The Mom Decision

by Devon (NC)

His mom had her head thrown back on the pillow and her eyes were closed, as John fucked his hard dick into her hairy wet hole.

“Uh! Yes! Yes!” she vocalized. Her large bare tits flopped around with his thrusting efforts, and she lustfully held her legs apart.

“It’s so good to fuck you, mom!” John said.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! I want to be fucked!” she declared.

John loved just how big and hard his dick was, and that he had it in his mom’s sloppy wet vagina, and she loved this, too.

John knew that his parents had not been getting along for some time, and that their marriage had become loveless. So it had been easy for him and his mom to find themselves drawn together. He had been only too glad to take care of his mom’s sexual desires and needs. Clair might have felt guilty about doing this with her own son, but like so many mothers she found the pleasure rewarding.

John of course also knew that his father would never approve of his having his penis in his own mom’s vagina. Yet, this was between the two of them as mother and son, so they kept the affair they were having secret. Of course while his dad was at work, this allowed them to fuck as much as they wanted.

John always found his boner ready to fuck his mom and he did as often as possible. He even fucked her several times a day and she loved it. She loved having her cunt violated by his rigid maleness.

“Oh, John! Oh, honey!” she gasped. “Oh … Oh … Oh … I’m going to cum!”

John fucked his mom even harder to ensure that this would happen.


She gasped and gritted her teeth as the sexual explosion between her legs overwhelmed her. The excitement of letting her son see her undergoing this sexual torment only increased the intensity of her orgasm.

Just as she thought that she could stand another moment more, her orgasm eased.

“Oh, that’s good, mom,” John told her, pleased.

OHhhh … yes …”

John fucked his dick into her two dozen more times, producing a repeated loud wet sound.

Then he felt his boner tense and suddenly ejaculate. The semen shot forcefully out in thick surges.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!’ John grunted with each spasm of his rigid erection, as his male organ did this deep inside of his mom.

“Oh, John! Yes!” she gasped, feeling him relieving himself inside of her, and fulfilling her need to be fertilized even if it did not mean her becoming pregnant.

“Yeah, mom … yeah …” John breathed as he took his penis to completion, and with the gratification of actually giving his own mom his sperm.

She moaned softly. To have her son’s sperm in her was so rewarding in a way that only a mother could appreciate. “Oh, yes … yes … this is just so nice,” she said.

‘It is nice, mom,” John said.”It’s so special fucking you.”

“It’s special fucking you, too,” she told him as she laid there with his penis still in her vagina. She looked up at him and put her hands to either side of his face. Her expression became quite serious. “I’m going to leave your father.”

“Oh,” John said. He was not expecting her to say this. Not right then, not with his penis still in he vagina. Although he was not surprised that she had made her mind to do this.

“I know that you’re nineteen now, but would you want to continue living with me?”

John smiled. “Yes, mom. I would love to,” he told her.

Suddenly, in that moment, the future had changed and it as so wonderful.

This story is true and how it happened to my mom and me. We have now been together for the last five years and have absolutely been the most wonderful years.

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