The Mom Knows Boy Affair

by Shany (WA)

“Oh! Mom!” Marc said, startled and with surprised as he saw his mom standing in the doorway of his bedroom.

He and Greg were both lying naked together on the bed, leaning back against the pillows. Thankfully at that moment they were doing nothing more than having a cigarette, although Greg’s arm was casually draped around his shoulders, and although neither actually had an erection, their penises were visibly quite large and thick.

His mom looked at them. “You two,” she said with something of an amused smirk.

“I … I didn’t think that you would be home so early,” Marc all but stammered. Greg looked just as surprised. Stunned, actually.

“Obviously,” she laughed. He shook her head and left.

“Oh, geez!” Greg exclaimed.

Marc wanted to die.

The two of them were not gay, but just having a little friendly boy-romance. This was something which they had started just two months ago, and were thoroughly enjoying. It felt so good to do that as friends. But now … with his mom discovering them together like this …

“I guess I’d better get dressed and go,” Greg said getting off of the bed to retrieve his discard clothes.

Marc just laid there somewhat numbly as Greg got dressed and slipped out of the room to leave. Then, summoning what little courage he had, he pulled on his jeans and a t-shirt and not bothering with shoes, went down stairs to face his mom.

He found her in the kitchen where she was fixing coffee.

“Oh, hi,” she said. She gave him a teasing grin. “You’re dressed.”

“Um … yeah,” he said.

“Well,” she said quite nonchalantly, “I don’t mind if you feel like walking around the house naked.” She teasingly added, “Now that I’ve seen everything, anyway.”

Marc blushed. Awkwardly he said, “Greg and I aren’t gay.”

“I kind of didn’t think so. I know that both of you like girls,” she told him. She gave him a kind of motherly understanding look. Since the divorce a year ago it had just been the two of them, and they had always gotten along and had a good mother-son relationship. “There’s nothing wrong with two friends do things like that together,” she assured.

Marc was surprised by his mom’s casual and accepting attitude.

“I’m not shocked,” she said. Then she added, “Although I don’t know if I approve of the two of you smoking.”

“Oh. Yeah,” Marc said a bit sheepishly., not having even thought about that part. Ordinarily that would have been a big deal.

“But so long as you don’t burn the house down, and you have a window open …” she allowed.

“Of course I don’t know how Greg’s parents might feel about this.”

“They don’t know,” Marc confirmed.

“Well, I won’t tell them,” his mom assured. “But I promise that I won’t be shocked if I see the two of you naked again.” She again gave him something of an amused smile.

“I think that it’s kind of nice seeing the two of you being lovers. There’s no reason why friends can’t be.” Marc smiled over his mom’s accepting and open minded attitude, feeling grateful.

Curious he asked, “have you ever … with a friend …”

“Oh,” his mom drawled and looked innocently up at the ceiling. “Maybe … when I was younger.” She paused and added, “And you never know. I might just feel like that with a friend sometimes, too.”

Marc grinned, surprised by his mom’s candor. “I promise that I won’t be surprise if I see you naked with a friend.”

“That’s good to hear, and I appreciate that,” she said, very much thinking how it might well just be nice to be naked with another woman as friend. Things like that were always enjoyable and tempting. At least now her son would not be shocked. “Would you like a fresh cup of coffee?”

“Yes … please,” said Marc.

What he thought would be the worst possible day of his entire life, and actually turned out to be the best.

This really happened to me, and my mom was so understanding. My mom didn’t accuse my friend and I of being gay or anything like that. She had absolutely no problem with friends being like that together. And yes, I have since seen my mom with another women friend kissing and I know that they have been in bed together. It is just so wonderful being able to be open and honest.

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