The Mom Love

by Alonnie (MX)

“It’s so nice being naked with my son,” Clarisse said as she came in from sitting on the balcony of her apartment, where she had been enjoying the warm early morning sun. It was a little risqué doing that, but no one could really see her.

Charles was sitting on the sofa having his morning cup of coffee. He had just gotten up and was just as naked as she was. He was thirty-two and divorced. His mom was fifty-one and had been divorced from his father for two years. A year ago the two of them had decided to let their relationship include being intimate and having sex. It had been a wonderful decision.

Charles grinned just a bit modestly. He was stills surprised that his mom loved being naked like she did, not that he didn’t enjoy it. She had stylishly short silver-blonde hair, was tall and trim, with long shapely legs and nicely shaped full breasts.

He knew that for his father, who was a very successful businessman, she had been a trophy wife and little more than that. His mom was actually very smart and had a great personality, although his father had hardly been noticing of that. In fact, after several years of marriage, and when she had gotten pregnant with him, his father hard started losing interest in her. After that, his having endless affairs had been normal, and his mom had put up with it for years. Now she was on her own and had her own life and loved it.

It had not been awkward but rather easy for the two of them to become lovers. For them, as mother and son, it was a true pleasure to be enjoyed.

His mom went and poured herself a cup of coffee and brought it over to sit on the sofa with him. She smiled and leaned over and gave him a small affectionate kiss on the lips and he kissed her back.

“I’m glad you came to spend the weekend,” she said.

“Me, too. It’s always nice.”

She took a sip of her coffee. “You know,” she mentioned quite casually, “I’ve been thinking … wouldn’t it be fun to move somewhere like Mexico, and just live together?”

Charles smiled. “You mean, like husband and wife?”

“Well,” she said, “boyfriend and girlfriend. No one need know that were mother and son.”

“We could get ourselves a place on the beach with lots of privacy and be naked all the time.”

Charles smiled at his mom’s enthusiasm as well as her uninhibited sense of adventure. Mexico would be a good choice. There no one would pay much attention to them.

“That would be fine with me,” he said.

“Then maybe we should,” Clarisse said happily.

“Do we have time to finish our coffee?” he teased.

She gave him a playful smirk. “I was thinking maybe in a month or two?”

“Oh, good. Then we have time to make love.”

“Oh, definitely,” she said.

She reached down to take her son’s penis in her hand to hold and gently fondle., feeling it responded. Charles leaned over and kissed her, letting his tongue slide into her mouth. It was always so exciting to kiss his mom like that. He felt her tongue push wetly back and his hands felt and squeezed the fullness of her bare breasts.

Then without any objection, he pushed her back onto the sofa and got on top her, pushing his now fully erect penis into her only too willing vagina.

“Mmm …” he moaned, enjoying the sensation of his penis entering her soft, warm, wet female depths. It always felt so good to have his penis hard in his mom like that.

“Oh, Charles …” she breathed as she felt his hard maleness filling her. “Ohhhhh …”

“Oh, mom … I love fucking you.”

“I love it when you fuck me,” she said, squeezing her eyes shut. ”It’s so wonderful having my son fuck me.”

Of course as so many mothers and sons knew, more than many people ever realized, fucking was such a privileged and special experience to share. For a mother and son to engage in he reproductive act together was the ultimate intimacy.

To suddenly find herself having sex like this was very exciting and Clarisse felt her sexuality responding quickly.

“Oh, yes … yes … just fuck me. Keep fucking me,” she breathed.

Charles diligently gave his mom every inch of his hard erect penis again and again.

She felt her clitoris begging for more stimulation as its pink protrusion bulged outward to receive it.

“Oh, yes … yes … yes …” she panted. Having her vagina violated in such a male way was sending her into sexual ecstasy, especially in so shamelessly enjoying it with her own son. She was absolutely thrilled to feel her son’s boner doing this to her.

“Uh … Uh … Uh … Uh … Uh … Uh …” she gasped with his unrelenting thrusting penetrations.

“Oh, mom … mom … it feels so good fucking you.”

“Ah! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Clarisse cried out as she climaxed and her orgasm hit her entire naked body like a hammer blow. “AHHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

She twisted and writhed beneath her son, impelled by his large stiff erection as his maleness was thrusting again and again between her legs. Oh, God! She had never cum like this with his father! She had never felt such overwhelming sexual passion. It was like electricity was shooting out from her clitoris and traveling up every inch of her naked body, going through the pliant substance of her breasts to shock her very erect nipples and drive her crazy.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she moaned and vocalized, her back rising off of the sofa and her legs coming up to squeeze her son’s hips, wanting all of him in her as far as he could possibly go. “Oh, God! Oh, God!” she gasped and then she suddenly went limp.

Charles continued to slide his boner in and out with a purposeful intent and suddenly he was ejaculating.

“Uhhhhh …” he groaned and felt the semen shooting nakedly from his hard organ, filling her vagina with his liquid release, giving her his sperm. “Uhhhh … Uhhhh …”

“Oh, yes …” Clarisse said as she felt her son ejaculating in her to make their joining complete. She laid there as his organ throbbed deep inside of her and she received the biological intimacy of his sperm. And although it would not happen, wanting so desperately to have it flood her womb and fertilize her egg. Her womanly instinct made her want to be impregnated by her own son to complete the bond between them. She had long been fixed, though, and it would just have to suffice that he had ejaculated his sperm into her.

“Oh … mom …” Charles breathed, gulping breaths of air, as he felt his body expended in hers.

“Oh, honey … Charles …” she said, her hands sweeping over his back.

Once more they had successfully fucked as mother and son and it was such a wonderful experience to share.

They looked at one another and smiled weakly with a shared satisfaction.

“Oh, mom …”

“Oh, honey … to have you do that in me, just thrills me.”

They kissed warmly.

Charles felt his softening penis slip from his mom’s now thoroughly wet vagina, as his semen mixed with her wet lubrication in a pleasing overabundance.

“You know …” Clarisse said, “maybe after we finished our coffee, we should go online and start looking for a place.”

“That sounds like the perfect idea,” Charles agreed. “I think the sooner the better.”

He watched as his naked mom took a sip of her coffee and thought how their living together would be the perfect thing.

This is very much a true story. Four years ago my son and I did move to Mexico to live together, and we have never regreted having done that for a single moment. And, I really do become that excited while having sex with my son. Always have and always will. It is just such a thrilling and special experience.

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