The Mexican Vacation

by Jan (OR)

“You have such nice tities,” Rita said, admiring of the younger female’s bare breasts.

“They’re not very big,” Cindy said modestly.

“”Oh … but they are so nice.” Rita cupped her left breast in her hand, admiring the rosy pink cone of a nipple. The she leaned forward to lick her nipple, rubbing her tongue firmly and wetly over it.

Cindy drew in a breath.

She was anything but sure about doing this, but there she was naked with Rita.

She had gone on vacation to Mexico and had met Rita who was in her forties and a very attractive woman with a darker honey-brown complexion. Obvious Cindy could only assume, also very much a lesbian. The twenty-four year old Cindy, with short blonde hair and cute, was hardly a lesbian, but she had been curious and flattered by Rita’s admiring attention.

They had kissed and somehow Cindy had found herself easily getting naked with Rita. Too easily, as she now realized.

She felt Rita’s finger pushing into her vagina.

“Oh … Rita,” Cindy said.

Rita smiled confidently. “You have such a nice pussy.”

She slid her finger in and out, testing and exploring the younger female’s vagina.

“You like to be fucked?” Rita asked with an amused smile.

“Sometimes …” Cindy said.

“Maybe you like to fuck another woman,” Rita said.

Cindy swallowed, feeling a bit breathless.

“Maybe we just fuck and enjoy each other as women,” said Rita.

“I … I don’t know.”

Rita was not put off by her uncertainty. “Come. We fuck together and enjoy it.”

Suddenly Rita was pulling her down into the bed and they were in each other’s arms and kissing passionately. Cindy found Rita’s tongue sliding into her mouth and then hers sliding into Rita’s.

Oh, God! Was all Cindy could think.

They wrestled heatedly on the bed, their naked bodies pressing together.

The next thing that Cindy knew she was on her back and Rita was pushing her legs apart and she was feeling Rita’s wet tongue licking her clitoris. It filled her with sexual excitement. Rita’s fingers were once more in her vagina, fucking her.

“Ohhhhhh …” Cindy gasped.

Rita was sucking on the erect clit and in the next moment Cindy was feeling Rita’s finger entering her butt hole. She had never had her butt hole violated before and this brought a whole new wave of sexual excitement. She was actually having her butt hole fucked.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh …”

Then Rita withdrew and on her knees straddled her and pushed her hair pussy into Cindy’s ace.

Cindy helplessly extended her tongue to lick Rita’s large firm clitoris.

“Oh, yes, honey …” Rita said approvingly.

Cindy tasted Rita’s flavor as she reached her hands around to hold Rita’s firm bare buttocks and continued to lick between her legs. It was so outrageous doing this to another woman, to be mouthing her sexually.

“Ohhhh … yes …” breathed Rita. “Yes. Just keep licking.”

Cindy did and her efforts were reward as Rita climaxed.

“Oh! Oh, yes! Yes!” said Rita as she pushed her hairy pussy into Cindy’s face. Her trim brown body shuddered and Rita brought a hand up to fondle and squeeze one of her bare tit as she did.

When Rita finished she smiled. It was almost a wicked smile of womanly enjoyment.

She resumed putting her mouth and tongue between Cindy’s legs, and again Cindy found Rita’s finger fucking her tight and sensitive butt hole without constraint. Going into her private quarters.

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH ….” Cindy gasped.

In the next moment she was having an orgasm. She was having an orgasm and having her butt finger fucked and she could not believe it. Rita knew just how to excite her to new and unknown levels.

It was like her smooth and pale naked body was exploding all at once.

“AHHHHHH!” Cindy choked and convulsed on the bed as Rita did not let up, driving her on. The orgasmic waves went through her again and again and finally left her whimpering. “Oh … Ohhh … Oh …”

“Oh, yes. You fuck so well,” said Rita smiled with enjoyment.

Cindy could only smile back weakly but appreciatively.

Oh, God! Her Mexican vacation was turning out to be so much more than she had ever expected.

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