The Mom and Son Love Thing

by Dolcy (CA)

Josh smiled. It was nice to see a side to his mom that no one really ever got to see. She was always very proper, somewhat stoic and very business-like. He felt privileged, especially as a son, to see his mom enjoying being naked and enjoying being sexual.

They had met at her apartment for lunch. He had gotten out of his business attire, and she out of hers. There was very much impromptu and their time was limited, so that meant more or less just getting down to it.

Jill smiled. “Mmm … it’s nice enjoying this with my son,” she said.

“It’s nice enjoying this with my mom,” Greg said smiling back at her.

He was sitting on the sofa. She sat on the edge and they kissed.

Pleasingly he was starting to get an erection as his handsomely large, thick manhood stiffened and pushed visibly up.

His mom took a hold of it and gently stroked her son’s organ.

Without a word, she leaned over and took his penis into her mouth.

Greg was always surprised when his mom did this.

He was thirty-four and divorced, and his mom was fifty-four and had been divorced from his father for some time. He and his mom were both professional people with good jobs, and that occupied most of their time as could only be imagined. And it was because of this that they had found their loving arrangement to be so convenient as well as satisfying.

Jill sucked on her son’s penis for a moment, her lips gliding up and down a number of times, and then drew back, giving him something of a teasing and pleased smile over her being so uninhibited with him like that.

She squeezed onto the sofa next to him and he got on top and pushed his hard penis into his mother’s receptively wet vagina.

“Oh, that’s nice,” she said, feeling her son’s maleness in her.

“It always feels good to be in you, mom,” Greg told her.

It was reassuring and even more so as mother and son, to know that they were both willing and perfectly happy to be doing this together.

Gregg knew that not only because of their limited time constraints, that his mom liked to get right down to having sex and doing so in a very straightforward fashion. It was her habit to be precise like that, and she was just as precise in how she liked her sex. Greg, of course, was only too happy to accommodate her needs.

She closed her eyes.

His mom was very attractive, with short silver hair and a trim figure, with nicely full breasts.

That she liked to be naked showed an uninhibited side to her which Greg liked to see. It was nice to see his mom loosen up and to just enjoy. Although again, when it came to sex, she liked it very much in a straightforward fashion. She liked to be fucked in a very masculine way and to have her needs taken care of without excess talk or fiddling around. She expected to be laid and laid well in a very precise manner.

“Ohhh …” she moaned lightly as she laid there being fucked by her son. His large, thick penis filling her vagina nicely and encouraging her clitoris to become ever more erect.

“Mmm …” Greg murmured, “It feels so good to be doing this with you, mom.”

“Oh, Greg … I liked to be fucked by you,” she said, making a rare exception in that she seldom if ever used the “F” word.

“I like fucking you, mom.”

Again and again, Greg slid his erection back and forth in his mom’s well lubricated vagina, increasing her arousal as well as his own.

“Ohhhhh …” she moaned some more. “Ohhhhh …”

Greg could tell that his mom was getting close to having an orgasm. He very conscientiously kept up his even rhythm to encourage this.

“Ohhhhh … Uh! Uh! Uh!” she choked in sharp quick gasped as she climaxed. Her orgasm always came quickly and intensely. She had slipped her arms under Greg’s and was now holding him tightly with her sexual release. “Uh! Uh! Uh!” And then, “Ohhhhhhh … oh, yes …”

Greg quickly took his erection all the way in her and with a dozen decisive inward strokes into her vagina he was ejaculating.

“Uhhhh … “ he groaned. “Uhhhh …”

He laid there on top of his deliciously naked mom as his penis supplied her with his sperm, which for a son was so special to be able to do with his mom. In custom the one woman in the world that this pleasure and satisfaction he should have been denied. Although in reality, and especially these days, that many sons did get to enjoy with their mothers, as this was becoming increasingly a much more common practice.

Jill brought her legs up on either side of her son’s hips to ensure that he was ejaculating in her as deeply and as fully as he could. For her that was always the most satisfying part of sex, to be ejaculated in. She loved and needed to feel that manly completion in her vagina.

Then it was over. They both sighed and drew in a much needed breath.

Greg climbed off of his mom and smiled at her. She smiled back at him and sat up as well.

“I think that maybe we have time for a cup of coffee, and then we can get dressed and I guess it’s back to the office for both of us,” she happily determined.

Greg smiled as he watched his mom walk nude into the kitchen area to fix the coffee.

“You know mom …” Greg spoke up, “maybe we should quit our jobs and move to the beach and we can just fuck all the time.”

She wrinkled her nose. “But we both have such good jobs.”

“I know. But we have plenty of money. That wouldn’t be a problem.”

“You mean … just pack up and go?”

“Yeah. I suppose that I do. Get things organized and then do that.”

“Oh, Greg,” she said, both surprised and finding the thought not unappealing. “That would mean our living together.”

“Yeah. I suppose that it would.”

“Oh, my!” Jill said, finding this quite sudden. “Well … I suppose we could. Like you said … financially that’s not a problem.”

“Then let’s do it.”

Jill padded over to sit down again on the sofa next to her son. She slipped her arms around his neck and she kissed him on the lips. Greg felt her tongue slide into his mouth. Usually he and his mother never kissed so passionately and intimately. Usually their kisses were far more controlled and just affectionate, more expected perhaps between mothers and sons, and not so much as lover like this.

“I think,” she said when she drew back, “maybe we should both call in and say that we’re going to be late coming back to the office.”

“That’s fine with me, mom,” said Greg.

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