The Mom Love Affair

by Carol (WA)

Cindy smiled as her son came in and she stood there nakedly to greet him.

“Hi, darling,” she said and she leaned forward and they did a small kiss on the lips.

Ron smiled back, enjoying seeing his mom nude like that.

Since her divorce from his dad a year ago, his mom had delighted in the uninhibited freedom of becoming a home nudist. Her home was nice and private and out on the edge of the country, and she could do things like that, and since she worked at home with her own online business, she was free to be that indulgent.

And somehow in the process, the two of them had started quite enjoyably having a mother-son affair. The two of them had always gotten along and been close, and that had just been an easy and natural thing for them to do and enjoy together. These days, even if not talked about, that sort of thing was becoming much more common and even desirable for divorced mothers. The allure of mother and son intimacy had always been appealing and irresistible.

Cindy knew that she should probably feel embarrassed by just how much she liked this with her son, but she found it easy not to be. In fact, she had never enjoyed a romantic relationship more.

Ron quickly got undressed to join her, feeling quite comfortable doing so, and they two of them left her office to go into the living room to sit and have a cigarette.

“This is nice,” Cindy said as she lit his cigarette and his, taking an inhalation and blowing out a thin stream of smoke.

Ron did the same. “It is,” he agreed, liking the pleasure of being naked with his own mom. It was special. It was so open and honest and such a desirable ay to be together. Of course they were very careful to be discreet, and Ron knew that a lot of people would not approve nor understand, and that his dad certainly never would. For them, this was like a celebration of being mother and son and the bond between them.

“So, how is work?” he asked.

“It’s going dine,” she said. She smiled a bit shyly. “Although I couldn’t wait for you to get here.”

“Me, either,” Ron admitted.

He looked at his mom’s bare physique. She was fifty-four and quite attractive, with short cropped silver-gray hair. Her figure was trim and the fullness of her bare breasts sagged just a bit softly, allowing them to sway appealing when she moved, and down below she had a quite bull abundance of pubic hair. As he had discovered, and a little to his surprise, his mom delighted in being naked and felt comfortable in being so. This was something which she had never gotten to enjoy with his dad who was rather stodgy about such things. As he had also discovered, his mom had a very romantic sexual nature which he had never been aware of, but that she had been pleased to be revealing of with him.

Like so many older women, she had found marriage repressive rather than liberating, and sex had lost any excitement beyond being mere duty. But being on her own had awaken that interest in a most enthusiastic of ways. Which was why, these days, and with modern birth control, so many mothers found their own sons to be readily convenient and willing lovers, or discovered the joys of bisexuality with a divorced female friend. Indeed, to such an extent that this was now considered to be quite the trend.

As he looked admiring at his mom, Ron felt his penis beginning to stir with interest. He never failed to get the biggest and stiffest boners being naked with his mom, and he found thrilling to be revealing of that as he was being right then as his penis stiffened and pushed upright.

Cindy saw her son’s penis becoming handsomely hard with an erection, and was excited to be able to give her son a boner, especially such an outstanding one and so easily. Just as quickly she became only too aware of her clitoris responding and swelling pleasurably and her vagina becoming moist.

“Mmm … that looks nice,” she complimented.

She stubbed out her cigarette in the ashtray and leaned over to take her son maleness in her mouth.

Ron grinned as he felt her wet mouth enveloping his erection, and he was still surprised to see his own mom so willing sucking on his dick. In all truth, Cindy loved to suck on an erection, and when she had been younger it was talent which she had developed in order to retain her virginity. Although, in fact, she reveled in sucking boys’ dicks and had done so quite freely and even somewhat excessively. Not that she was about to reveal that to her own son. Some things about moms, she knew, should remain a teasing secret.

Cindy slid her mouth easily up and down several times before pulled back and then licking her tongue over the swollen mushroom head of her son’s penis making it expanded fully to the point of becoming shiny smooth and purple-tinged.

She felt her wetness now making itself known.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” she said as she stood up to take her son’s hand.

