The Margo Mom Summer

by Jim (WA)

It was a good summer that year. My parents had been divorced for two years. Mom was getting her own life. She had a good paying job and had just gotten a house that was out on the edge of the country. It was very private and she was enjoying the fun of becoming something of an at home nudist. I would go over to see her, and my mom and I would fuck.

My mom is pretty neat. She’s not fat, but full-figured, with a great smile and her dark hair was cut in a sort of pageboy style. Her name is Margaret. A name which she never particularly liked, but she goes by Margo.

Something which my father always ignored and he always called her Margaret. Which tells you something about my father. He’s an overbearing type of guy that I never got along with, and frankly I think that my mom is a lot better off without him. Certainly she is a lot happier now.

My mom and I have always gotten along and have been close. After the divorce, and with my being older, mom and I started to become even closer. We really enjoy each other’s company and it’s great spending time together. For us it was fun to be more affectionate with one another.

There got to be this almost boyfriend-girlfriend sort of feelings between us and this teasing sense of mutual attraction which we both enjoyed. That this hinted at the allure of our being more intimate as mother and son was quite appealing, and neither of denied that and we were both encouraging of it.

No, my mom and I did not rush right into bed as soon as she and dad were divorced.

It kind of got started when we were sitting on the sofa together and we just sort of cuddled. This got to be our habit. I would come over, and we would have dinner, and afterward we would sit on the sofa and watch TV and cuddle up together. It was nice.

One day while we were doing that, I nuzzled her neck. That was kind of bold, but she liked it. We did this several times, and one evening while we were sitting there doing this, I let my hand gently feel her breast. My mom has rather large breasts. She let me do that without any objection, rather liking it.

It was a few days later, one morning when I was over at her house. We were in the kitchen. It was summer and we were both barefoot. My mom always liked going around barefoot. Something which my father never approved of. He thought that people should wear shoes. He didn’t even like my wearing sandals. That’s my father, stuffy.

Anyway, my mom was standing at the sink. I came up behind her, and slipped my arms around her waist and I started nuzzling her neck. My mom was quite receptive to that as I pressed up against her and did that. Then, feeling daring, I brought my hands up and cupped and felt both breasts. She just closed her eyes and murmured while I did this , enjoying having me nuzzle her neck and fondling her breasts.

After a minute she said how if I wasn’t careful that we were going to have to go into the bedroom to take care of things. I teased her and said how that would be fine with me.

The next thing that I knew my mom was taking me by the hand, and leading me off into the bedroom,, and she starts taking her clothes off and I’m taking mine off. Suddenly we’re both naked together on the bed and starting to make out. It just felt so easy and natural to be doing this together. It felt so good and exciting to be nakedly having an erection with my mom.

There was no doubt that we were going to do it, and we did. We spent the next fifteen minutes fucking. Mom had an orgasm and I ejaculated in her. I knew that she had been fixed, so there was no need for birth control, and I didn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant if I did that in her, which I did.

Then we stayed naked and together and we fucked again about twenty minutes later.

I know that afterward we were both surprised that we had actually done that together, but it had felt so good. In a way it was sort of in defiance to my father I suppose, and for mom it symbolized getting away from him and being on her own. More than that, though, it was our expressing our closeness and our feelings of love and sharing that. It was wonderful.

I was a little surprised, because afterward we went into the kitchen to have some more coffee, and my mom didn’t bother to get dressed, so I didn’t either. It felt great being naked together like that. And we stayed naked all the way through dinner and after that. We were both delighted that pretty much we had just become lovers.

After that my mom had I started having sex regularly and we thoroughly enjoyed fucking together. Because my mom’s house is very private, she started to become something of an at home nudist, even going outside to sit on the back deck without a stitch on. Naturally I started to join her and this was great.

Well, all of that was a year ago.

At the end of that summer my mom suggested that I just move in with her because it would be more practical and nicer, so I did. We started sleeping together every night in the same bed, and I started calling her Margo instead of just mom.

What’s more, we have decided that we are going to move away and go someplace where nobody knows us, and just live openly together as husband and wife. This is something which we are both very much looking forward to.

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