The Mom and Son Infusion

by Barb (WI)

“Oh, my gosh! My son just ejaculated in me!” Kaylee thought with a stunned sense of shock.

She was lying naked beneath her son on the bed, his penis fully inserted into her vagina, and he had just ejaculated in her. No birth control or anything, and he had just put his sperm into her!

She had been naked that morning, sitting on the bed, when her son had seen in her in room. He had been surprised of course, not expecting that, and she had just laughed, finding it teasing and fun. Not that she had been planning on that happening, but since it had, it was amusing.

“Gee, mom!” Brendan had said, staring at her.

“It’s just your mom naked,” she replied, being quite nonchalant about that. Then with a mischievous playfulness she said, “Do you want t take off your clothes and be naked with your mom for a minute?”

Brendan was really surprised. “Okay ..” he said modestly.

Her son just had on jeans and a t-shirt and was barefoot. She watched as he undressed. When he was just as naked as she was, he grinned self-consciously and was suddenly getting an erection. She smiled a she saw his penis push stiffly up in a handsome display.

“Oh!” she cooed, delighted to see her son’s maleness.

He joined her on the bed and they hugged and did a few small affectionate kisses on the lips. For both of them it felt so inviting to be naked like that together. He laughed and felt the fullness of her bare breasts and she laughed too, leaning back on the pillow, enjoying that. She put her arms around him and they more or less playfully wrestled a little. Then, before Kaylee even realized, she felt her son’s stiff penis pushing into her vagina.

“Oh! Brendan!” she cried out. not planning for things to go so far.

“Oh, mom!” He gasped. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Kaylee gasped as she realized that her son was ejaculating in her. She tried to push him off, but it was too late. In his over-excitement he had ejaculated and nature had taken its course.

“Ohhh …” she moaned as he was then off of her. “Oh, honey … you shouldn’t have done that in me. I’m not on the pill or anything.”

It took Brendan a moment to realize what she was telling him. “Oh, gosh, mom …”

“I’m going to go douche,” she said and got off the bed to head into the bathroom. She irrigated her vagina thoroughly sitting over the toilet, although knowing that was hardly an effective method of birth control. She could only figure that it was better than nothing. After two full minutes of concentrated effort Kaylee reached the point where she could only hope that she had washed enough of her son’s semen from her vagina.

She went back into the bedroom where her son still was and sat on the bed.

“Gosh, I'm sorry, mom,” Brendan apologized.

“Well …” She just sat there really not knowing what to say. Then, finally, “Let’s hope that you didn’t just get me pregnant.”

“I didn’t think …” he stammered. “I didn’t mean to …”

She gave him something of a weak smile. “I know,” she told him.

Her thoughts were going around and around. She really didn’t believe in abortion. But then what was the alternative? To have her son’s baby? Her own son’s! It was a catastrophe. Or it could be.

Kaylee spent the rest of that day feeling very depressed and being very concerned. It was this way for her for the next day as well. Then, however, by the third day she felt that she had worried enough and could plain just not worry any more about it. If she was pregnant, she was pregnant. That was all there was to it. She remembered when she had gotten pregnant with Brendan, before his father had married her. It had happened so easily. Too easily. And now this …

Again she told herself that if she was pregnant, then she was pregnant and that was all there was to it. She would have the baby and raise it as Brendan’s little brother or sister. She would hardly be the first mother to do that. She remembered reading somewhere how twenty per cent of all unplanned pregnancies for divorced moms who had a son, that the son was responsible. Now she would become part of that statistic.

It was sort of ironic. After getting divorced a year ago, she had gotten off of the pill, deciding that she really wasn’t going to become involved in any sort of a serious relationship. And now this!

On the morning of the fourth day Kaylee had begun to accept the idea that she might well be pregnant, and her motherly instinct began to take over. In way she would not mind being pregnant again. And although it would be her son’s baby, it would be special. In a way, she found herself looking forward to having another baby and combining with him in that way.

