saw her son smiling back, and his enjoying being naked like this with her. As a mom it was special to share moments like this with her own son.

"I hope that Josh doesn’t know that you do this with your mom,” she remarked somewhat mindfully, mentioning her son’s friend.

“No,’ Danny assured. “I wouldn’t tell him.”

“That’s good,” she said just a little relieved. While mother and son sex was really much more of a common occurrence than often believed, it was the type of thing that was just not talked about.

She grinned. “Of course, maybe he’s doing this with his own mom.”

“I doubt it,’ Danny said. “Josh and his mom don’t get along all that well.

“That’s too bad.”

“Besides,’ Danny added, “I don’t think that his dad would go for that.”

“No. Probably not,” she agreed.

His parents were of course divorced and had been for several years now, so when they had started having sex there were no complications. It was just something that they were free to enjoy. Still, their sexual moments were private and they were very discrete about heir intimacy, and Danny could not imagine telling his best friend that he and his mother liked to fuck.

As Danny sat on the edge of the bed, his penis began to push up with an erection. It always felt so good getting an erection with his mom.

“Oh, my! That’s a hard one!” she remarked and grinned happily at the sight of her son’s pronounced arousal.

“It always gets so hard with you, mom,’ Danny said.

“I’m glad.”

Danny leaned over and he and his mom kissed on the lips and he felt the fullness of her bare breasts.

Then He climbed up on top of her as she spread her legs, and he sank his stiff penis into her wet vagina.

“Oh! That feels so nice!” she exclaimed as her female depth accommodated his male organ.

Danny began thrusting his penis in and out, giving his mom every erect inch.

“Oh! Yes! Keep fucking me!” she gasped.

Danny spent the next two minutes delivering repeated insertions into his mom’s wet vagina and she gasped and had an orgasm.

“Oh! Oh! OHHHHHHH!!!”

Danny loved making his mother cum and to feel her struggling naked beneath him as she did.

Just as she was finishing Danny could no longer hold back and he ejaculated in her.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” he groaned as the semen pulsed from his erection.

“Oh… yes …” she sighed as she once more felt him doing this in her.

That he was giving his own mom his sperm was incredibly gratifying. Fortunately she was on the pill, although on occasion they did joke about how maybe she should stop taking it so he could get her pregnant. There was a teasing sort of enticement and passion to the idea of them having a baby together as mother and son. Yet, there were also complications which they both knew were best to be avoided.

Still, the fact that the pill was not entirely infallible, did provide an exciting element of risk that they both enjoyed. There was the undeniable thrill that every time he came in her, that this might just be that time.

So far, though, after more than a year of their regularly having sex together, that had not happened. Which was no doubt good.

Still, Danny delighted in giving his mom his male liquid, and the two of them enjoying the pleasurable part of the reproductive act together, as did she.

As always, it was over with too quickly, although after it ended, the both savored just being naked and satisfied together. That in itself was wonderful to share as mother and son, and they did frequently.

Vera thought that it was sort of funny that she had never spent this much time being naked and enjoying sex as much as she did with his father. Somehow that had just seemed more like a wifely duty, where as with her son, it was a fun recreation which she loved participating in. And obviously he did, as well.

Their having once more successfully gone all the way together was like a celebration.

“Mm – I’m glad that we fucked this morning,’ she purred contentedly.

“I’m glad that we fucked too, mom,’ Danny said. He grinned. “I’m always glad when we fuck.”

“Me too.”

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