The Mom, Dad and Daughter Lockdown

by Jill (MS)

It was March, the start of the lockdown.

Ashley had been invited to spend it with her parents. She was twenty-nine now, but still single, and was looking forward to the chance to have the time to do that.

Her father smiled. “Well, it’ll be like the old days,” he said.

Bev looked at her husband and smiled back. “Are you going to be able to cope with two women?”

“That’s right, daddy,” Ashley said in a teasing fashion, too. “It might just get a bit much.”

“I can handle it,” he assured confidently.

The first week went by, and it was the start of the second week when the idea that they really could not leave the house and go out, began to become noticeable. It was really quite boring.

“Well, how is it being cooped up with two women for an entire month?” Bev asked that morning.

“Which man could ask for more?” He laughed in a tired sort of way.

“Well, you could have two naked women,” Ashley teased.

“Ooo … now wouldn’t that brighten your day, darling?” Bev laughed.

“Wife and daughter?” he said and raised his eyebrows.

“I don’t know if your father could handle that,” Bev said to her daughter.

“He does look a bit lackluster,” Ashley said.

They both laughed.

“I could handle that,” Dave assured. “Just get out of our clothes and I’ll show you.”

They were all laughing and impulsively and quite uninhibitedly Bev and Ashely were doing just that, taking off their clothes as Dave watched with surprise. Suddenly, right before him both his wife and daughter were head-to-toe naked.

“See you in the bedroom, honey,” Bev said as she and her daughter traipsed off into the bedroom.

Dave followed and hurried got undressed, joining them on the bed.

Happily they snuggled up on either side of him and began playing with his penis making it become stiffly erect.

“Oh, daddy!” Ashley exclaimed. It was so much fun being nakedly uninhibited with her parents like this.

She and her mother both laughed with unconcealed female delight.

Then playfully, they did a small kiss on the lips and let their hands slip down between each other’s legs to enjoy a little bisexual fun. It wasn’t at all awkward but easy to enjoy.

Dave watched as they felt each other’s breast and kissed some more and masturbated one another a little.

Then Bev turned her attention to her husband and kissed him. Holding her father’s large erection, Ashely took it lovingly into her mouth to suck on. She heard her father moan. Her mother joined her in doing this, and they took turns on her father’s hard dick, alternately licking and sucking on it. Ashley had never imagined that she would be performing an oral in front of her own mother, but then Bev had never imaged that she would doing that in front of her own daughter. It was wild and fun.

Dave then took charge and climbed in top of his naked daughter and pushed his penis into her vagina and began to fuck her as her mother watched.

As aroused as Ashley was, she started having an orgasm, gasping and choking.

Oh, God! Doe was being fucked right there in front of her own mother and she could see her mother smiling approvingly, and she was being fucked by her own father!

When her release concluded, Dave pulled his erection from her and proceeded to fuck her mother.

Ashley watched wide-eyed. It was incredible to see her parents fucking!

She saw her father diligently pumping his hard dick in and out of her mom’ motherly twat.

“Oh, darling … darling …” her mom moaned. Then in another moment gasped and writhed beneath her father.


As Bev collapsed in exhaustion, Dave slipped out of her and again inserted his boner into his daughter’s tight pussy and began fucking her. Quickly he was fucking his sperm into her as he ejaculated.

“Oh, Daddy!” Ashley said with surprise as her father climaxed in her.

“Uh … Uh … Uh …” Dave groaned as his organ pulsed nakedly in his daughter. Then he let out a long and satisfied sighed.

When the passionate release of the moment finally passed, Ashley and her mom were both smiling in an amused way, as Dave lay on his back looking exhausted.

“Are you sure that you can handle two women, darling?” Bev questioned.

“Oh … well, I’m going to try my best,” Dave answered and he smiled.

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