The Mom And Son Afternoons

by Nancy (CA)

Elise found it such a beautiful way to spend the afternoon, lying there naked on the bed with her son, feeling the male stiffness of his reproductive organ sliding smoothly and gently in and out of hers.

“Mmm … I like it when we do this,” she purred contentedly.

“Me, too,” said Lucas, thoroughly enjoying the privilege of doing this with his mom.

His parents had been separated for the last six months, and would soon be divorced. Their marriage had always been something of a rocky one, and he and his mom had always been close, and probably a lot closer because of this in the way that it could be between a mother and son.

So after his father had moved out, their being physically expressive of their feelings had seemed like a quite natural and desirable thing to do. Lucas was twenty-one now, so Elise had felt far less hesitancy to be sexually affectionate and loving with her own son. As she and Lucas found, increasingly like so many mothers and sons, how satisfyingly personal it was to engage in the reproductive act together.

His father, of course, had no idea that they were doing this together, and he would have hardly approved of his wife ding this with their son. Yet, such private moments of loving intimacy was strictly between the two of them. And now when Lucas came over to see his mom, they thoroughly enjoyed the luxury of spending their time together being nakedly loving.

Lucas savored the warm, wet sensation of his erect penis sliding easily back and forth in his mom’s soft vagina, as he held himself up on outstretched arms above her, moving his hips with a steady rhythm.

They looked at one another and smiled, their eyes meeting with a shared and unashamed joy.

“It feels so good having my son fuck me,” she said, unafraid to use that type of language with him. In fact, liking that she found it exciting and so did he.

“I like fucking you, mom,” Lucas said back.

They both grinned over their verbal affirmation of both their relationship and what they were doing.

Elise could feel her clitoris at the apex of her vaginal opening becoming even more enlarged, encouraging her sexual responsiveness.

“Ooo ..” she said, her face contorting with the increasing stimulation, “you’re going to make me cum.”

She squeezed her eyes shut.

Lucas smiled and continued to fuck his mom.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!” she gasped and put her head back, “AHHHHHHH!!!”

She could only lay there with her legs wide apart, impaled by her son’s erection, helplessly giving into the near-agonizing spasms of an orgasm. Her large bare breasts pushing upwards, with her bare toes spreading.

It excited Lucas to see his mom climaxing, and in the next moment he was just as helpless as he ejaculated, his erect penis issuing its pulsing release of semen, putting his sperm deep into her vagina.

“Uhhh …” Lucas groaned as his hard organ throbbed out of control.

Then they were both gasping for breath as the culmination of their sexual expenditure slowly began to ease.

Elise opened her eyes and looked up at her son and he looked down at her, and they smiled with an unconcealed elation over once more having successfully conveyed their mutual feelings in the way which nature allowed. Even with their passion spent, it felt so wonderful and special to be lying together like this, with his penis still in her vagina, and both of them feeling her lubricating wetness now combined and added to by his semen, testifying to their achievement.

A moment later Lucas’s softening penis slipped wetly from her vagina and they both made a face over the disengagement.

“Oh!” she said and reached out to quickly pluck some tissues from a near-by box, applying them her vaginal expulsion.

They both laughed.

Then they settled in to savor the pleasure of just lying there on the bed relaxed and naked with each other.

“Oh,” Elise sighed contentedly. “It’s just so wonderful doing this together.”

“Yes,” Lucas agreed.

Being more serious she asked, “I hope that you don’t think badly of me?”

“No. I don’t think badly of you,” Lucas assured.

“You’re not shocked that your mom likes to fuck?”

Lucas had to laugh. “No. I’m glad that my mom likes to fuck. And I like fucking her.”

She grinned. “Oh, good. Then let’s fuck again.”

“Okay,” said Lucas agreeably. He certainly had no problem with that.

They kissed warmly on the lips.

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