She pulled on a pair of jeans and a floral print top and slipped her feet into a pair of sandals, and went off to the supermarket. While she was there she just happened to notice the baby supplies and she smiled. Yes, she was starting to like the idea of being pregnant. Kaylee began to feel quite happy and carefree. That she would having her own son’s baby was not all together unappealing. There was nothing sinful in that. Natural did make it perfectly possible, after all.

When she returned home she could tell that Brendan was glad to see her smiling. He had been looking just a bit shell shocked himself, and she knew how badly he felt, as though he raped her. In a way she supposed he had. She certainly had not been planning on his fucking her like that. Although she had been the one to invite him to have some naked fun with her, so what could she expect? He was young and eager and she had supplied him with the opportunity to become carried way.

Kaylee actually thought how it might be nice if they would just go ahead and have sex, now that there was nothing to worry about. Although, she had to stop herself, and remember that she really had no idea if she was pregnant or not. And that there was no point in courting trouble. It would be best to wait and to see and to be sure. After all, it usually took doing it more than just once to get pregnant. Although she had a feeling that her son’s healthy ejaculation in her had probably done the job. Her egg had probably already been fertilized by his sperm and nature was taking its course.

It was on the morning of the tenth day when Kaylee awoke to find that she was having her period.

At first she could hardly believe it.

But yes she was bleeding, and this meant … well, that she wasn’t pregnant.

She felt a sense of elation, and then, at the same time, a sense of disappointment as well. Sensibly, though, she told herself that it really was best that she was not pregnant, at least not with her son’s baby, any way.

She slipped into a short silky robe and padded barefoot into the kitchen where she found her son making breakfast.

“I making some toast and scrambled eggs for us,” he announced.

She gave his efforts an appreciative smile.

She went up and gave him a kiss on the side of his face.

“Well ..” she said. She paused an drew in a breath. “I started my period this morning.” She was not use to discussing such things with her son and she felt understandably a little modest.

Brendan looked at her, taking what this meant in.

“Which means that I’m not pregnant,” she confirmed.

“Oh,” he said. “That’s good.”

She gave him something of a questioning look. “Are you relieved … or were you hoping that I was pregnant?”

Brendan hesitated. “No. It’s good. Although,” he confessed, “it would have been sort of neat if we did have a baby together.”

She gave him a sympathetic sort of smile.” I know. I was starting to think that it might be nice if you had gotten me pregnant and how special that would be. But it is best that we don’t have a baby together.”

“I know, mom,” Brendan said, realizing as much. It would have been complicated. First, because he would have fathered his own half-brother or sister, and his mom would give birth to her own son or daughter, who would also be her own grandson or granddaughter. And … just what would they tell the kid when it was older? Could they tell him or her that? Those were definite considerations.

Being quite casual about the matter Kaylee then said, “But I thought that I would get back on the pill. That way we could just enjoy being intimate without having to worry about that.”

Brendan smiled. “I’d like that.”

“Me, too,” Kaylee confessed.

To the reader –

This is what very much happened to me as a divorced mom. My son and I had a moment of very much unplanned sex and he ejaculated in me. I was stunned as I laid there thinking that he had just put his sperm into me. And the thing was, I had not told to avoid doing that. I felt so stupid and remorseful. And of course when I told him that we had just had unprotected sex, he was shocked. I don’t think that I have ever felt more guilty because it was all my fault.

Well, we talked about it, and decided that I would just have the baby and that we would raise it together as our son or daughter. Which would mean, of course, our living together as husband and wife. Over the next week we were both starting to look forward to this, and then I had my period. I wasn’t pregnant. So there was so relief about that as well as some disappointment. My son had already started to accept and even like the idea that we are going to be even more biologically entwined than we already were.

My son and I have, however, been living openly together for the last two years and it is wonderful. We are just so suited for each other and we are both very happy. I don’t know if this would be the case for every mother and son out there, but for us this has worked. Although we have made the decision not to have any children together.

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