The Mom and Son Arrangement

by Sidi (NV)

“Ooo … yes … yes …” Carla said, looking up at her son while he thrust his hard penis into her vagina, as she lay there exercising her sexuality.

Derrick knew that this was important for her. He knew his parents had not gotten along for years and that his mom was both emotionally and sexually starved. It got like that in marriages. So this had been a natural arrangement for Derrick to take care of his mom’s needs, which he was only too happy to do, and he enjoyed having sex with his mom. His mom also enjoyed how special this was doing it with her son.

It excited her to be naked and to have her legs spread apart with him. She had never felt so naked or sexual in her entire life and that was so thrilling. It not only excited just her clitoris, but all of her.

As she looked up at him, Derrick looked down at her, their eyes meeting with a deep and meaningful shared understanding of their being this intimate together.

Again and again his hard penis plunged into her soft and wetly lubricated vaginal depths, holding and caressing his reproductive organ in hers.

“Oooo …” she breathed, moving her hips with his. “You’re going to make me cum.”

“I want you to cum mom,” Derrick told her.

They continued to look at each other with an unashamed intensity as their bodies worked purposefully together.

Carla could feel her fully aroused clitoris driving her naked desires toward release.

Then, at the last moment, she was forced to squeeze her eyes shut as she climaxed.

“Uh!” she grunted. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!”

Her orgasm came in intense burst that made her convulse beneath her son. Her stomach muscles and those of her buttocks, and even her butt hole cinched and unclenched as the sexual spasm hit her hard.

Derrick kept his large stiff penis going in and out her.

Oh, Derrick … Derick …” she called out his name as she endured the pleasure being inflicted upon her.

Mom …” Derrick managed to say as he was suddenly ejaculating into her.

His rigid penis throbbed again and again to fill her vagina with his semen and sperm to complete the moment.

They both sighed and laid there for a long minute recovering from the intensity, each savoring their intimacy before disengaging.

“Oh!” Carla let out a breath as she sat up on the bed and ran her fingers through her orange hair. She gave her son a pleased smile and Derrick smiled back in the same way at her.

“I like it when you fuck me,” she said with a sort of modest amusement over telling her own son that.

“I like fucking you, mom. It feels so good,” said Derrick, feeling very the same way in telling his mom that.

“Some coffee, I think,” Carla announced as she got off of the bed.

Derrick followed his mother’s lithe and nude figure as she left the bedroom and they went downstairs to the kitchen. It was morning and the coffee maker was still on. It felt good to be naked together like that, and to carelessly walk around the house that way. No one would see them, but the idea that someone might was sort of teasing and daring, making it fun. His father of course was at work, so there was certainly no rush or need for them to get dressed, and they were free to do that.

Derrick had to wonder what his father would say if he were to see him and his mother naked together. Would he be surprised? Shocked? Or would he even care? Maybe he knew that they were fucking and doing things like this together. Maybe he was fine with that, and glad that his son was taking of his mom’s needs. It could be like that in some families, where the father was aware and even approved of a son having sex with his own mother. Or that a mother was aware that her husband was fucking their daughter. Or where the parents were aware that their son and daughter were having sex together. Such things, while never really talked about, were hardly unknown and went on far more than people realized.

Not that it mattered if his father knew or not. The two of them enjoyed the pleasure and luxury of walking around the house naked, of having sex and making love together as something that was just between the two of them. And that was so nice.

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