Ron followed his mom. She climbed onto the bed which was just below a large window with a view of a spreading tree. He joined and leaned over and they kissed quite romantically. The, taking a hold of his erection, he worked the enormous swollen tip between her vagina lips to wet and lubricated it. When he done this, he pushed all the way into her.

“Ohhhh ,..” Cindy breathed as she once more felt her son’s stiff male anatomy going fully into her vaginal depths.

“Oh, mom … “ Ron breathed. “It feels so good being in you.”

“I love having you fuck me,” she told him, unafraid the use the “F” word with him, and even finding it exciting to do so. She could have never used that word with his father. But with her so she found it liberating and fun to talk dirty as it was so in contrast to her normal and very proper demeanor. It was like that for a lot of older women who caved to be sluttish and whorish and to have that side unleashed.

“It feels so good fucking you mom,” he said.

“Oh! Fuck my pussy! Just fuck me!”

“I’m fucking your pussy, mom. I’m fucking you.”

“Oh, God! Your dick feels so big and hard!”

“You’re making my dick big and hard, mom.”

“Keep fucking my pussy. Oh, yes! Keep fucking my pussy!” She squeezed her shut as she felt her son’ boner hammering repeatedly into her. “Oh, yes … oh, yes … oh yes …” she panted. The she gasped and tensed beneath him as she was climaxing. “UHHHHHHH! UHHHHHHH! UHHHHHHHH!!!”

Ron was excited to fuck his mom to an orgasm as she writhed naked beneath him on the bed as she was completely violated by his hard cock.

The spasms of her orgasm were sudden, overwhelming and quick and she could only succumb to them, as the sexually waves of pleasure spread outward from her clitoris and vagina, going all the way to her bare toes and up through her breasts and making her face flush. Even his father had never made her experience such naked desire and fulfillment. There was just something about being fucked by her own son that in a way which she found so thrilling to experience merged her womanly and maternal desires in an unbelievable way. This was something that only a mother could experience and why so many mothers craved to.

As his mom was finishing, Ron allowed his erection to go all the sway in her. He felt the semen shoot the rigid length of his penis and exit through the hole in the enormously swollen head, and once he enjoyed the pleasure and satisfaction that came from ejaculating his sperm into his own mother’s vagina.

“Oh! Yes! Yes!” Cindy cried out as she felt her son being reproductively male in her.

She brought her legs up around his hips to ensure that his ejaculation took place as deeply inside of her as was possible.

“UHHHHH …” Ron strained with his release as his hard penis throbbed wetly again and again.

Then he let out the breath he had been holding and felt his body ease.

“Oh, mom …” he sighed heavily.

“Oh, honey … this is so good,” she praised.

They opened their eyes and smiled at one another in an almost sheepish fashion over the joy of their shared sexual passion.

“I just can’t get enough of being fucked by my own son like this,” she confessed.

“I can’t get enough of fucking my mom,” he said. He smiled and he kissed her and she kissed him with a longing romantic desire.

He slipped his no longer erect penis from her vagina.

“How about a cup of coffee and another cigarette?” she asked.

“That sounds great,” said Ron.

They would spend the rest of that day naked together and it would be so wonderful and pleasurable.

Right now, I am enjoying an affair like this with my own son, and have been for two years now. As lovers, mothers and son are just so well suited to one another, and it easy to understand why mothers and sons find this to be so desirable. I cannot even begin to describe just how exciting and fulfilling it is for me as a mother to feel my son’s erection in me, or to have him give his sperm.

It is not always easy for a mom to allow herself to be sexual with her son, but when she can manage this, the rewards are immeasurable to be able to experience that sort of physical sexual excitement and intimacy. I have tried to do some research on the frequency of mother and son sexual relations, only due mostly to legalities this is a subject little discussed or even admitted to. Yet current research does clearly suggest this is becoming much more common than it ever has been, as mothers are now allowed to have a sexual identity after divorce and can enjoy that freedom. Even desirably allowing it to extend to enhancing the natural mother and son bond.

I hope that one day this will be explored more in depth and we may know the truth, and I would say that many people will be surprised.

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