The Mom And Son Thing

by Pauline (NY)

“Ooo … I like doing this with my son,” Diane said as she lay naked on the bed. Her head was back on the pillow and her eyes closed as she savored the pleasure of her son’s penis moving gently in her vagina. “It just feels so good.”

David looked down at his mom and smiled.

“I like doing it with you mom,” he told her, as he too savored the pleasure of having his erect penis inserted in his mom’s warm, wet vaginal depths.

Since his parents had separated and then divorced, it had just been so easy for the two of them to find themselves being loving together like this. It was not lustful passion, but rather being able to experience something that was so wonderfully personal and intimate as mother and son, and their nakedly engaging in the reproductive act was the perfect way to achieve this.

Although this was something hardly ever discussed, let alone openly talked about, mother and son sex had always occurred far than many people believed, and had started to become much more common in recent years.

Researchers credited this to reliable birth control and just the fact that in the modern world people were becoming increasing isolated by machines and computers, and were seeking to have more personal and meaningful relationships and experiences. It was also stated the sex strengthened the natural mother and son bond could be quite beneficial, so long as it was not underage and consensual.

Diane murmured feeling her son’s male anatomy pleasing her womanly needs, and rejoiced over being able to lay there with her legs apart and to so audaciously have her son’s penis filling her vagina. She felt so pleased and thankful that she had the courage to do this, and not to have shied away from ever being uninhibited with her own son.

Almost embarrassingly, the first time that they had sex had been only two weeks after his father had left. This made it seem like they were only too anxious, when it fact it had not been that way at all.

If anything, it had been a very cautious and unsure realization of how nice it could be for the two of them to share a more meaningful closeness. Their first moments of actually being naked together had made them feel self-conscious and modest, but then after they had consummated their relationship, it had been like a celebration.

Diane unavoidably felt her clitoris becoming demanding and driving her urge to the point of climaxing.

She moaned.

“Ohhhhhh …”

Her breath started to come in short gasp and her naked body tensed beneath her son.

“Ohhhh … yes …” she said.

In the next moment she was giving in to her orgasm and she choked and struggled with its intensity.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ….”

That it was her son’s penis causing her to climax only increased the severity and thrill.

“Ahhhh … Ahhhhhh … Ahhhhhhhhh …”

For David it was exciting to see his mom having an orgasm, and he kept his erection thrusting into her to ensure that it was complete.

Finally the pinnacle of her release was reached and her body began to go limp.

David felt his own urge growing in his organ and a dozen more insertions made him ejaculate.

“Uhhhhhh …”

His hard penis throbbed, delivering his semen into his mom’s vagina with a liquid overabundance.

That he was doing this in his mom only made it that much more satisfying and fulfilling.

At last the two of them just laid there, momentarily exhausted by their combined efforts to achieve what they had. Finally David moved off of his mom to lay next to her and they looked at one another with a pleased satisfaction.

She touched her fingers lightly to his face. “I like it when you fuck me,” she said tenderly.

“I like to fuck you,” David said back. “It feels so good doing it with my mom.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

They did a small kiss on the lips. It was really no more than any mother and son might have shared, but doing that lying there naked and having just enjoyed the reproductive act together, made even more unashamedly special.

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